Catch Fade: Jamie Foxx Seen Scrapping With A Random Dude At Usher Performance

- By Bossip Staff


Who knew sitting down to see Usher perform could be so dangerous? According to an eyewitness, Jamie Foxx was hanging out at Avalon Hollywood for the Belvedere Red Special Edition Launch Party, when a man came over and started a fight with the Oscar winning actor!

The insider tells OK! that Jamie was sitting at a table with pal Jermaine Dupri around midnight, chatting and enjoying a performance by Usher, when a man approached their table. He and Jamie spoke for awhile, when “all of a sudden, the man socked Jamie,” reports the eyewitness.

“He proceeded to start tackling Jaime onto the ground and a full on fight broke out between them. Jermaine was trying to get the guy off of Jaime with about five other men helping,” adds the spy.

Partygoers tell OK! that it was “a big mess,” and eventually the man was pulled off of Jamie and kicked out of the venue. The actor was then escorted safely out of the club by his security team. The whole time, Jermaine played the part of a good pal, trying to stop the fight and help Jamie.

Man, when will we learn to just get along, SMH.

Images from the event below:


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  • Nana

    We all know Jamie’s not a Punk… Now Plies….that’s a different story!

    I heard a story about jamie and some goons a while back wit Plies runnin 2 hide in the bathroom n sh!t…

    He has a lot 2 loose, ope he gets it together next time n walk away!

    I smell an oscar comin his way after this!

    • Sara

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      You must’ve never seen the pic where Plies was @ a club with his shirt off and Jamie in the background looking @ Plies holding his nuts like he wanna f@ck. That pic proved to me that Jamie was gay as hell.

    • Kyra

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  • RMEs

    He tackled Jamie onto the ground with his security team right there…c’mon now, I don’t believe this story at all! But LOL @ Nana wit Plies runnin in the bathroom!

  • Nana

    Mya looks like Sade here!!!!

    Kelly price I see u with that bird nest on ur head…u go gal

  • killo jugs

    saw this on tmz. Damn those people are racist as fuk




  • 504_MsGV

    What they were fighting for…

    • UM

      Jamie gave him HIV.

  • FTW


  • himdownstairs

    DAMN! Adrienne Bailon, Cheryl Burke and Jenny McCarthy STAY chasing black d!ck! You ALWAYS see them at the Black events. Kelly Price…

  • P.S. IDIOT

    Lovers sometimes quarrel in public.

  • ashdawg26

    It was a lovers quarrel. LOL!!!

  • uuum

    Jaime got crack hands, like he be holding the pipe

  • ummmm

    Jaime got crack Head hands….looks like he be holding the pipe

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    its the comments people made on the website

  • honeybee

    @ Nana, I don’t blame Plies for running cause Jamie was trying to get his booty. You must’ve never seen the pic where Plies was @ a club with his shirt off and Jamie in the background looking @ Plies holding his nuts like he wanna f@ck. That pic proved to me that Jamie was gay as hell.


    Maybe that dude started a fight with Jamie, cuz Jamie was giving up the butt to dudes boyfriend.

  • himdownstairs

    @Kyra and Sara: Ya’ll two need help. Srsly. Ya’ll are learning disabled or something to keep posting the same sh!t all the time and copying other people’s comments. I really hope you get the help you need. There are pills for that kind of thing.

  • whatisthat

    what is Jermaine dupri going to do? he stands at 4″8..all he could do is call for security and take a seat..seems that jamie had some dirty dealing with some random chick and her man was not having to no oscar winner..i love jamie and need to slow his roll in whatever he has done..

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