Congratulations: The Green Bay Packers Give Lil Wayne His Wish And Win Superbowl XLV 31-25!

- By Bossip Staff

Cheeseheads rejoice, Terrible Towel wavers, build a bridge and get over it…

In a year when “Lombardi” is a hit on Broadway, it is altogether fitting that the trophy that bears his name is headed back home.

No rewrite was needed for this script, and all the actors played their parts to near-perfection last night as the Packers made history and added to their own rich history.

They jumped ahead early in Super Bowl XLV and led the entire way. But in exhausting fashion, they had to hang on for dear life after their 21-3 lead was repeatedly cut into by the determined Steelers, who kept coming and coming but came up short.

In the end, the Packers made one final defensive stand for a 31-25 victory at Cowboys Stadium.

“The Vince Lombardi Trophy is finally going back home,” coach Mike McCarthy said.

These Packers (14-6) already were the first No. 6 seed in the NFC to ever make it into a Super Bowl, and they’re bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay for the first time in 14 years.

This firmly stamps Aaron Rodgers — the game’s MVP — as a preeminent quarterback, as he’s brought the title back to Titletown as many times as fabled Brett Favre did in all his years as the leader of the Pack.

As for how The Steelers felt about the game:

“Shocked,” receiver Hines Ward said.

It was a great game overall, both offensive and defensive. Congrats to the Packers, they won it fair and square. We could be wrong but we believe that perhaps this game was a lil karma coming back for one Mr. Roethlisberger…


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  • Nana

    All I wonna know issss……..WHERE THE F*@K Did the Fake Green Bay Packers Fans come from ALL of a sudden?????????

    • Kyra

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    • Sha

      lol i have a feeling that “they” know who is gonna win. They are about “great stories”
      ie. Patroits Winning after 9/11,
      The Rough Year Tony Dungy had and he was retiring, the year Jerome Bettis played and won his last game in his hometown.

      I don’t want upset any football fans but. I Had a feeling it was gonna go the way it did based on that “theory” Let see… give it to an alleged rapist, or make the perv (Favre) stay out of the public eye so the “golden boy” gets the glory and new car.

      I don’t think they spend millions of dollars on commercials to see a less deserving person to “win it all” …just sayin.

  • yummylicious

    milwaukee was crackin downtown last night….aand.@nana right! nobody was givin wisconsin a second look now everybody on my city wood!!!!

  • if anything be noble

    Illuminati threw the game against my blackandyellow. Smh. Next year.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      Well they gave you one against Seattle. So now you are even.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Nana that’s what I want to know too! I go to school in Mn and it was swarmed with packers fans last night and most of them were so called Vikings “fans” O_o

  • white male

    Aaron Rodgers, the best player in the NFL

  • 504_MsGV

    Aaron Rodgers look funky. But he sure can throw a ball. Go Packers.

  • joey

    aaron rodgers did beyond a good job….i cant stand the steelers and their fans…..just a bunch of animals.

  • 2dimplzs

    I agree. There were a TON of Rodgers HATERS after Ted Thompson nem gave Favre the boot. Now everybody is on ARod’s wood???!!! Wow!!! The Packers are my home town team and I’ve been down with them since I was old enough to know who they were. I NEVER liked Favre but always loved A-Rod. A lot of people are eating CROW, especially SKIP BAYLESS of ESPN’s First & Ten. He’s the biggest hater of them all and today he stood up and gave Aaron Rodgers a standing ovation. HO SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and all the other haters and bandwagon fans!!! SMH…..

  • Simply Jane

    Yawnnnnn! Boo.. It’s time for basketball now thnx god.. The superbowl is just not what it used to be. It put me to sleep yesterday….

  • if anything be noble


  • napnap

    Everyone was saying how they are lucky….. No they just played a better game. After the second quater it was looking like a footballl game.Congrats to Greenbay!

  • Al

    It was a nice game!

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