Put On Blast: Steve Harvey’s Attorneys Prove Mary Harvey Is A Bold Face Liar

- By Bossip Staff

A Texas judge temporarily lifted the gag order on Steve and Mary Harvey‘s 2005 divorce today to give Steve and his attorneys a chance to shut down Mary’s slander once and for all.

According to a new gag and restraining order, Mary Harvey was left neither broke nor homeless after the divorce. She received $40,000/month from Steve from the time of their divorce until March 2009, at which point she got a lump sum payment of $1.5 million. That’s in addition to getting three houses in their divorce settlement.

As far as claiming that Steve turned their 13-year-old son against her, Judge Dry confirms that Steve was granted custody of the boy after Mary put him on a plane and sent him to his father without any notice.

Furthermore, the Judge confirmed that Steve’s current wife Marjorie had absolutely nothing to do with his divorce from Mary.

And when we say the slander is shut down, we mean SHUT DOWN.

She’s also going to have to pay Steve’s attorney fees for this latest court battle. See what happens when chicks try to get greedy?

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  • Nana

    And ladies and Gentlemen…….that’s how u treat a Psycho EX!!!!!!

    • I can't STAN!

      That’s word lol! I think this bytch is bipolar, cause I think she actually believe her own sh!t.

    • Reality

      Now all those people that was dogging Steve should apologize for jumping to conclusions before researching the facts on both sides of the story. Idiots!

    • sommer

      I bet she now wishes she had kept her mouth shout. See if anyone offers to pay for her lawyer bills. I doubt it.

    • JENNY JONES!!!


    • rachel

      None of us know the truth, apparently something else happened which she can’t talk about, Steve Harvey is not a relationship expert, in his interview with Donnie McClurkin he said that he left his first wife by simply getting in the car and drove off, only a coward would do something like this.

    • Kyra

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    • Chaka1

      Despite his obvious faults, I like Steve Harvey. Releasing the facts and the judge’s findings in the case worked in Steve’s favor. I was glad to hear Tom Joyner, who is the worst interviewer, apologize this morning.

  • Nikki

    Let me guess… She blew thru the 1.5 milli so now she wanna come out and try to put some1 on blast hoping to come up again! Trifling bitter black woman syndrome is a terrible disease and it affects 50% of single black women over 40 she needs therapy.

    • aboveitall

      Here we go again. Black woman want a little more paper that she thinks she deserved and she’s labled (by the black man) as crazy and greedy. Yet, white women walks away with millions, the houses and the plane and people applaud. When will black women wake up, love themselves enough stick up for each other when they’ve been wronged by black men? Black women will always wear the not worthy label so long as they continue to have no self worth. Steve is only capitalizing on your lonely black @zzes…typical.

    • Geronimo Deuces-Champion

      for some reason i still believe her….. Steve has money to pay for anything, so he will always win.

  • Sha

    Broderick….he doesn’t look like a Broderick. *shrugs*

    • MrsG-215

      Lol..He must not think he does either!!

  • shell

    Steve already admitted he and his current wife had maintained their PLATONIC friendship for years since meeting her at one of his comedy shows, I think in Memphis. How platonic IDK and IDC, his ex wife money ain’t long enough or strong enough to fight Steve regardless.

    • wow

      Platonic? Girl stop! lol This man stated that men and women could not be “just friends.”

  • Lisa

    umhmm I knew it. See this is why I don’t get on bandwagons. Especially when it comes to scorned women, the problem I have with this is that she did not take her son into consideration before she started this mess, and all these people were so willing to tear this man down without knowing the truth, it’s unbelievable. Do you all know how hard it is to clear your name once it has been tarnished? He should sue the hell out of her and give the money to charity, this was pure spite and vindictiveness with absoulutely no consideration for the well being of her child.

    • aboveitall

      Stop it. She tried to negotiate with him in private and he took her to court. Please spare me. These black women always want to battle with black women and treat them like their not worth the paper they make. Black men always want to make black women look crazy when they want to cheat them out of money because they don’t think they’re deserving. That measley 2 million dollars he gave her is nothing. He is worth way more than that. He need to pay up and stop battling with that woman…give her her son back and give her some more papers, she’s the mother of his children…she deserves it. Steve is a fraud. He got the cheap black man syndrome.

    • G.M.

