We Taking Over: White Folks Are Becoming Less Of A Majority

- By Bossip Staff

Rush Limbaugh’s greatest fear is a lot closer to coming true than even he probably ever imagined.

Via the New York Times

Whites continued to decline as a share of the American population in 2009, and they now represent less than half of all 3-year-olds, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of census data released Monday.

The country’s young population is more diverse than ever, with whites now in the minority in nursery schools, preschools and kindergartens in eight states — Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas — and the District of Columbia, according to William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings. That was up from six states in 2000.

“We are on our way to having a majority of minority students in U.S. schools,” Mr. Frey said.

Nationally, whites accounted for 58.8 percent of all school enrollment in 2009, Mr. Frey said, citing the new data, which measured enrollment from preschool to graduate school as of October 2009. That was down from 64.6 percent in 2000, a decline that came with falling birthrates as the white population aged.

Population growth has come instead from Hispanics, blacks and Asians, whose children represent ever larger shares of the school population. Twenty-three percent of children in kindergarten were Hispanic in 2009, up from 18 percent in 2000 and 10 percent in 1989. Hispanics now account for nearly a fifth of all enrollment from nursery school through college, Mr. Frey said.

The United States has been experiencing the biggest surge of immigrants since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when European immigrants considerably expanded the population.

And while immigrants have long taken to cities, more recently they have spread throughout the nation, creating diverse student populations in places that had been overwhelmingly white.

The states whose white children dipped to below 50 percent of nursery school and kindergarten enrollment most recently were Arizona, Florida and Nevada, Mr. Frey said. Next in line are Georgia, Louisiana and Maryland, he said.

The increase in minority students in schools doesn’t mean our children are getting a better education yet. And the people who worry about these things are in no rush to change that.

The gap between the country’s diverse young population and its older white one is raising difficult issues for policy makers, who are trying to balance the growing costs associated with the aging white population with the need for financing to educate an increasingly diverse youth.

Education experts who have studied the issue say the United States is lagging behind in educating minority students. The past big wave of immigrants took more than a generation to integrate into the economy through education, they say, a delay the country can still afford in today’s age of global competitiveness.

“These students will be an important source of our labor-force growth as baby boomers begin retiring,” Mr. Frey said.

Is this good news to you?

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  • Mak

    Who cares, since they still wields the power!

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    • Shellz

      Mak, I know that’s right. You to the words right outta my mouth. To throw in my 2 cent I still believe Hispanics are the highest population in this country.

  • Smurff

    This is what Halle is preparing Nahla for. She wants her to be a part of the growing trend.

    • Sara

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———- RichMatchmaker. ℃○M ——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      Zimbabwe was prospering for a decade under Mugabe. The Queen of England even knighted that fool. Then after he took over the farms things went down hill bc of droughts and sanctions from the UK & US. Are you saying blacks are inferior bc they can’t farm? Wtf now I’ve heard Whites say some ish about us, but that has to be the dumbest.

  • yt

    Hispanics, not blacks are gonna take over America.

    • BoomBoomroom

      Yet if you read the story it says that Blacks are increasing. Places like Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. But I guess it makes you feel better as a racist White man to say that Hispanics are increasing but not Blacks. LOL!!

    • Khai

      Look at dumb azz boomboomroom trying to pretend that the comment meant blacks were taking over. dumb SP!C betotch! Everybody knows those damn Messycans are taking over that’s why white Americans are up in arms. They don’t them Hispanics in this country, period.

    • BlackAmericansarewhite

      The American empire is dead and they need minority faces with white hearts to speak to the rest of the world.

    • stelo

      America stole this country then, by your logic.

    • whybossiphatenonmycomments?


    • yt

      calm down negroes
      just pointing out the stats in that report:

      “The percentage of white 5-year-olds fell from 59% in 2000 to about 53% today and the share of blacks from 15% to 13%.”

      doesn’t sound like you’re the ones taking over tbh

  • niknak

    As long as white people are the majority in government, we will always be the minority.

  • Getem

    If blacks don’t start educating and depending on themselves than this means nothing. Sorry to say.

  • The Cynic

    Whites control the major institutions n wealth so they will continue to wield power. Jus look at Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela etc where they have always benefited 4rm yrs of exploitation

  • Are you Serious?

    Whites will still be running stuff, Sad to say, but minorities, especially blacks are not ready to run things. I’m black and what I see going on withn my race tells me that we got another 200 or 300 years before we will be ready to run some sh**. Seems that the downward spiral of the black mentality is largely due to the deterioration of Rap and Hip Hop.

    • Getem

      Sad but true. We don’t even own any banks.

    • Harry

      Just like the Puertos like yo who own nothing, run nothing and have always been at the bottom of the barrel.

    • sweetp1984

      @Harry what are you talking about?

    • kidrebelny

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Regardless of the statistics, white people will never give us a chance, at least the black people who are trying to do something with there lives.

