In White Folks With Black Kids News: Family Of Madonna’s Adopted Daughter Mercy Suing Over Visitation Rights

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The family of Madonna’s adopted Malawian daughter are threatening to take legal action against the singer, claiming she has broken her promise to let them see the girl. They say they were guaranteed regular contact with Mercy James, now five, when the 52-year-old adopted her from an orphanage in June 2009. But they have not seen her since, despite Madonna having made two return visits to Malawi with Mercy.
Now they have enlisted the help of the country’s leading civil rights group CILIC to prepare a legal case.

The child – whose 16-year-old mother died five days after giving birth – was raised by her grandmother and uncles, but placed in the care of the Kondanani Children’s Village when they could no longer look after her.
Emmie Chanika, director of CILIC, said: ‘Mercy’s family have met me several times over the past year and they have been very upset. They have a strong recollection of being told that they would be able to see Mercy and have regular contact with her – and that when she is an adult she will return to live with them in Malawi.

‘I believe they have a case in law because there appears to have been a verbal contract between them and Madonna’s representatives. I have already consulted a lawyer on their behalf. Obviously there could be problems as there is no written agreement, but the lawyer is looking into it.
‘I am preparing a letter which will appeal to Madonna’s lawyer Alan Chinula to intervene on the family’s behalf and ask Madonna to kindly let Mercy meet her family. ‘None of us desires an embarrassing and expensive court case which could humiliate or inconvenience Madonna. The best outcome would be a proper agreement to let Mercy meet her family on a regular basis.’

The legal threat comes as Madonna – currently directing a film about Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson – faces further questions about her abandoned plans for a £10 million girls’ school in Malawi. Two years after she laid a brick in the foundations with a fanfare of publicity, no construction work has been completed and the land has become useless scrubland.

Mercy’s grandmother Lucy Chekechiwa, who raised the child, ekes out a living selling home-grown tomatoes at market in Thwonde village on the outskirts of Malawi’s southern city of Blantyre. Her mud-built home has no running water or electricity. The 72-year-old said the family always intended to bring Mercy back to live with them once she was six, when they believed her immune system would be strong enough to tackle the country’s endemic diseases.
She said: ‘The baby needed feeding and the orphanage offered me a wet-nurse to take care of that. We live a very simple life with little money and we felt she would be better in the orphanage for her first few years.

‘We know Madonna gave a lot of money to the orphanage, and the people there persuaded us to let her have our child. But she cannot love Mercy more than I love her, that is not possible. We are just asking her to be humane.’ Mercy’s uncle Peter Baneti, a fisherman, added: ‘We had been visiting Mercy regularly and we never wanted her to leave us and her country behind. But we were told she had a chance of a good life with this singing star who would make sure she never lost touch with her African roots. ‘We heard that Mercy was brought back to Malawi, and we even saw pictures of her in our newspapers, but there was no contact with us. We feel cheated, and my elderly mother is very upset. She lost her daughter and now her granddaughter.

‘My brother and I decided we should seek professional advice. We are not rich people, nor very well educated, but we know that Madonna’s representatives and the lady at the orphanage promised we would always be in close touch with Mercy.’ Mercy was the second Malawian child adopted by Madonna, who has two older children from two previous relationships – 14-year-old Lourdes and Rocco, ten, In 2008 she adopted one-year-old David Banda from an orphanage in the capital city Lilongwe. He was taken back to meet his father Yohane Banda for the first time in three years in March 2009.



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  • Boomboomroom

    They should I am sick of these rich White people stealing African babies and using them as accessories.

    • JohnDHater

      I don’t see Oprah, Denzel or you adopting any black kids!!

    • HoodRatHater

      You and your kind are too being pushing out more babies that you can’t even take care of yourself and yet you are throwing shade at someone else for adopting a child whose family can’t take care of them. SMH.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      I agree @BoomBoom…. they say Oprah and Denzel didnt adopt.. h3ll, i dont see Madonna adopting one of those poor trailer park kids in Detroit (white) where she came from.. trust.. her taking one kid away from Africa is not helping no damn situation..and how poor the grandma lives.. if madonna was so caring her azz would give them money to help them raise their own little African girl and keep her to her heritage! fu=k madonna!

  • MR 305

    I like my mammies lightskin. Why didn’t you get pregnant by a black man, Madonna. Who are me and my jewish brothers supposed to fu_k. My wife?

  • Flower

    Madonna adopted this child and now she will have opportunities and chances in life most Americans will never have. So tell me whats wrong with these people ..they could not take care of her .. they gave up their rights the placed her in a orphanage.. she was lucky enough to have a chance to survive. leave Madonna alone with her daughter.ungrateful

    • foxy lady

      So that means they don’t get a chance to see her again and know who her REAL FAMILY IS!!! that’s not right and Madonna knows that. She is acting like that to this family because she is white with money.

  • JohnDHater

    That child doesn’t need to go back to MaLOUSY!!

    Let that girl live good and she’ll go back when she old enough. That country doesn’t look too fun or clean anyway!!!

  • Rob

    For a moment I couldn’t understand what’s funny about this photo but then it hit me. The parents should get some rights in this deal and maybe they can teach Madonna or her nanny how to fix hair. She’s got a hat on this child’s head to cover up the fact that… smh..

  • SwirlOnSista

    I refuse to read all this shyt.

  • Mrs. Rance

    What an odd story. They say the child’s mother was 16 when she gave birth 5 years ago, yet the grandmother is 72? She had her daugher at 51? It really sounds like they didn’t want the responsibility of raising this child, but wanted her back when she was an adult and they could put her to work. Do they really believe this child would willing go from wealth to 3rd world poor when she was an adult? Even if they stayed in touch with her she wouldn’t agree to that. Anyway, by the time she’s an adult the grandmother is likely to be deceased. Just strange.