      KEY WORDS: “he is worth way more than that”…EXACTLY, STEVE HARVEY IS WORTH MORE THAN 2 MILLI BECUZ STEVE HARVEY WORKED TO INCREASE HIS NET WORTH…MARY AINT DO SH1T HENCE THE REASON SHE AINT GOT SH1T…now STFU cuz ur on here makin comments prostitutes would make…u want to be a h0e or escort be one, since u feel women need to be paid like they’re wh0res for hire…he11 if thats the case h0es are cheaper than wives and fucc a lot more lol

  • Where are the believers?

    That’s whats up. She should have keep her bitter mouth closed. These chicks need to learn to APPRECIATE when they have a good thing. GREED will always leave you disappointed!

    • williefonte

      Man F*CK that Mary b*tch!!! B*tch got all that she was suppose to get damnit! Your black b*tch always think that a n*cca is suppose to pay ur raggady azzes because he got more money. The man got ANOTHER FAMILY to support now so b*tch go get money from that other n*cca u f*cking!

  • mosiane

    No one knows the truth besides the two people in a marriage. It doesn’t matter what any papers say, none of us will know the truth for sure.

    And with that, I can’t support Steve Harvey’s book!

    • Mrs. Rance

      That’s fine. That was where Mary’s support came from. People who simply don’t like Steve. They wanted to believe the worst about him. I say dislike him then. That doesn’t mean Mary ain’t crazy.

    • siarasheree

      @mosiane totally agree..no one really knows the real story … however, i still believe that Steve and Majorie were seeing each during the marriage..

    • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but damn, what kills me, if public perception were the defining factor in whether a person lives or dies, then alot of these ‘celebrities’ would be long dead.

      If he was no longer happy in his marriage and met someone else and wanted to move on, why isn’t he allowed to do so? Everyone else has that right. In his books he said he has evolved from the person he was to who he is now and people do change and grow, no one is perfect.

      Also I find truth in his books, so I buy them.

      And when Mary started to express her side of the story, I found it odd that she was married to Steve before he was famous and lived in a 50/50 state why would she walk away with nothing? Well no nothing, she said later she got 400K. And usually unless unless there are exigent circumstances or a mother is deemed unfit, is a child taken from their mother and sole, not joint sole custody given to the father. That didn’t seem right and it seems like it wasn’t right it was BS!

      I understand that she may feel short changed now that Steve is really blown up and is evolving into a better person and seems to have a great life with his new wife and family. But that wasn’t for you Mary. We have what we are meant to. Move on sista!

  • msmjj

    Yes, only now he is a bigger liar. You still havent heard the whole story and one day it will come out. why do you think he didnt want her to say anything to the media at first. remember money always talk. Karma Karma


    mmm hmmm Now where are all those haters that were bashing steve?

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. LET'S STOP THE STUPIDITY IN 2011!!!

    I could care less because I haven’t been following this. But he probably was a cheater and what not. Maybe he changed his life? IDK.

  • http://www.bossip.com 5150

    Is this the same shady lawyer that represented both parties in the divorce? Yes it is so, again FU*K Steve,his hustle bunny wife,and their shady lawyer!

    #team MARY!

    • Kim

      You are an idiot, this has nothing to do with the lawyer, this is public court documents, you people kill me, you jumped ona bandwagon, you were wrong and you can’t admit it. There are some things that can’t be proven, but the money, the houses and the kid is all obvious things that can be proven, the information has nothing to do with the attorney, but good try.

    • aboveitall

      You are rigth on! Black women stand up and be counted! Men men always trying to define black women and when black women fight back, they label them as crazy while white women are walking away with big crazy papers. Team Mary!


    Umm All I see is a gag order stating what she can and can’t do or say. So how does this proof she’s a liar?? I don’t anything in those documents about money or property???


    *how is this*
    * I dont see* oops typos

  • lol

    lmfao… she never said the idiot didnt give her 400,000. This mean nothing TEAM MARY.
    Who is this rance person…. get a life u r too into this

  • Zel

    Good for Steve. I figured she was lying.

  • CBB

    Its funny how you guys are calling her a liar. what did she lie about. if you listen to the radio shows that she went on, she is not suing for money or anything. she is simply stating a fact.
    Steve Harvey comes off as a relationship guru…but look what you did when you were in a relationship with me. thats all People. She is not asking for anything. So what did she lie about. Its funny that noone is not QUESTIONING Steve’s (creditablity) for the books he is writing and the talk shows his doing. His in is third marriage and we are really getting RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM HIM. Please.

    • chicot


      Steve was a cheater during the marriage. He is a 2-time loser at marriage…jury still out on #3. He is in no position to give relationship advice unless it’s on cheating. Marjorie is no better. Why are she and Steve so holier-than-thou? He may have paid her but he was a cheater which he should just admit!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. LET'S STOP THE STUPIDITY IN 2011!!!

