Ms. Magenta Lipstick Don’t Play

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Maverna Theresa Turay, a recent graduate of the Al Green School of Revenge, scalds her spouse’s loins:

Authorities say Turay boiled the water and threw it on her husband’s groin while he slept. He sustained second degree burns and ran out of the house screaming while a relative called 911, according to a sheriff’s report. The man was flown to a Tampa hospital for treatment. The report says Turay did not give a reason for pouring the water on her husband, but said she had been drinking alcohol, according to the Associated Press.

It’s irrelevant that she was slizzard because he probably had it coming. We bet those same loins were burning all up under some other broad long before she got to it with that water. That’ll teach him. SMH

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  • Lacombe Redbone (Creole by default)

    She looks GORGEOUS!!!!!lmao

  • Lena


  • Ms. Loud Mouth

    Dammit Lacombe Redbone!!!!!

  • Re

    Don’t scald it! How are you going to use it later?

    Typical old lady lipstick….but why is she laughing, LOL!

  • Re

    She has a bad case of jaundice…maybe she was high?

  • Wordz Of a Prophet (Lord, let there be a DELIVERANCE)

    TOP 10

    she looked at his d!ck and said “Lazarus”

    it didnt rise so she got da water

  • Ms Cinnamon 08

    Ha-Ha!! That title cracks me up-Ms. Magenta Lipstick!! LMAO!

  • Re

    I see she’s been taking tips from ole Florida Evans…that hair….and smile….


  • Lyte Bright


    i would have used boiling hot grits…..

    his old ass probably was cheating on her….

    LMAO…. props to the lady for gettin hers….

  • 6 Figgaz

    N*gga lucky this crazy trick didn’t pull a Lorena Bobbitt on his piece…

    Nik: Looks like someone’s tryin’ to cut my grass ma… you know who – I’ll give ‘im a pass cause he don’t know ’bout you an’ me…

  • Re

    Her teeth are the same color as those eyes….

  • Vee

    Wassup y’all. Wow- ol’ boy must’ve been actin a fool. I dont know why he’d play with a woman who looks like THIS: clearly she’s a few pancakes short of a stack. Can u say OUCH? LOL

  • Re

    I wonder if she was about to make something for dinner? Or does she have boiling water readily available for usage….

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "The presence of the clock gave birth to the notion that time lies outside our bodies" When you study Egypt you'll see the truth written by the Masters)

    Bejesus!!!! It aint nothing like woman scorn

  • Al-Anon

    She wasn’t really serious about hurting him. She just wanted to make sure that HE UNDERSTOOD. That was just a little love tap. They’ll make up and be lovey-dovey tomorrow.

    If she was REALLY serious about hurting him, she would have used GASOLINE!! Great balls of fire!!!

  • Aunt Viv

    Whoa! And she made effort to put on lipstick before taking her mugshot. She could have used some concealer around the eyes, waxed her eyebrows, a comb…

  • Kim

    Poor Man! Crazy woman!

  • September Chick

    and she has the nerve to actually smile for this mugshot…*lol*

  • Hot Sauce

    old azz hoodho like this needs to die. Put her azz to sleep.

  • Dr. Winkie


    but if she gonna go down, she might as well go down looking good and well-presented.

  • Lady elle


  • Creole Baby Don't Got Rolls - He Got Biscuits Bebe

    a hot bowl of grits would have be so much more effective

  • realwoman

    Love the fro HATE that evil smile. Not that it makes the act any better but her reason for doing that was WACK!

    Again why is her NATURAL (yes not permed and smelling like a fart or burnt sh!t) hair seem to bother some of you MORE than her actual crime of harming a poor defenseless penis? Seh maybe coulda picked it out a lil more but AT LEAST IT IS HERS AND IT IS THE HAIR OF A BLACK WOMAN.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    When I see that picture I know her last words before the hot water flew was “Damn, damn, damn!!!”

  • Book Worm

    That picture is classic.

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