    • bishop

      Black do own banks and according to Black Enterprise some of the top ones are Boadway Federal (LA), City National (NJ), One United Bank (MA)..trying do some research before you post that gloom and doom BS!!

    • Getem

      My bad, I Googled some, but didn’t come across any. Either way the way some black politicians act I still wouldn’t be so anxious to see black people running this country. Just how I feel.

  • mixed bad chick

    Haha! I luv it! Let’s make more mixed babies! My hubby is Latino so I’ve got no issue with these numbers. Our babies are part of this revolution. It’s fine wit me or should I say, esta bien.

  • Smurff

    Lets sort out the community and be like how we once were only a few decades ago.

  • Jay

    I saw this coming, white folks have a negative birthrate, and are increasingly having to rely on technology to conceive. Test tube Babies, surrogates, in vitro fertilization, fertility hormones and so on. People of color, despite supposedly having higher Aids, Cancer, Heart disease rates etc, are steadily increasing in population. Interesting

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Or could it be they know how to use protection/birth control and plan for pregnancies? They have 1 or 2 kids instead of 5 or 6?

    • YourDelusional01

      NICCAS:: STOP ARGUING AMONGST YOURSELVES!!! No ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION! Im telling you this and its the truth: I found myself hating SPANISH/Mexicans,etc, BUT THEY WILL WORK AND I RESPECT THEM!!! White people fear them more than they ever DID BLACKS because they WORK AND STICK TOGETHER!!! I had a Mexican friend around me and soon as another Mexican came up to him to ask a question ( which he didnt know), he STARTED SPEAKING IN HIS NATIVE TONGUE WHICH IS SPANISH, even though they both knew ENGLISH FLUENTLY!!! N*I*GGAS, WAKE-UP, you can rap all day and jigga boo yourselves until the world collapses and clain your intelligent and POWERFUL: WELL, UR NOT!!! These people speak their own language and have THINGS WE DONT: LOYALTY, CULTURE,RESPECT,And Desire to Gain and Build and PA*SS their WEALTH to FAMILY!! Go ahead you have a NICCA P*SS to hate on me for telling the truth, BUT it doesnt matter cus I’ve planned and am straight in my life, just trying to help others………..

  • Ali

    Not quite true. “Hispanic” is NOT a race but an ethnicity. Hispanics may be of ANY race and are, including WHITE. While non Hispanic Whites are decreasing as a percentage of the population, I wouldn’t bet on Whites overall declining all that much.

    • The Cynic

      Yeah well a good half of all of the Hispanics in this country come from Mexico and Central America, where most of the population is either mixed race mestizos(Amerindian & White) or Amerindian.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Ahhh yessss this is news, and it was also written looong ago!

    Sad thing is, we have blk people out desperately seeking children with SO-KALLED good hair and light eyes, half this and half that!

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I am in the Kommunity everyday pushing for unity amongst the blk n brwn, bekause i know our UNITY will be more powerful than a ATOMIC BOMB!

  • Selector

    Umm duh! White people aren’t popping out kids left and right. Many blacks and hispanics do it to get more free government money. Eventually these welfare people are going to have to get jobs and work to support their families because the welfare system won’t be able to support all of them. The graduation rate is still astronomically higher for white children than blacks and hispanics. The welfare system is a drain on the American economy and adding more at this rate is going to make it way worse. If you’re going to have children, do it because you know you have the means to support them. The government isn’t always going to be there to hold peoples hands. It’s going to be a rude awakening

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I, for one, welcome our new mixed race overlords.

  • katie

    I ain’t going anywhere. Time for me to pop out a few thousand pink feet

  • LEXI

    WHo cares, black people will still play victim.

  • 1king

    Yesterday they jus said half the black population has aids and the other half are dieing from abortions. So what is it. How are we still about to out number white people today. Black people don’t believe white peoples lies. When dealing with them you have to consider the source.

  • RealMadrid

    Too bad it’s not the white Latinos instead of all of these uneducated, dangerous, poverty-stricken brown Hispanics from third world countries who are destroying the lifestyle and high standards of living in the United States. We would never allow them into Spain.

    • poisonbury


    • YourDelusional01

      STFU!! The Browns are working, and even with you re White Latin Skin, YOURE NO ONE UNLESS YOURE WEALTHY!!! Americas about money, and the bytches that always are talking race ARE BROKE!!! Believe me: Obama, Bush, Clinton, Osama, Lebron, Ochocinco, Gates, Buffet,Kobe, Shaq, Sheen, and other rich people all could get along and enjoy diff characteristics that they bring to the table: (Finance,Entertainment,Comedy, Sports, Music, etc)and they may even be racist BUT GUESS WHAT?? Racism exists, but it CONSUMES the haves vs have nots MORE THAN ANYONE!!!So, with that being said, EVERYONE ON THESE BLOGS DONT MATTER CUS UR BROKE!!! DUMMIES!!!! ITS about Green!!! Not White, Brown, Black, or Yellow!! So STUPIDDDD. How about going to get Your money instead of posting shyte that NO one cares about!!! I guess some people enjoy being poor!! Whatever, BUT STOP F*KIN COMPLAINING ABOUT UR JOBS BEING MOVED AROUND LIKE A CHESS GAME!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT INSTEAD

    • John

      FYI there’s already plenty of Latin Americans living in Spain. 😉

  • BlackAmericansarewhite

    You were all conditioned to be white and you are.

