Kush Chronic-les: Does The Ganja Lead To Early Schizophrenia???

- By Bossip Staff

These scientists nowadays will try to convince you that everything you eat, smell, and drink is going to do something crazy to you.

Many studies have linked marijuana use with early onset of psychosis. The question is, does smoking marijuana cause earlier psychosis? A new review of 83 studies involving more than 22,000 participants seeks an answer.

The meta-analysis found that people who smoked marijuana developed psychotic disorders an average 2.7 years earlier than people who did not use cannabis. But the review also found that people who used any illegal drug suffered psychosis two years earlier than non-users, not a large difference.

While alcohol use was not associated with early onset, the studies reviewed could not rule out the influence of cigarette smoking, which is a common habit of people with psychotic disorders and those who smoke marijuana. In many of the countries from which the data was gathered, in fact, cannabis is typically smoked mixed with tobacco. The researchers argue that cigarette smoking—unlike marijuana— does not worsen hallucinations or paranoia in patients with schizophrenia, so they believe that tobacco does not account for earlier onset.

Led by Mathew Large of the University of New South Wales in Australia, the authors of the new research review also focused on other factors that may have contributed to the association between pot smoking and early psychosis in previous studies. For instance, it’s known that men are both more likely to take drugs and to develop psychosis at an earlier age than women, and the preponderance of men in past studies might have contributed to the connections found. It’s also known that young people, including those who have schizophrenia, are more likely to smoke pot than older folks, so previous studies that put upper age limits on their participants could have overstated the marijuana-psychosis link.
But based on the meta-analysis, researchers found that the link persisted independently of these factors. In the paper, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, they conclude that their results “provide evidence for a relationship between cannabis use and earlier onset of psychotic illness and they support the hypothesis that cannabis use plays a causal role in the development of psychosis in some patients.”

We’re not sure that the kush makes you crazy, but we definitely know some folks that are crazy for the kush!

Does the fear of going crazy make you want to quit smoking the piff??


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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Marijuana makes you paranoid…Think before you smoke.

    Causing schizophrenia that is a stretch because schizophrenia is a genetic disorder which runs in families.

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  • 1982Mason

    Prioritize before you start any habits.

  • Katie M

    All though this illness runs in families weed does trigger serious symptoms and causes episodes. Believe me I know from first hand bc my boyfriend is. Schizophrenics are perfectly normal when not doing any drugs but something about weed does something to the brain. Its a very sad and unpleasant sight to see.

  • JustAshley

    I don’t smoke but I have in the past. A guy who is no longer my friend, used to smoke in the morning and again at lunch time- or so he says.
    I ran into him recently. He told me he was now a practicing MYSTIC, could put out a candle with thoughts in his mind and that he can also see and exorcise demons.

    • Reality

      Schizoid disorder is genetic but smoking the bombay actually makes sense to make the disorder worse. Its also a causal link between the increased risk of Alzhemiers disease and Marijuana. The heavy use of Marijuana ages the hippocampus part of the brain tremendously. Thats why I quit once I found out about this. It true that mary jane has its health benefits (to be consumed by mouth) but it was never meant to be taken as a recreational drug or inhaled through the lungs as in any type of smoke. Its also opens the minds up to demonic spirits and more susceptible to demonic possession which you are right about. But to each his or her own.

  • mosiane

    The excess of anything is not good for you. That’s the bottom line.

    We all know of that one person who smokes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. if they became psychotic wouldn’t even be a stretch

  • me

    Marijuana can lead to Schizophrenia in people who are predisposed to the illness. It affects 1 in every 100 people & if 1 of ur parents or a sibling has it there is a 10% chance you will develop it. As someone who works with 1st episode clients I would say if anyone in your family including extended family has the illness it is not worth the risk to use an illegal drug. As there is also research to say some can avoid ever having the illness if they stay away from marijuana

  • Que

    OMG, That picture is to die for!!!! If I ever find some buds like that…So help me GOD!!!! lmao!!!

  • keebler mf elf

    Who cares, this world gonna drive you crazy one way or another!

  • white male

    that pic is my new screensaver

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Maaan that picture looks delicious… Kali Kush…..the Best!

  • I'm ze true silver hare

    Yes this is true, I am a psychology and neuroscience major, we have done similar studies. People who are addictive users exhibit early stages of psychological disorders. I even have first hand knowledge, my first year roommate was a habitual pot smoker, by the end of the year she was increasingly panicky, paranoid, anxious, and plain crazy at times. I attributed it to her constant marijuana usage. But, we have also found that there is little affect for those who don’t smoke regularly.

