Well Color Me Purple, Multi-Talented Fantasia Barrino Lands ‘Leading Lady’ In Mahalia Jackson Biopic

- By Bossip Staff

Home wrecker Fantasia Barrino, steps out into the lime light to play a more positive role.

Fantasia will portray Mahalia Jackson, a late American gospel singer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’r, and supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr. during her journey from poverty in New Orleans to becoming a gospel superstar!

But does Ms. Barrino have the acting chops to do so? And can she leave her personal life at the door?!

“Fantasia’s personal life has been tumultuous to say the least. The 26-year-old star overdosed in the fall of 2010, and admitted it was no accident. “I didn’t have any fight in me,” the singer said in a VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ interview. “I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out. The single mother was accused of stealing another woman’s husband and found herself in the middle of a love triangle leading up to her attempted suicide.

Since ‘Idol,’ the star has written an autobiography titled ‘My Life is Not a Fairy Tale,’ which was then made into a Lifetime movie in which she played herself. She also starred in a highly-rated VH1 reality show about her life called ‘ Fantasia for Real.’

This role will be Fantasia’s biggest to date since 2006 when she starred in Oprah Winfrey’s Broadway revival of ‘The Color Purple.’

Let’s get your life together for this one Fantasia..you’ve got some big shoes to fill!


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  • ladyinblue

    Say what?!

  • Nana

    Get that Mullah T’asia…..

  • GeorgeNWeezy>TomNHelen

    I love you Fantasia!! I don’t care what they say about you. You one of the best vocalists in the game. Keep doing your thing and … Huck the Faters!!!

    • Jordan

      when the checks don’t come…then start coming…then get taken away…then stop coming…then miraculously start coming again!

  • Bruh Again

    I ain’t that pressed, but Yolanda (Yulanda?) Adams
    would have been a better
    choice, if she could handle
    the acting required. Congrats, Fantasia.

    • Jay

      Yolanda Adams and Mahalia Jackson’s singing styles are miles apart. I LOVE Yolanda Adams, but there is no way she could pull off Mahalia Jackson!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Congrats to her. Make that money gal. Aunt ReRe said she is also considering her for the story of her life now that Halle has expressed disinterest. I’d love to see Fanny in the role.

  • Superior ONE!!!


  • Thatbkchick

    Why wasn’t Jennifer Hudson considered for such an honorable role than this hoodrat?

    • heeey

      unnecessary comment!

  • CeCe

    I don’t care for her at all

  • It's Me

    O Tashia can get it done. Sit back eat ya popcorn and enjoy the show…

  • angie

    jennifer hudson cant snub all the roles.fantasia will be just fine.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    She faked her suicide.

  • MsDtown

    Gon’ Tasia!!! She is so beautiful. Do it big girl.

  • hate on me

    sh** let it go by now….allow her to move on with her life I’m happy to see god is blessing her….. everyone is not perfect…

  • gaping azzhole

    Give this sistah ape a banana!!!

  • mixed bad chick

    *ghetto stuff* *in her normal voice*

  • DeeDede

    Fantasia is about to bring it to CHRUCH..Lets all say AMEN oh and Hi Haters…..

  • White Women Rule


    Darling I suggest you see a therapist because you are taking this too personal. And for the record, Mahalia Jackson is a gospel legend. True Fantasia may be a good performer, but I don;t think this is the right role for her. And for the record, should they have taken someone from the world of Gospel???? Just my opinion darling, but apparently the fake suicide has paid off.

  • DC_Diva

    Work it Tasia! Can’t wait to see it.

  • sowhatyall

    it takes two to tango….certainly you don’t consider masturbation as a form of cheating on your spouse

  • *~h!$ c00k!3~*

    Don’t know who Mahalia Jackson is but I think ppl should give fantasia a chance….nobody’s perfect and everybody messes up…..we wasn’t there when she met the dude or there for any of their time spent or conversations……he could have been telling her ANYTHING……we don’t know….she’s trying to move on and get her life back together…..trying to let the past be the past and so should we…..the judge say Tasia didn’t know he was married maybe she didn’t……..maybe he didn’t tell her because I grew up with dudes saying they didn’t have a girl even when the chick knew they had a girl…..ppl lie about things….i’m married myself and certainly don’t condone/put up with cheating of any kind but eventho she may not have Beyonce money, he still could have just been seeing dollars signs….we don’t know and we definitely wasn’t there……ju$t $ay!n

  • Honeybunn

    Queen Latifah would have been a much, much better choice. She could probably sing like Mahalia, and definately favors her physically. Who picked Tasia?

  • TimeAintLong

    NO NO NO NO How can I protest this?!? I’m a fantasia supporter but a BIGGER Mahalia Jackson Fan!!! I’m gon have to go on my knees in Prayer for this one!!!! How about u wait for the Aretha Franklin story Tasia I think that’ll fit u better… Leave the Mahalia Jackson Story to someone who is a zealous for the LORD as she was

  • Keshia

    People kill me, how can you claim she is not christian enough, of whatever….please believe u don’t know what go on behind these pastors, preachers, popes, etc doors when they close them!
    (Catholic church preachers, Eddie Long)

    Btw: You can’t take someone from somebody else, when their already gone. How about people clean their backyards, and remove some skeletons out their closet b4 they start to down n disrespect someone else!

  • chica

    She’s just plain unattractive, not good to look at. Mahalia Jackson was a great lady with an unforgetable voice. It’s a disgrace anyone would hire Fantasia to portray such a legend. The producers are terribly unenlightened to have chosen this hoodrat for the part. SMH

  • Tressa

    Fantasia is excellent for the role. I’ve seen and follow her work.

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