  • mehico boondog

    What i want to know is who will protect the african americans from us when the white race move back to europe? Or when they die out. Whites birth rates are low because they have children much later in life or not at all. We wanted this country for a long time now and wanted to kick blacks all over the country but whites are in our way. Not long now

    • Honey

      You sound stupid ..If u havent noticed theres a new race label coming biracial race..And if and when the whites die out, Biracials will be the larger race..And from the looks of it down here in Texas A lot of your women lovvvvvvvvvveeeeee Black men !!!

  • SMH

    you people are the definition of ignorant.

  • not a problem

    Rflol”other” yaw still niccas

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    Pale people make up less than 12% of the global population. They love to use the words “minority” on other people when, in fact, they have ALWAYS been the global minority. Next thread.

    • white male

      their are 2 billion chinese people in the world so I don’t know where u get your facts from

    • I can't STAN!

      Preach that, Black! Ain’t NO comeback for that knowledge you just spit…WORD!

    • white male

      the arabs bred ya’ll out of north africa so there you go

    • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

      @ white male

      ..and the Muslim Black-a-MOORS ruled Europe for over 500 years, so there YOU go.

      Herpa derp derp! 😛

    • I can't STAN!

      “the arabs bred ya’ll out of north africa so there you go”

      When you can’t win an argument, say somthin stupid…lol @ this white mofo…you came back an hour later, and that’s the best yo a$$ could come up with?!

    • white male

      I just started off by saying the world is more than 12% white like the guy said and you guys started saying white people are this and that, sorry you didn’t like my comeback, I just felt provoked.

    • hezeone

      Moors ruled southern spain, not the whole europe, as you indicate, and they are/were arabs.

    • I can't STAN!

      *sarc* poor you.

      It ain’t about me likin or dislikin your comeback. What Black said was the TRUTH. You don’t like hearin it, cause you know that sh!t is true yourself. White muhfuggahs like yourself always wanna justify your bullsh!t instead of acknowledgin your TRUE history as fuuckin thieves. Stealin is stealin…not “dominating” muhfugga.

    • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

      @ hezeone
      Spain AND Portugal. Which coincidentally was around the time when those countries enjoyed sophisticated civilization and flourishing trade through out the civilized world.

      Oh, and the Moors were a combination of Blacks, Arabs and a mix between the two. Moorish general Tarik-bin-Ziad was Black and helped defeat the Visigoths who terrorized Europe.


    • white male

      so its truth that “people of color should know whites are liars and thieves”? You can’t tell me that black people are civilized and whites are evil. The truth is their are bad people in all races.

    • I can't STAN!

      That’s another thing y’all white muhfuggahs do…when sh!t get hot, shift the argument to black folks for comparison. Look, nobody denies that evil exists in all races…that ain’t what this sh!t is about. We blacks can acknowledge our own bullsh!t. You white muhfuggahs try to JUSTIFY yours…that’s the difference. And all that sh!t does is make us hate y’all fuuckin a$$ more

    • http://youtube.com/watch?v=o_Wq4QERYoc Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      We blacks can acknowledge our own bullsh!t. You white muhfuggahs try to JUSTIFY yours…that’s the difference

      @I can’t STAN!


    • hezeone

      Actually, Spain and Portugal were just former roman provinces.

      They were imperial powers after the reconquista, when the moors were driven away.

      Under moorish rule, the moorish culture was flourishing. Spain and Portugal had no culture but some random barbarians.

      And the general you mentioned was a member of the Umayyad Caliphate. If you say he is black, it is like saying that the king of saudi-arabia is black: You can say it but there is not sense in saying it.

      So stop making random details. Its like saying that Jesus was white. Nubian kings were black. Some late pharaohs were mulattoes. And so on..but the people you mentioned..nah..

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MarcusCMarcellus?feature=mhum European Male

    When you blacks and minorities wake up in a country no longer run by whites, you will be in Third World America, and your standard of living, your liberties and rights, will be diminished. Name ONE black-run country where blacks have a better standard of living or more rights than here – or any other white-run country. Civil rights, democracy, human rights, gender parity…on and on, they are ALL white constructs. Can’t you people see that?

    The irony is that when you get what you want, you’ll be damn sorry. But this is typical of people with a short time horizon and lack of impulse control.

    Personally, the war between blacks and browns is one party worth staying up for!

    • The Cynic

      Nobody has forgotten about all of the horrible things the US has done during the cold war. Puppet regimes, CIA. Most of the poverty in the 3rd world is due to multi-national corporations that work w international banks & local elites to exploit nations.



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