    Wendy Williams has some dirt on Steve. I wish she would spill the beans!

  • Iguessso

    Anyone with half a brain would have known something was wrong with her story. But some got so caught up in the emotional side of it that the logical side didn’t kick in. I’m a mother. And for a mother to NOT have custody of her son after 5-6 years of being out of the relationship was an immediate red flag to me. She never mention anything about getting Wynton back. It was all about what Steve did to her with the cheating and the money. Then when she sold the $275,000 house for $2.00??? Next….

    • CBB

      I don’t understand what you mean when you say logical?…B/c the FACTS are just b/c you are a mother does not give you full right to your child. If you have money, support,etc. then the courts will give you custody,they view that as stabiltiy. Oppose to a person who does not have much family,have money but not as much as the opposing side and may not have a huge support system. It has happen to plenty of woman, and I can’t say that they weren’t thinking logical. they were just not given justice. And Steve has only had custody of his son for the past two years. So he was in here care well after the divorce was done. AND can somebody show me when did she ask for money or even sue him. If you look at the Tom Joynor show she clearly states. I am not suing him for NOTHING. I just want to truth to be heard.





    • texastea

      I think she was exaggerating on the 2.00. what she meant is that the real estate market took a nose dive and those houses werent worth a thing! She had to sell at a loss at best…

    • Iguessso

      Logical meaning this: I’ve been through a similar situation with child custody. The father made more than I did, but because I made enough to money to take care of me and my son comfortably, he stayed in my custody. So all of that Steve made more than she did and that’s why he got her didn’t sound right at all. Even if she didn’t have dime to her name, once she got herself on her feet where she could have taken care of the both of them comfortably, she would of had custody rights. She may not have had the money then, but what has she been doing for the past 6 years financially to support her and her child? She never mentioned ANYTHING about getting this child back or taking care of him. That would be the FIRST thought of any mother. And now we know, Steve was awarded custody NOT because of the financial situation, he was awarded custody because of neglect on her part by putting him on the plan without notifying anyone. She wasn’t stable. Sorry, I’ve been around too many people crying victim to fall for the tears. I’ve learned to read between the lines.

  • wow

    Lol!Girl you are really sad! You’re so eager to believe the worse about this woman that a gag order is sufficient proof for you. And if 1.5 mill is enough for you when he was worth at least 10 mill when they split up then I understand why you consider wh*res like Marjorie and Alicia “top quality” women. lol

  • Ms. Cayman

    I felt so bad for Mary and couldn’t believe that Steve Harvey left her with nothing and took her son away (after she supported him when he couldn’t support himself). I guess there are two sides to every story. Glad Steve let it be known she did get money and the houses and that she is responsible for putting her OWN son on the plane to live with his dad. Hmmmm, she didn’t say all that. This is getting more and more interesting each day.

  • Ryda4life

    She got close to 2mil from 2005 /2009 & a 1.5 mil settlement . Even a fool would get financial adviser , scale back to 10 thousand a month expenses , sell one home , Establish a franchise business,& Mary would never have to work again . She just kept spending & aint told no jokes . At least that other comedians wife started her own comedy routine . Stop trying to eat off Steves plate he got Marjorie for that now..

  • mixed bad chick

    Damn! What the heck is wrong with her? She was set up real good and she wants more? Plus now I’m sure he is going to be sued for breaking the agreement to not make public statements or appearances referring to the divorce. This chick is really dumb or either crazy. Who puts their son on a plane alone like tht without telling the other parent? Yep, now I see why he said there is a reason behind her losing custody.

  • Nikki

    Here is the bottom line, for those of you who are having a difficult time understanding what this means legally.
    Although the sanction is temporary, courts only base judgement on facts meaning Steve Harvey had to provide actual court documents. Also Steve did not slander her or defend his name, but now the court has given him the green light to clear his name which means the gag order has been lifted for him. Also the court date for March 10, is to decide punishment for Mary depending on how much of the gag order she broke. There is no twisting this, the numbers had to be proven, and the information had to be verified, he has been given the opportunity to speak on his behalf, based on the facts.

  • G.M.


  • LaShaye-Shante'

    No matter what the other party has to say the thing to realize is that Steve is no relationship expert. He has been divorced how many times and has children by how many different women? Seriously???? An expert??? Well hell everybody write a book on things you fail at and be an expert about it.

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