Kush Chronic-les Valentine’s Day Edition: Is Cheating On Your Girlfriend With Mary Jane Affecting Your Sex Life

- By Bossip Staff

Although those that partake in the herbage say that sex is more intense when under the influence, science has done some research that proves otherwise…

Marijuana users sometimes report that pot enhances their desire for sex. But a new review of research on marijuana and sexual health suggests that male smokers could be courting sexual dysfunction.

Sex and Drugs

Scientists first began to study marijuana and sex in the 1970s. Some researchers found that cannabis seemed to have the effect of a love drug; in one 1982 study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 75 percent of male pot smokers said the drug enhanced their sex lives. Meanwhile, another study published in the same journal the same year found that erectile dysfunction was twice as common in marijuana users – not such good news for lit lotharios. Other research suggests a dose effect, in which small amounts of marijuana have little impact on sexual dysfunction, but more marijuana makes for fewer erections…

Men and Marijuana

Marijuana use is widespread, especially among men at their sexual peak in life, Shamloul said. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports that 162 million people worldwide use marijuana each year. More than 22 million use it daily. That makes understanding long-term effects important, Shamloul said.

Fellas, would you say the that the purple piff is puttin a cramp in your pipe game?

Ladies, if your man answered this survey, is he lying????

Let us know!


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  • kg

    lame. of course its not cheating clowns.

    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      Tobacco didn’t cause cancer until the white man added over 5000 additives to it…I’m just saying. Smoking weed used to be an aphrodisiac but now its messing up a brotha’s ability to bump and grind? D@mn.

    • Kyra

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  • daisy jay

    How do you cheat on a girl with a plant.

    I don’t smoke and I never will, but I find it funny how they didn’t ask women the same question. Trust me, there are women who smoke alllll the time.

    I could never be with a smoker. That’s just…ugh. No.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER, BUUUDDDAAATTT!!!

    This is for white boys….blk men don’t have erectile dysfunction from Kush GTFOH!!

    • KansasCityMoZo

      Trust me I swear before yals God that I smoke on a daily bases at least 3 blunts daily and weed has never, EVER affected me gettin up, in fact I AGREE with the concept of some strands being afrodegiac(knowspellingprobablyoff) and you could ask my girl and she’a vouch for me, it keeps u numb to help for longer lasting and sometimes keeps u hard I swear on my life these are the only affects I’ve noticed, been consistant blower for 6 years now everyday since 18 ive smoked and u wouldn’t know unless I told u, or u smelled it, whichever’s first.

  • Tinky

    It definitely causes problems. I have ended 2 relationships due to excessive MJ use and let me tell you its not cute when your dude can’t get it up because he’s been smoking too much.

  • lysa

    It is so true. My ex didnt want to believe that all that weed was the problem. I tried to tell him. I guess thats why hes my ex!!!

    • MacMoon

      Your trashy mouth and puzzy was probably the problem!

  • daisy jay

    I just wanna know what’s up with the white chick licking leaves. Like that sh!t is attractive or something.

  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    Too much weed causing erectile dysfunction? What the hell are people smoking nowadays? I heard about all these “designer” weeds with the fancy names being pumped with all kinds of foreign substances. Tobacco didn’t cause cancer until the white man added over 5000 additives to it…I’m just saying. Smoking weed used to be an aphrodisiac but now its messing up a brotha’s ability to bump and grind? D@mn.

  • Do more reading

    Owwwww A “man eater” Love to hear that.HA. I find that weed DOES make women open up and relax alot more. But it also sometimes makes them lazy and they just wonna lay there. There are worse thing out there that u could smoke…

  • MickeyStyles

    Green effects some people differently.

    Sometimes green can make you paranoid, shaky and anxious.

    During these times you shouldn’t be trying to have sex.

  • d.

    It makes me sleepy.

  • AGisaFIEND

    YES, FROM A FEMALE WHO DATED A POTHEAD FOR YEARS—-HE HAD WEIRD times where he could get it up for a few weeks then not get it up for months at a time—he smoked a blunt or two a day! EVERYDAY!

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