Who Looked More Bangable???

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Mehcad Brooks and lil 21-year-old Tristan Wilds at the Soho House in NYC sippin on some Hennessy.

Ladies, we gotta ask…Who Looked More Bangable???

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  • Angela

    Tristan Wilds duh! Hands down!

  • Joyce

    They’re both gay

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Um Mechad Brooks makes me wish I were that bottle,
    So he could hold me and drink me!

  • Smile


  • fingers crossed behind my baaack (Get Munny)

    Mmmm, Malik, I mean Hosea!!!

  • mel

    mehcad brooks just because he full grown.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Tristan is so gorgeous in the face. Mehcad has the body of a Greek god. Can I take both?

  • Allie

    Tristan has such a great smile, so i’m going with him

  • JustAshley

    Neither. Mehcad got a buttah face and Tristan is jail bate.

  • YeaISaidIt

    I’ll take Hosea for 800, Alex! 😉

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    I don’t know about bang-able but both those handsome guys sure look date-able!

    Eeeny meeeny miney moe!

  • Natalia

    if you say so crack head

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    Hosea hands down he is such a yummie cutie to me

  • Bonquesha...

    Tristan of course! He kinda turned me on when he was on The Wire!

  • bclar003

    Oreo Mechad….No Thank You.
    And Tristan just not man enough….#teamrealgrownmanlymen

  • #teambreezy


  • SoLetsSeeUhhhhh

    i’ll take Tristan. Then Eggs.

  • Rih Rih

    Tristan hands down!!!!!!

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