Another Day, Another Female High School Teacher Popped For Being A Freak

- By Bossip Staff

This one was taking advantage of people’s sons like she knew it wouldn’t last.

A single high school gym teacher had sex with five students at her school, a court was told yesterday.

Stacy Schuler, 32, had sexual relations with the students – most of whom were football players at the school – over a five-month period from last August to December, the Warren County jury heard.

The sexual acts happened off school grounds but the single teacher also bought alcohol for the students at Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, prosecutors said.

The health and physical education teacher’s last reported salary was $53,000 in 2008.

She had duties including working as an athletic trainer for the school’s girls and boys sports teams.

Schuler, of Springboro in Dayton, Ohio, faces up to 81 years in jail if she is convicted of 16 counts of sexual battery and three offences involving an underage person.

She has been under investigation after an anonymous tip was called in to officials last month, according to a spokeswoman for the school, which has more than 3,000 students.

Did she realize it’s way more lucrative – not to mention legal – to be a professional football groupie? SMH.


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  • jabgar00

    This is a white crime! I knew she was white before I read the story!

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    She’ll get off…WW’s tears in court have gotten them off most everything..they have even wwwaaaayyyy back in the day..Their lil “white lies” and tears…have gotten several lil SDouthern Boys HUNG by their lil necks like raw animal meat at a meat market..

    She’ll get asians would say…this ain’t no decade of a’s the decade for GO WW !! where even their “wrongs” are right and can be explained away…

    This is normal and thus..”no crime”…let her go..
    (sarcasm since posts hidden meanings often get lost in translation…snicker)

  • sweetheart

    She looks terrified on that picture…LOL! U haven’t seen nothing yet…soon you will be Big Bertha’s bytch in da pin!!!! Hide your kids!!!!
    : )

    • dlastqueen

      ROFLOL @ “Hide yo kids!”

  • Sha

    You’d think after seeing other teachers getting popped in the media, it would be time to stop.

    but i guess you could say the same thing about those guys on to catch a predator.

  • YAWN

    Anyway…..BECKYS @ it again…WW Have nor moral boundaries…its all about them SMDH

  • thad

    where was this woman when i was in school?! sheeeeeeeeeet!!

  • Smile


  • clarkthink

    Damn!! white women will f#ck a German Shephard if you hold his tail!…SMDH!!

  • stephanie

    Um… this is was one of my former teacher’s.

  • bill

    you blacks seem to think it is only white women, my colored teacher was a gay man who molested boys….yes, he did

    • SDJ

      Who you calling colored cave boy.

  • being real in Texas

    Does color really have anything to do with ignorance? Best believe this is going on in many school around the nation. We should be more worried about the fact these are supposed to be educators than what color they are. All children should be safe at school, let’s focus on that!

    • SoLetsSeeUhhhhh

      Oh don’t include all races into this. WW have issues when it comes to messing with young boys in school. It’s a fact.

    • mr.make.ya.feelgood

      im not sure of the answer is yes or no as to whether race is a factor with these crimes. but i do know this. anytime there crimes commited predominantly by blacks. the laws are changed and the penalties are made much stiffer. i have yet to see that with these teachers sleeping with kids. now ask yourself, if most of these teachers were blk would there be more safe guards put in place to be more of a deterrant?

  • SoLetsSeeUhhhhh

    CTFU @”…dogs, ferrets and possums, doors, hangers, washing machines, dead bodies, banisters, everything!…”

    well, it’s true. WW will fuqq anything that gives them extra attention.

  • SoLetsSeeUhhhhh

    So true! That skanky whoor is pedo to the max!

  • SwirlOnSista

    dang, WW be loving them some little boy peepee… a mess!!!

  • blaze112

    These boys who are snitching must be gay.

  • kg

    it didnt say how old hs students were nobody made ths a mexican thing on the mARK SANCHEZ ARTICLE

  • KrisOh

    This was at my high school. Everybody knew something was up, but nobody knew what it was! SMH, saw this coming from a mile away.

  • afro british

    How come we never hear the other side I doubt if these boys were taken advantange of.They might have seduced her.

  • afro british

    High school is so different these days,16 is the new 30.And 30 is the new 16,you will be suprised what these children get up to these days.

  • bouyant

    LOL that’s funny!

  • wtf!


    • yt



  • rachel


  • Bee

    Yes she should have known better but I am sure she did not have to do much to those students to take her on. Maybe their parents should have taught them better. All couchie ain’t good couchi! She is not ugly and I bet makeup makes her look beautiful. In H.S. several of my teachers could have got it…lmao. C’mon man…raise your damn kids and quit leaving it to others!

  • @ the end of the day... pu*sy is pus*y

    the 1 who told didn’t get none… wish i was there… wuld have distroyed those flat bread cakes.. jus saying

  • Kyra

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