Sensitive Thugs, You All Need Hugs: The Packers’ Charles Woodson Gives “Cheesy” Halftime Speech

- By Bossip Staff

Him feelings was hurt, cuz him couldn’t pway wit him team, awwww…

Just as he had after the Green Bay Packers won the NFC championship, Charles Woodson(notes) stood in the locker room and addressed his teammates. It was halftime of Super Bowl XLV and the 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year had just been diagnosed with a broken collarbone, which he suffered in the second quarter of the game. Woodson began to talk to his teammates, to try and tell them how much he wanted to win the title and how they’d need to do so without his presence on the field. One player compared it to the famous “win one for the Gipper” speech.

Only, Woodson couldn’t get out more than a few words before breaking down in tears. “I couldn’t do it,” Woodson said after the game. “I was just too emotional.”

Whatever he said appeared to work. Despite the loss of its star cornerback, Green Bay held off the Pittsburgh Steelers for a thrilling 31-25 victory in Super Bowl XLV. It’s the fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history for Green Bay.

Fellow corner Tramon Williams(notes) said that the look on the Woodson’s face at halftime motivated him to go out “and do what we needed to do.” Other teammates echoed similar sentiments

Sounds like a great speech and all but they still almost lost the game. Whatever, congrats you cheesy muthaf**kas.


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  • MyReason

    Congrats to him…the first player in NFL history to win a Superbowl, Heisman, and Defensive Player of the Year. How ever “cheesy” his speech was, it worked.

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  • Greeneyedbandit

    Big Ben &them betta step they game up,cause the Packers gave them the bizzness last night.Lol

  • Timmy

    They still won, so get off his nuts, #HATERS!

  • Shampo

    That’s cause they cried the whole World Cup! They were out of tears!!! Bunch of panzies!!! LOL

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Aaawww, this ain’t ish..If it’s not about my Falcons or my Eagles (Vick/ Jackson).. then…Nothing else Matters or is news worthy… so…”eh”…

    (sike…hee-hee-hee j/p)


    bytch azz nucca


    If I didnt have asthma , high blood pressure and a club foot , I give that sissy something to really cry for.

  • Candid Canuck

    lmao @ CW’s stance on the platform…

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