Dayuuuuuuum!! Aretha Franklin Is Half The Woman She Used To Be

- By Bossip Staff

Aretha Franklin made her official come back from Mysterious Illness-ville this weekend.

First she popped up at the Pistons vs. Heat game in the Motor City. Then she appeared on the Grammy Awards last night via satellite to thank J-Hud and ’em for her live tribute.

We told y’all the “mystery illness” was weight loss surgery.

Hopefully, since her Grammy outfit was also one of the looks for a Jet Magazine photo shoot, we’ll know all the details soon.

More before and after pics below.


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  • Msvlicious

    Glad To See Ms. Aretha Doing Well…..

    • kalifa

      hope her Ego gets cut in half too…. 😩

  • da man

    Tig ol bitties

  • LaTanya

    I’m a Detroit girl so there is no way I’m throwing shade at the Queen. But it’s still possible that it could have been cancer. My grandmother was the same way she was losing weight and we didn’t know why because she still looked healthy. When she went to the doctor that’s when we found out that it was cancer. Unfortunately it was to late for my grandmother but maybe not for the Queen. Whether it was cancer or weight loss surgery I wish Aretha nothing but the best and she did look great!!!

    • Bruh Again

      to 7Lady…

      That pic is quite old, not like she just recently posed for it. Its already been ridiculed more than enough, so why all the rude/crude
      remarks n-o-w??? She seems
      to finally be trying to shed
      that image, so why not more
      positive reinforcement to offer?

  • xxbiggirlxx

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  • Nana

    I was tearing up when I saw her…..

    Damn…I wish this woman very well!!! It will break ma heart if somethin happens to her.

  • ItztheREal455

    This beautiful woman deserves LOVE & RESPECT! She is battling Cancer….so get it together BSSP cuz you’re on some straight BS! Cancer will make u drop more than a few pounds-Idiots!!

  • hmmmmmm*hunching shoulders*

    This headline is plain ignorant and disrespectful…if you’ve been following the REAL headlines you’d know that she’s battling cancer.

  • vera

    i know she was suppose to have pancreatic cancer and the removed a portion of her stomach. but im praying her weight loss is a healthy one.

  • vera

    but she doesnt look too bad.

  • Entoon

    I never understood why Mrs. Aretha had gotten so damn big anyway! to me that was the sign of sickness! she looks great and I pray her health is good! Just so glad she could have a tribute while still alive! Now she’s a LEGEND!!!

  • daahlingnikki

    There were several reports that stated that she didn’t have pancreatic cancer after her trip to the hospital…hence the mystery…but best wishes to her in whatever form of recovery she is going through…

    • Soul Touch


  • ch

    Don’t be mean.She might have cancer or some other serious illness.We don’t know what life holds for us or our loved ones.

  • *Mrs.Trevino*

    I don*t like her new look. Her head looks small and she still looks sick to me. If she got lypo, she should have gotten a brest reduction too.

  • It's Me

    That is good she dropped the weight. I hope she continues to get well and beat the odds…

  • Amc

    It looks like she had something done. If you check out her neck you will see how shrunken it looks. Thats one of the setbacks of doing that surgery.

  • Shizzaaam

    Well good for her!

  • Still A Fan of Her Music

    I hope Re-re is not sick but if this is due to weight loss surgery, then I don’t like it. A healthy weight loss plan works, a surgery to lose weight is NOT the answer. And now she looks older than she ever did before!! All weight loss is good but I hope she didn’t choose the surgical way of doing it.

  • cotton124

    Nice to see her doing well.

  • http://saynaw Dylan, Dylan & Dylan...I spits Hot Fire!!!

    7lady, you’re comment was beyond ignorant. get off this site -you freaking hoodrat gutter bucket

  • Soul Touch

    She looks good, glad to see her weight under control…hard to believe how anyone could allow things to get that out of order.

    She denied having cancer by the way, but whatever the complications I wish her all the best.

  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    I`m happy for Ms. Aretha that she is is the road to recovery and better health ! LEGEND IN THE GAME GOT TO RESPECT MY ELDERS !

    I`ma go to another thread and get my clown on cuz this aint the one to do that !

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Now that we’ve lost some weight…
    let’s get some clothes that fit.
    It seems that either those awful dresses are too little or too big.

  • afro british

    God bless the Queen, and may she continue to Reign.

    • Wendy

      I’m with you, and the Queen look great!!!


    I hope u know aretha was born in Memphis. she was raised in detroit. Aretha is not a true detroit native boo.

  • chantel

    go aretha! im happy she is getting healrhty. Im glad she lost her weight and is covering up her chest. I think its extremely inappropriate for a woman her age to have had her chest hanging out of that dress like that. she need to fire or take a closer look at the people she keeps around her. obviously they dont have her best interest in mind, you would catch patti like that.

    • chantel

      typo, i meant you WOULD NOT catch patti la belle like that.

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