  • daisy jay

    LMAO AT YOU GUYS LOVING THE PICTURE! If I smoked, I’d probably die a couple times lol

    Marijuana makes people crazy? I can believe it. I know that it’s a plant, but if it can make you hallucinate and all of that other stuff, going crazy sounds like it fits.

    *Mr. Mackey voice* Drugs are bad…mmkay?

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    Weed does not make you paranoid.

    Yes it does!!

    No, it doesn’t dummy! Shut up!

    You’re mean!


    • dgrrl



    lots of things make people crazy!;;when a husband fines his wife in bed with another! MAN don,t he go crazy!”or;;same for somw girl frie3nd and boyfriend relationships!”,or say”you have 1 year old baby,girl!! and the,baby girl was rap a,20year old!”would you as a parent of the child go ccrazy!”like bob marley leave dem ganja smokers a alone and if ya can,t take de ganja:leve it alone ,like the kitchen ya can,t take the heat! come out of the kitchen!HAPPY,HISHES WE All,have a HAPPY VALENTINESDAY! WHEN IT ARRIVES!”thanks forreadin!

  • Ejay

    Nope, gonna keep smokin!

  • thetruthisreal

    lmao i was thinkin the ssme thing! like ooooooh its a pretty deep purple lol where they do that at?

  • Ugh...again?!?!?

    Never smoked. Ill prolly go crazy. Lol. But i can drink like a fish!!!!

  • spoken

    The voices in my head are telling not to believe this study. I agree with them….



  • othello

    Weed dose cause mental disorders linked to paranoia. Smoking for a long time then stopping can cause serious depression. I was a huge weed head in high school and had to go through a lot to get my head right for college. I counsel troubled kids once in a while and I’m mostly successful because I use techniques psychologist use to treat schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, depression, and post traumatic stress syndrome. Especially social anxiety disorders that causes all kinds of problems. So when the kids say they smoke trees like that, I already know where the conversation is going. I’ve been there. Honestly I didn’t really feel the effects until a few years later when I realized I’ve wasted so much time and I was behind. That alone caused depression and anxiety. Don’t do it to your self. If you have the strength to stop DO IT. If not, realize you have a problem. For me it was environment. I had to change the people I was around to change my habits. It took a couple of years but I eventually changed my whole life culture. Ok so, that was my PSA for the night. Peace.

    • Jaymon

      Get at n your not mostlly successful, but when you are 100% successful. Weed just like anything else can make people go nuts. I smoke EVERY-Every night after i get done work and the gym. Have been fine since the 10th grade. Still can’t get over that picture. Hate being on the East Coast,with all that good sticky on the West.

    • othello

      Obviously not everyone is the same. I’ve found in a safe environment (i.e. suburbs) weed has different side effects. Not so much paranoia as laziness and lack of motivation. But the cases that I’ve dealt with have pointed to weed as being part of the problem not the solution. When you have so many variables dealing with kids that live around the way, smoking will cause paranoia and symptoms resembling schizophrenia. I’m talking about a 12 year old kid that saw his friends brains blown from his skull. Or a 13 year old girl that just had an abortion. Or a 20 year old that thinks everyone is trying to kill him. Using any drug to suppress natural emotion is dangerous. Weed happens to be the medicine of choice and has it’s own particular set of side effects. A lot of times I tell the kids to lessen the quantity. Instead of taking a whole blunt to the head try using a bowl or use papers. They say it’s for white boys (lol). To deal with their social anxieties we have to slow down on or get rid of the tress. As an adult do what you feel, it’s your business. But in my opinion weed mixed with an already fcked up environment is amplifying mental illness in kids and young adults.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    That was weed soaked in PCP call that a superman high.

  • Dee

    My younger Who was at the time only 24, somked that stuff with a few friends and later on developed Paronoid Schizophrenia. Leave that ish alone.

  • Soul Touch

    For real.

  • Soul Touch

    Personally, I think there are many benefits to Mary Jane, just not by smoking it. Eating it is probably the best method.

  • yoli

    Causes, incidence, and risk factors
    Schizophrenia is a complex illness. Even experts in the field are not sure what causes it.

    Genetic factors appear to play a role. People who have family members with schizophrenia may be more likely to get the illness themselves.

    Some researchers believe that environmental events may trigger schizophrenia in people who are already genetically at risk for the disorder. For example, infection during development in the mother’s womb or stressful psychological experiences may increase the risk for developing schizophrenia later in life. Social and family support appears to improve the illness.

    so stop with the lying …..

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