    • Annoyed

      I agree. There may have been a little miscommunication with their understanding of adoption and orphanage. But how can you fix it now. The other relatives should be brought up to speed on what’s like to live in America. They may have no concept of that. All they know if that they need a young body to work in the fields and make money for their survival.

  • Mrs. Rance

    To the people confessing to an unwillingness to read 7 paragraphs: That’s not something to be proud of. I take it a book is completely out of the question.

    • Ellie

      No kidding. The article is not even that long. Pick up a book people you might learn something!

  • Kim

    This is bullsh*t, this was an adoption period. They could not take care of this child and now they are trying to profit plain and simple. This is ridiculous.

  • bupac2010

    @boomboomroom….this child wasn’t stolen or kidnapped she was legally adopted and she being well taken care of so….what’s the problem

    • foxy lady

      If she is so well taken care of then look at her hair under that hat!!! what is that neglect?!!! These white people need to learn how to treat and take care of the black child’s hair and skin before they try to look like a HERO just because they adopted a black child!!!

  • Ellie

    This is a really sad and tough situation…I don’t like Madonna at all but it I think she can provide a better living environment for Mercy than her biological family. At the same time Madonna should do her best to expose Mercy to her African roots and her grandmother might be the best person to do that for her.

  • This is about $$$

    You know most down-and-out black folks can’t stand to see someone who rise above their situation or leave their crime-ridden, impoverished and failing community. They will either cling on to use the person until they bring them back down to their level or forever hate and try to tear them down. I bet that family has more little “Mercy(s)” in orphanages but they couldn’t care less about them. This is about clinging on to Madonna and staying in touch with Mercy so that when she grow up, they can riddle her with guilt to drain her little trust-fund.

    • foxy lady

      This is also about Madonna not taking care of that child’s hair. Since Madonna has enought money why don’t she pay someone to do the child’s hair since she is so lazy and didn’t want to do it. This is what these white people do. Adopt the black children then neglect their hair because they think it is ok for the black child’s hair not to be taken care of, because they don’t care how it looks. They adopt these children for different reasons and love is not always the reason. It could be for publicity or other reasons u known!!!

  • daisy jay

    I’m with you on that. If I wanna read something long, I’ll go pick up a novel. This is a gossip site. They need to learn how to summarize and spare us random, useless details. Geez people it’s not that serious. An article shouldn’t take up more than one page. That’s just ridiculous.

    Just give us the general facts. That’s it.

  • ebonyblonde

    @ Daisy Jay

    Co-sign 1000%!!

    • daisy jay

      Thank you!

      Oh yeah, your gravatar is priceless lmao

  • white girls have STD's

    That little girl is more trouble than she worth. Madonna give that child back.

    • Lauren

      You worthless piece of shyt!! STFU!!

  • if anything be noble

    I don’t care what country she’s in. America. England. Malawi. Switzerland. Just somebody. Anybody. Please comb the child’s head. Smh

  • Nana

    okay……One hand are they parents not proud someone can provide a better home for their Son????

    On the other hand…..would u want ur child been takin away from u?

    But this child if returned to the parents(which won’t happen) can never be the same again!

    How u go from the ghetto to the Castle and right back to the ghetto???????????

    Oh please………..

    • foxy lady

      The same way Madonna got lazy and didn’t comb that babies hair and takes her out in public like that!!! That’s how OK!!!

  • Nana

    Lmaooooo @if anything be noble…..

  • afro british

    tell them!

  • tori

    I don’t understand the argument that Madonna can give the child a better life therefore she deserves the child. Madonna could give ANY child “a better life” materially, so should she adopt all children? Look around at all the poverty in the U.S., is she helping here? She had to sue to adopt this child. I think she just likes the name Mercy. I think there is a narcissistic aspect to this. There are billions of people and she “picked Mercy out” because she’s so cute. What about the less beautiful children? What about those who do not have relatives who want to be with them? Yes, Mercy will be rich. I guess we should all give up our babies hoping Madonna or Angelina will adopt them. I think a lot of international adoptions are not of children who are truly unclaimed.

  • afro british

    It is about time black people,took care of their responsibilites,have children that are planned,have children you can afford,stop depending on white poeple to rescue you. Why are these celebs not going in iraq,iran,etc to rescue those children?

  • Moe

    Mercy reminds me of a young Kimberly Elise.

  • lanie

    I’m amazed at how broke people want connection with there kids when there rich people connected to them….

    When there is nothing to gain its whatever let some else raise them….

    Halle’s Ex, Kevin Fenderlin,and now this shit

    Madonna take that child and run….

    from a black,married mother of two

    • foxy lady

      And it amazes me how Madonna could bring that baby out in public like that without combing her hair. I bet Madonna’s own children’s hair is well taken care of. Yeah Madonna take that child and run.. run into a comb, some perm or something and do the child’s hair OK!!!

  • iRoqq

    Everybody sounds like a bunch of aszholes. Since she lives a better life she cant see her family.?? Gtfoutta here. People kill me man.

  • Kris

    Where is King Solomon when we need him? This is an important topic as there are many loving, well off people who believe they are helping create a better world by helping a live child rather than adding another of their own. These children, in many cases would otherwise not survive or have a good chance at what we call – the American Dream.
    I will suspect the difference between Madonna’s “people”, the adoption agency, and the child’s “people” came into play. I pray that deception was not part of this situation.
    Perhaps there is a way to include the child’s original family into Madonna’s world thus improving their lot as well?
    Making a child be part of a tug of war is good for no one. Bring in more love by Enlarging the family if possible, not tearing it apart.

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