Elton John Says “Who The FAWK Is Kim Kardashian? Some Old Tart…”

- By Bossip Staff

Elton John may love Lady GaGa but he has NO love for chicks like Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview with British Word Magazine, Elton John expresses his thoughts on reality stars that are just famous for no reason and pop singers that is killing the music world…

“Who the fawk is Kim Kardashian? Some stupid, old tart from somewhere or other,” Elton told Britain’s Word Magazine.

“Video killed music. Reality has killed talent. Can any X Factor people cut the mustard?

“It’s hard to tell Girls Aloud from The Saturdays. And then there’s Cheryl Cole.

“Bands who fly in vocals — fawk off! I want to kill them. Go and see Take That or Westlife and how much of that is live? I know Gary Barlow can sing — that solves that one. I think they genuinely do sing their stuff, but 99% of the other fawking Herberts out there can’t sing a note.

“British pop music like that is the worst, it’s just awful. It could have been made by anybody. All lip-synchers should be shot. Only drag queens are allowed to lip-sync.”

Dayyumm Elton… Tell Us How You Really Feel!?!!


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  • aboveitall

    Love Elton John. A real music Icon. He is keeping that ish 100 and telling it like it is. I cosign.

    • rene

      100% NOT!

    • blackchiney

      you know it

    • Kyra

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  • Ashley


  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    I was JUST listening to one of his songs….not even ten minutes ago!


    “Don’t let the su-hun go down on me. Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see. I just allow a fraction of your life to wander fre-he-he-he-he. I’m losing err-thang, it’s like the sun’s going down..on meeeeee!”

  • Nana

    Lol @1TruDiva

  • nymphis

    that’s the funniest thing to come outta his mouth since..I forget his name

    1trudiva: what’s up Mami mariott

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

      Hey Homey!!!!

  • lesbiyonna

    Elton John needs to sit his middle aged loose booty down somewhere…he is waaay too opinionated. But i did find his queer rant was humorous tho

    • P

      You IDIOT. How can you be way to opinionated. What the matter …don’t like what he said. Oh yeah he spoke the truth.

  • BritishGirl

    LOL! He always goes so deep

  • Ak

    its funny, if another person made similar comments about him that person would have been called homophobic

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I love Elton John!

  • GaGa Is The Messi

    gotta love this man lol

  • Mrs. Rance

    Of course he’s right. The music industry is more interested in the pretty packaging than the content. They are brainwashing a generation.

  • tanis

    funny how you are repping Jesus but steady cursing this man out. Hahaha thats not what Jesus would do

  • Allie

    Hey elton john is the real deal, gay or not, everything that he said was true

  • hmmmm

    This is right. He just says what everyone else wants to say but doesn’t have the guts to.

  • momo

    Sir Elton is a fuc**n G!! He always straight up its the truth!!!! Jus like he kept it real with madonna!. Elton haters eff ur life foreal!

  • sowhatyall

    LMBO…he spoke the truth

  • Trublu

    BWaahaha….Tell em why u Mad Shun!

  • Nation

    kim is old? isnt elton like 80? feel sorry for that kid they adopted for the future stuff hes gonna witness..

  • Sha

    When you get pa$$ a certain age in life, you really don’t give a damn; you just say or do whatever is on your mind lol. Love it!

  • southernbrooklyngal

    Love Mr. John but c’mon ppl whats up with the gay jokes..chill…also beyonce, lady gaga, kesha, fergie, justin timberlake, rihanna, lil wayne, sorry but kanye west is OVERRATED(sampling music isnt talant),katy perry, etc,the list would be endless omg taylor swift omg no-talant and annoying….real music were did you go…ppl,check out morcheeba, immortal technique, wretch 32, coltrane, julie london, robyn, gil scott heron, mike ant, sonic youth.

  • daisy jay

    Smh. What exactly is your point? Do you see me wishing misfortune on him? No. Do you see me wishing misfortune on his family or his career? No. His child? No. I’m simply saying that I don’t care about him, but I didn’t use those exact words. Please stop because your comment was pointless.

  • Smile

    That’s right Elton. LOL

  • kissofdanger

    I agree with him! Thanks for speaking out Elton.

  • rene

    And who is he to say something like that? He could have left Kims name out of this. Its one thing to speak his opinion about the music industry, but, to say hurtful comments about others is not right.

  • Diondon

    The hell with that homo. But then I don’t care for that Kardashian trollop either.

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