Keeping Ho Hopes Alive: Superhead Is Dropping Another “Manual” This Summer

- By Bossip Staff

It’s been six years since Karrine “Superhead” Steffans burst onto the scene with her controversial book “Confessions Of A Video Vixen” and now the best-selling author is preparing to release yet another.

As previously reported, Steffans was in recent headlines for accusing her now ex-husband “Family Matters” star Darius McCrary of domestic violence before filing a restraining order against him.

Now moving past that, Steffans is promoting her latest book “Satisfaction” set for an August 10 release date.

Instead of dishing on her bedroom romps with celebrities however, the book is a guide for “adventurous couples” looking to spice up their sex life.

Steffans describes it as a book of erotic fantasies of fact and fiction that provide guidance on how to make the stories a reality.

“This extension of The Vixen Manual’s coveted ‘Sex’ chapter explores the concept that erotic fantasies can and should be satisfied within the parameters of a committed, monogamous relationship.

Unlike the author’s previous books, SatisFaction is a work of “faction”, fact and fiction, hence the title’s double entendre. The reader will be whisked away, into each chapter’s titillating erotic fiction, then enlightened by the chapter’s scintillating examples of how to make each erotic fantasy a reality.

For those who crave quite a bit more than missionary sexual practices and wish to introduce these ideas into their relationship, SatisFaction serves as a guide and as inspiration to advanced and adventurous couples everywhere.”

Head over to for Karrine’s new video trailer for SatisFaction.

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  • big c

    she can super head me any day

    • Kyra

      I strongly recommend you __ BlackWhiteCupid ℃○M for sin gle bl ack, wh ite gi rls, me n to m eet true lov e onli ne…… I know it from my friends since it really worked fo them…. give it a try hun87

  • Vonn

    Please keep your mouth closed for a change. Geez.

  • Ryda4life

    I can’t put K.S. down , she has branded herself well. I can’t hate on her for trying to modify the perception people have of her . Truth be told it takes guts to come out to the whole world & expose your evermost sexual desires on film or in print. It’s something most of us keep to ourselves . The bad side , “Nobody likes a snitch “. Most people judge you because you were daring enough to do or say something they would not think of doing or saying . The good side is the people who saw your films & read your books Got to go to school to find what works for them & how to keep it spicey in the bedroom. Either way, people are gonna have something to say even if you did nothing, so do you!!! Word to the wise, be prepared for the consequences.

  • redcora

    when she described how she gives head I was like ooooohhhhhhh okay..

  • gigglgal215

    Superhead has been performing all these sexual acrobatics and she still doesn’t have a man that truly loves her and wants to claim her in public. What she should be writing about is how not to traumatize your children and keeping your freakishness private.

  • Te llevaré Es Esa Chica Loco!!

    @ Mixed Bad Chick. 100% agree!

  • tootsie pop

    Karrine Steffans is seriously pathetic and LOST.

  • uhmm

    How old is her son now? Gotta be t least old enough to make her a grandmother pretty soon with all this “advice” she’s been giving out

  • uhmm

    *at least

  • a b!tch who is "famous" for using her mouth as a sperm dump -- why?

    Of course, the usual fools will expect everybody else to take this semen gulping h0 “seriously” — AIN’T HAPPENING.

  • chicot

    I honestly dont see any difference in this woman and Kim Kar… why does she get called a hoe? She should get her money as well. Even though I’m not a fan of hers…I’m not mad at her. Stop adoring YT so damn much…any thing Kim K. does is OK cause she dates black men. Get your money Karrine!

  • BOONDOCKS Disciple

    Karrine Steffans makes Kim Kardashian look like a virgin!

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