Justin Bieber: “I’ve Been A Skilled Musician Since I Was A Baby… The Industry Didn’t Make Me”

- By Bossip Staff

Justin Bieber came in with a hit song and hit the ground running at full speed and he’s now slowing down anytime soon. With the release of new 3D documentary about his life — “Never Say Never”, Justin Bieber wants the world in on exactly who he is…

In a recent interview with MTV, Justin explains that he is filled with actual real talent and the industry didn’t package and ship him off:

“People didn’t really know,” Justin explained, “they didn’t understand that I’ve been playing music ever since I was born and it’s always been in me. And this movie is really going to show that I’m not just some packaged thing that some A&R put together. It was actually just me living my dream and just making music.”

“Fans will be really excited to see that I’m just a regular 16-year-old having fun, just living my dream,” he said. “And it’s possible for anyone to live theirs.”

Do you think he’s getting robbed of his childhood or he is genuinely able to live his life to the fullest unlike other child stars???

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  • Leelee

    Gosh I really don’t like this kid

  • kim

    You know what i find funny? Its mostly grown arse men hating him. Why? Are you threatened by a boy? Soooo uuuun attractive. Who cares if he can sing or not??? The fact still remains that you still hate him. A kid! Grown men acting like that is wack

  • jacky

    White and asian girls love these white men and boys who look like girls.Why you think twillight is so popular? Easest way to get ritch today is getting a white boy who looks like a girl on youtube and premote the hell out of him. You will be sleeping in thousands of 1 hundred bills in no time

  • jacky


  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    the industry didnt make him but they sure are playing him out

  • if anything be noble

    Could be wrong but Luda looks like he might be having a little more fun than Justin.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Dear Justin Bieber stfu. Sincerely anyone over the age of 11.

  • Courtney

    Damn, people. Let this little boy live his dream.

  • CeCe

    you know that’s right!

  • ThatBKChick

    Well if that’s true, why is the Dream aka the Nightmare and C-Milli fighting over your royalties…Come on son give it a rest with the extra’s.

  • likostar

    White Supremacy Rocks!!!

  • whatisthat

    it appears that this young boy really love to perform and do music..and he is really talented and humble..not packaged up like brittany spears,miley cyrus,the backstreet boys..etc..you really ahve to have heart to last in this business..he will be around for a while..

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