SMH: Gilbert Arenas And Laura Govan Playing He-Said-She-Said

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, this “fake divorce” drama is still going on with that shady Laura Govan and dumba$$ Gilbert Arenas:

With Laura Govan making her split from Gilbert Arenas official with court papers (served to him courtside at an Orlando Magic game last week), a few more tantalizing details have emerged from what could be a very expensive breakup.

According to a copy of the child custody and support request the ex-Wizard’s ex-fiancee filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Govan is seeking $1.3 million a year to support her three children by Arenas and their fourth due in June. In making her case, she describes some highlights of what was allegedly a very luxurious life they enjoyed together:

* Her engagement ring cost $1 million.

* Arenas gave her an American Express black card “on which I would charge whatever I wanted with no questions asked.”

* She routinely spent $8,000 a month on clothes for the kids “from the finest stores,” because Arenas encouraged her to do so.

* They spent $10,000 taking the kids to Orlando water parks in 2010.

Arenas last weekend denied to the Associated Press his ex’s claim that she’s been cut off without funding since he left Washington, insisting that “she gets $20,000 a month.” Govan’s rep, in turn, reiterated to us this week that Govan has not received any support since November.

Another juicy detail from Govan’s filings: She has apparently switched lawyers. Last month, we obtained confidential notes from her conversations with L.A. firm Trope and Trope, which the lawyers said were inadvertently made public in an unrelated court docket. Whoops. When it came time to file the support claim, Govan had the work done by another L.A. legal shop, Phillips Lerner & Lauzon, documents show. Govan’s rep declined to comment about the switch.

Wait a minute, last time we checked…these motherfuggas were never even married!!!


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  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    $1.3 million a year to support her three children by Arenas

    It’s CHILD support not BABY MOMMA support you Chuck E. Cheese Rat Face B*tch!!!

    My goodness, these Hoes and their outrageous demands…

    AND the fourth kid might be Shaq’s, SMMFH…

    • I can't STAN!

      Word, man! Single moms been supportin they kids for much less…this bytch is grubbin. Shaq better lawyer up to.

    • Sara

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      She should get the money some women who have one baby by a guy gets almost that much. Four kids is a lot and they look young. Wow there is a long road ahead for him. He should have thought about that before making 4 kids.

  • Nana


  • Danika

    Gilbert, HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS! If she was still receiving support, you think she’d have her business “on blast”! SHE’S PREGNANT! JESUS CHRIST!

    • Deedee_404

      Here fidelity has been questioned in the past, so her being pregnant doesn’t really hold water.

  • It's Me

    Keep the pressure on him baby so he can’t focus on the game!!

    • ReailtyCheck

      Ion know about that..if he can’t focus on the game, he can’t get paid..he doesn’t get paid, neither will she

  • It's Me

    how can she spend 1.3 million a year on 3 soon to be 4 kids? the judge needs to come down from the bench and slap this h0e!

    • FaReelDoe

      You’re right. Child support is for the children. But ummm… did you read that PARTIAL LIST of expenses? That what HIS CHILDREN are used to. What? Is the children’s lifestyle supposed to suffer or decline because they don’t LIVE with their father anymore? It’s not their fault. The money will be used to CONTINUE taking care of them the way they’ve ALWAYS been taken care of. So what if the ex benefits from it GET THE EFF OVER IT -That’s life. Why would he want to begrudge his childen what they had to spite HER? Wealthy men KILL me with that shit. Always want to short-change their OWN child to spite the woman. SMH

    • Deedee_404

      To this day I do not understand why more athletes don’t just fight their exes for custody. If it is gonna cost you 1/4 of your paycheck to raise the child outside your home, you might as well bring in adequate help and raise the child in your home

  • I just don't know?

    LOL…this some funny shit. AStleast she ain’t white…I don’t think….lol. he should have married his high school or freshmen sweetheart!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Drop it like it’s mf hot!

  • chicot

    I can’t stand her and her felon sister. But I have no sympathy for Gilbert.
    Why do these kneegros shack up with these skanks who have nothing going for them except being human xerox machines? At least Shaunie had a career in PR with Fox Studios. I hope she takes Gilbert to the cleaners. Serves him right for his poor baby-mama choice!

    • foxy lady

      And she has a career also. They shack up with these women and make these babies because they are the ones who is the stanks also!!! It takes one to know one. So the man is just as stanky as the woman. People wannan blame the woman all the time, but the man is just as wrong and guilty as the woman!!!!

    • miamac

      It’s not necessarily a blaming game but US WOMEN are the carriers. These fools can’t treat us like fools unless we allow it! Let’s keep it real, those children DO NOT need $1.3 in child support to live and live comfortably. If she wanted legal rights to his finances she should have kept her legs shut and made him put a ring on it. But women (most) put the doggone cart before the horse and when the horse doesn’t want to gallop anymore they become to lazy and triffling to push the cart themselves. I wish judges would not allow women who ‘choose’ to shack up and have babies to trap their men to get large child support settlements. Teach their behinds a lesson to go into it the right way.

  • Smart Brother

    $he got him real good!

  • MzFitt

    He’s an IDIOT…4 kids!

  • ginobli

    get the hell outta here

  • SupaBadBytch

    LOOK @ dem kidz clothez…dont look like da bytch spent 3 dollaz on em,da lil girl hair anit even comb’d!

  • Matix B

    All Gold Diggers Must bury their holes before they decompos…. dirty slore…



    Thank You these muthaf*ckas act like Gilbert should keep living the high life while his children relocate to the projects. GTFOH. If you don’t want a “babymama” living good of your money don’t make anyone a “babymama”.

  • foxy lady

    She knew what he was doing and so did he. So what does that make him??? Don’t try to just blame her!

  • Powertothepeople

    You would think by now these athletes would learn to use a condom. You know the gold diggers aren’t going to make you because it will ruin their plans.

  • Bren

    biitch get a job and close your legs!! groupee

    • wisdom2

      Why are you calling her names….He’s the one who loosing money.

      He choose to s$x her up and knock her up…..AND KEPT GOING BACK…THIS IS NOT THEIR FIRST BREAK-UP!


  • I See Phonies from a Mile Away

    HA HA

  • RosieDD

    She looks like one of the flying monkeys from ‘The Wiz’.

  • chocolate

    She should get the money some women who have one baby by a guy gets almost that much. Four kids is a lot and they look young. Wow there is a long road ahead for him. He should have thought about that before making 4 kids.

  • Deedee_404

    The max she should get is 200k a year. She got 2 degrees on Gilbert’s money. Make her use them to make the rest of the money

  • jazzy

    Wow! Tell us how you really feel.

  • Skoopes

    For real, get your own? Really? When people choose to break up, that’s what happens. Sorry. Now the lavish vacations will be spent w/daddy and mommy won’t be there. Separate, but equal. She won’t be in the dog house by any means, But her lifestyle, will and deserves to change. What he makes has no bearing on what she needs to do to take care of her kids properly. She should be fighting to keep the man in da home, not get rich at her kids expense. Think before you type

  • http://saynaw Dylan, Dylan & Dylan...I spits Hot Fire!!!

    I actually think that’s a fair amount to request. so what, serves his black tale right. maybe now he’ll think deep before he leaps

  • Fivestarr

    Well if he hated her so…..but just had 2 keep diggin in why not wear a condom? He set himself up 4 dis disaster so in da end he da one end up f*cked! HaHaHa! And is it jus me or isn’t dat one kid black as hell…..I mean she is darker than him & her who dat kids Pa?

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