The Game Recap: Sticking To The Formula

- By Bossip Staff

There is only one way to play ‘the game’—by the rules. Rule number one for Season 4 of “The Game” is to: Stick to the Formula. After watching episode 4, there is no question that the humor and comradery sprinkled with a bit of drama, as seen in previous seasons, is what fans love about the show. I don’t know if it’s just the Kelly-Pitts-lover in me talking, but last night’s episode brought me back to the good ol’ days.

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Last night’s episode was excellent. Had my blood pressure up and errthang.

    • Nita

      that is sooo true it was on point! my question is who is the writer this season? i just cannot believe it is still the same writer because something is just not clicking! please please i am begging the entire old team to come back! but i feel it coming back like the old new Game slowly but surely!


    Oh, I am also glad they are showing how celebs malnipulate the media & fans with b.s. press conferences. When celebs puck up (like chris brown) they go on Larry King wearing bow ties looking sad. It’s all stage & their fans actually think it’s real.

  • MsKnowItAll

    Danmet! I missed it..

  • Isis

    Im feeling Janay, and Melanie gets two thumbs down for the stunts she tried to pull. WHy did she feel the need to go over to the table? fail!
    Also I miss the laugh track.

  • foxy lady

    Kelly needs to b wrote out of this because as far as I’m concerned Tasha owes her a good as whipping and I wannan see her get it. Why do they let these white girls come and get so comfortable with the sisters. They need to stay in their “white girls lane” and stay low keyed. The same goes for Kim in the RHOA!!!

  • tommykimon

    This episode was on point. I have a feeling that Derwin is going to hook up with Janay again at one point.

  • Sara

    I have never liked the character Janay. I have always thought she had a bad attitude.

    This episode she was trying to play the victim in my opinion. She blames Derwin for her position. I am so sick of women trying to blame the man when her situtation does not work out with her having the guy in the end. Just because you have a man’s child does not mean you will have the man in the end, this is not the 1950’s. Heck even then some women were left to be single mothers.

    Over all the story line for this season seems to be good. I just wish they would have wrote this baby mama crap out of the script

  • listen

    After last nites episode I’m wondering if their about to write Melanie off since in real life Tia Mouwry-Haddict it pregnant. I felt some strong chemistry between Derwin and Janay, it almost seem like he wanted to kiss Janay, but I could be wrong, but hey the show is getting better because I was starting to think that we weren’t going to see a 5th season.

  • I am, you are, we are BLACK HISTORY!

    not that Derwin dissed his WIFE to his BM. smh

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