For Your Information: How To Fight Child Obesity From Infancy

- By Bossip Staff

A new study sheds light on ways to fight childhood obesity — before infants are even out of the cradle. Formula-fed babies who begin solid foods too early — before they’re 4 months old — are six times as likely to become obese by age 3, compared with babies who start on solids later, according to a study of 847 in today’s Pediatrics. About 9% of children in the study were obese by age 3.

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents delay introducing solid foods until ages 4 to 6 months, 26% start on solids by 4 months old, according to background information in the study. Breast-fed babies face no additional risk of obesity, regardless of when they start solids, the study says. The academy recommends that mothers breast-feed exclusively for the first six months, combining nursing with other foods for at least a year.
Doctors have long known that breast-fed infants are less likely to become overweight. Surveys show that only 75% of American babies get any breast milk, however, and half are nursed for less than four months, the study says.

A 2005 study in the Journal of the American Medical Associationestimated that switching formula-fed babies to breast milk could reduce the child obesity rate by 15% to 20%. Doctors can’t fully explain why breast-feeding is so protective, say authors Susanna Huh and Sheryl Rifas-Shiman, of Children’s Hospital Boston. But it’s possible that breast-feeding mothers may stop nursing when a baby seems full, rather than encouraging an infant to finish a bottle, they say.
Experts note that the study has limitations.

It’s possible that the children’s obesity is more closely related to their parents’ educational levels than their feeding practices, given that people with less education may not be informed about the healthiest time to start solid foods, says Atlanta pediatrician Jennifer Shu. Obesity is more common among people with less education.

One positive message from the study is that parents and pediatricians may be able to help reduce obesity simply by delaying solids until at least age 4 months, Huh and Rifas-Shiman say.


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  • ebonyblonde

    Or how about everytime a baby cries, don’t shove a bottle down their throat….and don’t always reward kids with food…..

  • momo

    Very insightful but..some parents jus introduce the wrong types of solid foods like mcdonalds. Sugary drinks like soda. Not enuff veggies n friedness! I doubt it matter really what time u start. If the babie is ready they r ready..just keep irt healthy and not all of those snacks!

  • Glok...Uncle Bumpy... DaReal American Gangster !!


  • Miss Perfection Trini Sazon aka Anti -Coonery .

    First off Parents need to start learning how to eat healthy themselves.. Diebetes and High Blood Pressure is a serious problem in Black Familes and Parents stop feeding your children Chinese food,Fried Chicken its not okay just because you eat that everyday doesnt mean your kids should , and stay away from those Sugary Drinks a. like Kool aid make them drink water but lucky watermelon is healthy ! 🙂

  • LB

    Not true! My Mom has 4(four) children, of which 3 were breastfed and one was a formula baby. All 3 breast fed children were heavy/borderline obese and the formula baby couldn’t put weight on unless you gave him dumbells to hold! Point is, people have to make better choices in regards to what we eat and what we give our children.

    And FYI- Turkey bacon is just as bad, if not worse than pork bacon. The levels of sodium are astounding. Read the nutritional facts on any brand of turkey bacon. O_O!!! Just give up bacon all together!

  • meg

    when u start solids doesnt have ish 2 do w/ anything. my child was formula fed, started solids at 5 months & has a strong immune system. stop giving kids junk, get rid of the swine, & keep a schedule. i have my baby on a schedule so she only gets hungry when its time to be fed. she also eats way more veggiesthan fruits. dont eat so much meat & grains either. her father is a diabetic so we have to eat right no matter what. also make sure the babysitter feeds them the way you want them to be fed, too.

  • lt

    a baby is only gonna eat what it is fed. i blame the parents. if you don’t know, ask questions, get some help, smh.

  • Next

    Parents you are the role model. Whether it’s food, manners, self esteem, values.

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