Twitter Files: Star Jones Claps Back At NeNe With Classy, Obvious Subliminals

- By Bossip Staff

NeNe must have forgotten she was out of her arena when she tried to go at Star Jones.

And now she has her response… Which Star swears won’t start drama… but anything NeNe touches is drama-filled. So here goes round… we really haven’t been paying that much attention, so we’ll say 3.

But let’s not forget: Star Jones grew up in Jersey. Which means she has at least one relative willing to take it there with NeNe. Enter Star’s sister Sheila.

We have no doubt that if this were an actual fight in the hood, Star and her people would win. But here’s how Ms. Jones is winning now: while NeNe is out there looking like the Queen Hoodrat, Star is raising awareness to a good cause.

Flip the page to see how.

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  • Nana

    I really don’t appreciate u calling Nene a Moose…lol

    • Girlllllplease

      Nene…is that you? Dont worry about it girl. You’re not a moose, but you do act like an animal. Problem solved.

  • 504_MsGV

    That right Star! Get em’

  • Sara

    King1 you know what’s up fam lol. And these are things women do day to day. We go thru hell to make women happy NICE NEWS !
    My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-

  • courtney

    Dammit if NeNe doesnt look like bullwinkle. lmao..

    sombody called her a not one for talkin about people but that made me laugh.

  • yahyah

    Nene=FAIL I’m disgusted by her as a person but I guess the rest of America loves it ugh throw up

  • Courtney

    Nice Star. That’s how you respond like a lady. Just let Nene keep running her mouth and look like the fool she is.

  • uguess


  • Nikki

    Only a hoodrat would think that there is any quality to NeNe, she is the epidemy of an ignorant hoodrat, its one thing to speak your mind, its another to be plain ignorant.

    • lisa

      You are so right about Nene. I guess when she signed on to RHOA they told her she had to play the loud ghetto black women well she sure is playing her part. I’m just glad there are people out there that knows Nene doesn’t represent all black women.

  • UPTStunta

    NeNe look like walrus!

  • grantwriter

    Thats prob why shes not claiming to know Phadera. They came from the same place and Phadera is worth 12 milli all from her own hard work. Nene didn’t even go to college. #Undeducatedbafoone.

    • aboveitall

      Neither did the Kardashians and they getting paid in the millions. You have no point? Welcome to 2011 America…college degress are no guarantees these days. You better be more creative than that or you will be still paying student loans 10 years from now and still struggling. Nene is smart and creative and she’s taking all the way to the bank…it’s not about degrees and acting uppity. Open your eyes to the world today.

    • Anchal

      When you are unrighteosly judged because of idiots like NENE, Drug dealers, rappers and the whole group of blacks that give the remainder of us upstanding, respectable black citizens a bad name, then you may speak. Being ghetto and acting like animals gets us nowhere. You may say..”get that money” but what are you trading that money in for? We as a whole group of blacks are stereotyped as LOUD, ANGRY, MONEY HUNGRY and IRRESPONSIBLE. If think these stereotypes are silly, think again. Stereotypes are there for a reason. There needs to be a higher standard to which all can achieve.
      P.S.> I say black because not all blacks in America are African American. There are Haitians, Dominicans, Africans, South Americans that represent the black race in America.

  • Jane

    two black women on national television teaching our youngins how to treat one another. ugh..

  • Chaka1


    Both these 40+ ladies really need to sit down.

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    Two Black Women on national tv? Its more like One Black well versed Attorney and former talk show host verses One Bitter Loud Mouth Miserable Nicca on national tv! Please don’t allow Reality shows 2 be the blueprint of what a real lady should be like for your kids!

  • Miss Aj

    Co-sign with Fly Gurl

  • sheshe

    Happy Black history month? I think not. We need to do better. SMH

    • aboveitall

      Speak for yourselves. I think Nene is a testament to what America is today. It’s about being who you are and being creative that will get you where you want to be. Everyone can’t afford college and college degrees are not guaranteed success. Black folks need to start thinking like Nene and stop trying to act uppity to please people…it’s getting us nowhere.

    • ready3335

      @aboveitall, that’s the problem with the world today. People like you co-signign and condoning the hoodness that is NeNe. What do you mean stop acting uppidy to please people? So getting an education to better yourself and doing hard honest work is acting uppidy. I think the problem is too many people want the easy way out. It’s not being creative to get on TV and constantly show your a**. I think the problem may be that too many black people are starting to think like NeNe and that in turn is what’s getting us nowhere. JMO

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood



    “CAN’T we ALL just GET aLONG??” SHEESH! SMH!

  • gigglgal215

    Nene is Omarosa’s clone! Omarosa thought that bullying and acting like a fool would make her famous. WRONG!!Too bad Omarosie only had 3 min. of fame and she used 2.5 mins of that begging Donald Trump for a second chance. She was fired from the Apprentice,rehired for ultimate merger and now forgotten about. Don’t follow the wrong path Nene!

  • BaDDest BiTch On The PlaNet

    @ giggiga1215 ChurCh

  • JuzPeachy

    @Nikki…it’s really not a good look to bad mouth somebody and ATTEMPT to use a big word. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

  • dcmbklyn

    @RosieDD LOL

  • Mensa

    Good for Star! She handled that like an adult – I especially liked the comments about not having to behave a rat to make a point and how she didn’t have to straddle a pole to get attn. Good one!

  • aboveitall

    I agree.

  • aboveitall

    If Nene is trash, so are all the other white women on tv who brings the trash and get paid. Why are black Americans so paranoid about image? be yourself and you will get respect. No other race of people care what we think about them. People come in all types of personalities. This is American tv, drama sells, trash sells, Bourgie don’t! Nene is a genius, she knows if she stay true to herself and keep it real she will make it. It’s not all about college degrees and being bourgie that’s going to get you anywhere these days, it’s about keeping your hustle on or you will get left behind still trying to act cute and uppity.

  • Twiggy


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