SMH At Funkmaster Flex And His Wife

- By Bossip Staff

Turns out the random jawn Funkmaster Flex was accused of smacking up early Friday morning was none other than his wife.

Yesterday though, after bringing the NYPD and the whole world into her marital drama, Monica Joseph-Taylor wants her privacy.

“We’re doing okay,” Monica Joseph-Taylor said Saturday outside the couple’s upscale home in Westchester.

Asked for details about the Friday-morning marital fracas, she grinned and teased a News reporter.

“You’d have to buy me dinner,” said Joseph-Taylor, dressed in a black leather jacket, dark jeans, knee-high tan boots and a leather print scarf.

Flex, whose real name is Aston Taylor, was arrested Friday after his wife told cops he pushed her down, smacked her phone out of her hand and then stomped on it.

The fight erupted at about 5 a.m. inside the couple’s bedroom. It was sparked by threatening text messages Flex sent his wife Thursday night, Joseph-Taylor told cops.

The 42-year-old deejay was arrested inside his 2011 Chevrolet Camaro near the couple’s Ardsley home.

Flex was charged with three counts of criminal mischief and harassment, and released on $500 bail.

He was ordered to keep away from Joseph-Taylor, an Emmy-nominated ex-producer of the “Live with Regis and Kathy Lee” show.

Flex and Joseph-Taylor wed in 2000 and have a 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

Saturday, Joseph-Taylor requested privacy before driving off in her silver BMW coupe.

“I would love everyone to respect the privacy of my family – for me and my children,” said Joseph-Taylor.

After she left, a bouquet of yellow roses and white lilies arrived at the couple’s home.

Flex could not be reached for comment Saturday.

At a gig in New Jersey Friday night, the New York native admitted getting into a tussle with his wife.

“Yes, we had words,” Flex said. “Yes, there was an argument. Yes, there was a phone broken. Yes, there were police called.

“I love my fans, and I encourage all of them to work things out in their own marriages.”

Do you think there’s any going back once the police has been called and there’s a restraining order in the mix?

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  • Kadadah

    Flex ONLY has strength 4 females 😦

    • Kyra

      I strongly recommend you __ BlackWhiteCupid ℃○M for sin gle bl ack, wh ite gi rls, me n to m eet true lov e onli ne…… I know it from my friends since it really worked fo them…. love it or not

  • MrsG-215

    A couple can work through damn near anything if both parties are committed and willing to make some changes.I’m no expert but I’ve been married for a while now and I can honestly say sometimes things happens.My husband and I have gotten into it before,it’s never been to the point of violence,but everyone doesn’t handle situations the same.When you’ve been married a while and have so much time,finances,children, careers and family between you two,sometimes shyt can really hit the fan.I pray these can work things out so they can move forward.A lot of marriages are unsuccessful because a lot of couples disregard the issue once the argument is over and everyone has said everybody says I’m sorry.You have to get to the root of the conflict and work your way up so it’s fully resolved and stays in the past.But anyways good luck to them….

  • 5150

    She’s a ride or die FOOL

  • Ice Harvest

    @Kadadah & 5150: ….so u noticed that too!!! This clown is always up to something n she’s always right there behind him…multiple affairs, one child he had with ANOTHER WOMAN….during the course of the marriage, now this, wats next, Flex??

  • Nana

    I like Flex and I wish him and his family well!

  • MacMoon

    He was training for when he bumps into one of the Outlawz.Fucc flex.RIP PAC.

  • Ryda4life

    It’s just a matter of time before he treats her like Wendy Williams . She learned her lesson when flex told her to keep his name out of your mouth. Years from now we all will find out Wend’y’s really a man(smile)that’s why he threw bows & hush money .

    • mo


  • Ryda4life

    The truth is when you dont have the ability to control your hands , you need some couseling. As a black man you can’t let yourself loose control because you know what comes next, Jail!! ” That Nicca was crazy”. “Book him Danno”…

  • Ryda4life

    As for the matter of if a women calls the Police . It’s all about how much you have invested in the relationship. It’s a personal decision. When you have kids it’s not all about you but, if they keep callin , you have to decide eventually she gonna get you caught up with the boys in blue & more court cost . I dont care what a woman does to me , it’s between us not the Police .

  • Ryda4life

    Furthermore, brothers dont ever put your hands on our sisters , you need to finess that situation out. Remember to hold her hands & take your medicine like the strong brother you are . Our sisters are highly emotional creatures . they deserve our understanding & patience even if we dont understand at the time. Rremember this too , if she is highly upset it means she cares . Things we dont care about dont upset us.

  • bouyant


  • !!!!!


  • chicken little

    He stay hitting a woman don’t he? Why dont’ this fool put his hands on a dude? Punk @ss.

  • dcmbklyn

    Please they don’t have anyone checking for grammer or spelling.. LOL As for Flex I guess he tried to drop bombs on her and she was like hell naw

  • Nythug

    A B!tch does what a B!tch do and I’m talking about FLEX everytime this lame a$$ ni66a is in the news hes slappin up a female. I think dude dot some issues with his sexuality.. he slapped up Stef Lovah now hes slappin up his WIFE? B!tch move fo sho.. now DROP A BOMB ON THAT B!tch a$$ ni66a!

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