Money Lessons We Learned From Cynthia Bailey

- By Bossip Staff

With the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 3′ so high in the ratings, we’re pretty sure many of you watched as 43-year-old model, Cynthia Bailey, underwent some drama for her mama (literally) on her wedding day.

She needed money to pay for her wedding – which she didn’t have – and instead of scaling back or postponing her wedding, she made calls last-minute to ensure her (so-called) million-dollar wedding ‘went down.’ And down her wedding went, alright… It went aaall the way down in tempo, as viewers and bloggers compared her special day to a hurricane, funeral, a {insert any deeply catastrophic noun here_______}.

While we won’t go so far as to characterize Cynthia Bailey’s wedding in terms of her romance with Peter Thomas (as that’s ultimately none of our business), we do want to draw out some teachable moments about money from her wedding ordeal.

Read on at and absorb all the money lessons we’ve learned, from Cynthia Bailey.

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  • uhohitslelani

    It’s sooo funny how in the begining she didn’t even want to get married AT ALL,and everyone was saying “get married,get married” and then at the end everyone was practically begging her NOT to get married. Too funny

  • MrsG-215

    That’s what happens when you so worried about the wedding and not the actual marriage.Don’t wrack your brain trying to show off for a over-priced pastor,some catty bridesmaids,meddling in-laws and a whole bunch of other people that don’t even like you like that.Get married somewhere far from home,where people gotta pay to see you.You’ll really get a glimpse of who cares about you.

  • Matix B

    Yeah I said it before on another post about this fiasco, STOP SHOWING OFF! God doesn’t like UGLY. I can’t believe she didn’t have 3 grand for the booze, first of all that’s hella cheap in my opinion for booze, that won’t even cover the wine at my wedding. Second: Couldn’t BRAVO foot some of the cost? It’s not like they couldn’t get advertisers to donate and then be featured on the show.


    uh yeah…just elope, like i said. duh! 😦

  • Here to Share Knowledge...Not Argue With you

    You never give “men” like Peter any damn thing. It just furthers their own belief that the bullshyt ways are justified. Anytime a man chooses to ask his girlfriend for money rather than making a sound busines decision like, restructuring their business pllan and downsizing…then you know you are dealing with an idiot. Any whaddyakno? The business failed…..SMH

  • Superior ONE!

    First of all she was already planning her divorce before she even got married, she should have just said NO!

  • Iguessso

    True, but the wedding you want to have may not be the wedding you can afford. The worst thing a newly married couple could do is go into a marriage with money problems. It’s hard enough being newly married, but adding on unnecessary problems just adds to the pressure. You have to be practical and sensible when it comes to money issues.

  • foxy lady

    Obviously she didn’t have the wedding she wanted, because she was strap for money. She had the wedding she could not afford and was too much of a punk to accept that and wait until she could afford it. There is just too much fairy tales unreal bull shyt that goes into wedddings and it should not be about only that one day it should be about the life that u and your family WILL HAVE TO LIVE AFTER THAT ONE DAY!!!!

  • lanie

    I do a lot of weddings. I have never heard of one without wedding bands. I feel bad for her. And to just go home at the end of the day.

  • Chitowninthehouse

    BOTH of them are OLD enough to know better…the wedding should have been postponed…smh

  • Nicki

    Y’all are forgetting Peter pressured her into this by saying they HAD to be married by the time he was 50. It was never really what she was ready to do. But sadly, some women think they cannot exist without a man.

  • RosieDD

    How are you going to patronize a gossip site and then say that mess?? Girl, STOP IT!

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