Drake’s Message To President Obama About His Weed Habit And Talks “Leaving Young Money!” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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We caught up with Drake at the Cash Money Party prior to the Grammys and asked him a few questions.

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  • Hannibal


    • mvb

      “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people

      😛 😛 😛 ~~~Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M~~~
      The most successful interra-cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your swee t “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too lon g for you !!

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      GO OBAMA 2012

  • JaZzIe91

    Damn I was hoping the rumor was true. My boo could do better than Young Money. He needs to be with a more sophisticated, non-ghetto group like Roc Nation. He could do big things there. LOL

    • Scratch

      You can see the Jew side in his face in that photo. You can kind of see how he gonna look in a couple of years. Like old man Rubinstein. That’s your boo though. Black woman fall for anything with status and a dollar attached to it. He look like a Jewish rabbi.

    • JaZzIe91

      Just because you don’t find Drake attractive doesn’t mean other people don’t. And it has nothing to do with his money. SMH

  • Josh

    lol damn drake you should hit up hair club for men before that male pattern baldness is in full effect


    @hannibal… F#%K Sarah Palin!!

  • yoooo

    Drake’s intellect relative to the other people he be around makes him attractive..

    • RMEs

      I know he is probably hanging with them for a means to an end but it would pain me to have to be around that foolishness. Then again, I’m not willing to do anything for $.

  • mstrice

    He’s doing big things with Young Money & he had the oppurtunity to sign with whatever lable he wanted to & HE chose Young Money that same non sophisticated ghetto group been riding with him since day one I remember Wayne bringing him out at one of his concerts a long time ago waaay b4 he blew up

    • JaZzIe91

      I know he’s doing big things where he’s at. I’m just saying it doesn’t seem like he fits in with Young Money (talent wise or intelligence wise). But he likes it there so thats all that matters.


    he um’s alot. but good for him hes doing good.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....LET'S STOP THE STUPIDITY IN 2011

    So he does blaze. Anyhoo, he seems happy and contented so good for him. I still believe he is older than 24 though.

    • Jahi

      I do agree with you about his age. I think Drake is older than 24 because he looks like he is in his 30’s. If he is actually 24, then he needs to lay off the weed because he definitely looks old. Just think what he will look like when he is in his 30’s. Sheesh…dude isn’t all that cute now, but he won’t be cute at all later.

  • It's Me

    Drake will not bite the hand that started him! That’s loyalty right there. They are taking care of him so he stays true to them. Far as the weed, glad he showed respect to the President!!! Dat what up!

  • brandon

    So Drake, how does it feel to lost to a REAL music artist like Esperandza Spalding for best new artist? Exactly! Haha, oh and Justin “My Nuts Haven’t Dropped Yet” Bieber was snubbed as well. I don’t care cuz Esperandza won!

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      Hey I am from Portland and when I seen Drake and Justins
      face it was funnie…..

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      GO……….Esperandza Spalding Your the Queen now

  • d.

    He should leave.

  • 233rd whiteplains

    cash money aint no fools . The SMART older brither SLIM already cut that big check for the second go round of Drake on cash money records. Why would he leave a team that pays him CASH MONEY ( suit case sizes to ghost write and then he goes platinum on his own shiiit. Drake is feels like part of the family overthere. he’s set

    • d.

      Because at this point he can make more money on his own. He can cut his own checks. At the end of the day it’s about being independent, not saying that he shouldn’t be thankful for the opportunity that was given to him. Baby & Slim made their money, it was a win win for everyone. He would have more opportunties doing his own thang.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    If I didnt think about his face when I heard him, I might listen to his music and what he has to say. Oh well.

  • thesaneone

    drake is smooth

  • leyla

    Clearly hes unhappy after the question. He doesnt like young money. I heard he gets bullied out of the money he deserves. Baby and googly eyed Slim are eating nice off these softies. Drake pays for his condo with tour money. He hasnt seen a dime from Thank Me Later.

  • clinique

    Why is everybody being like that? I like Drake but i remember that for all his “intelligence” and “sophistication” he chose to be around the “ghetto”ness of Young Money. Nicki did too. For all y’all know they could be every bit into that sleezy lifestyle as the rest of them. They probably keep it under wraps for the sake of their images.

    • ?

      What makes him intelligent? I don’t get it. What has he ever done to justify he is intelligent? Sure he wears a suit and acts normal but that’s because he was raised with affluence. His father was in the industry all ready making off money of the groups in the 70’s so he already had industry connects, that’s why he was an actor on T.V. in Canada first. In his music he talks about everything every other artist talks about. Mainly money, getting with groupies and even a little thuggery believe it or not. He just a product of a suburban up bringing which is nothing wrong with that. But that does not make him automatically intelligent. There’s many rappers who area lot more intelligent than him who don’t necessary have his image, they don’t get marketed as much. So tell me what make him intelligent? I’m waiting, maybe I missed something.

  • whatisthat

    i think that young puttin on a front for his so called boys at young money..cause he sold his soul to the devil with that nicki minaj..if they both left the label..it would not be young money..but no money records..drake was raised by a white woman in canada..you decide..

  • CeCe

    He’s lying its so obvious & until its final why in the hell would he tell anyone.

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      I said the same thing. He wont announce it until its final. U need more ppl for me to believe this.

  • whatisthat

    is drake now a us citizen..as far as his comment to our president..you have nothing to say until you are legal..the president is busy and other matters to be concern with..

  • Sydney

    Sweetie just leave Young Money! LEAVE! LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK! Go to Roc Nation!

  • jermain

    PSA!!!! Uh get a life all of u, and whoever that “real real talk” person is might be gay.

  • Gigi

    I need a biracial man. Half black half white cuz I need some good kids.

    • Phillyqt04

      That’s the most ignorant thing that I have heard today, u should be proud of who u are and not need another race to make u think ur kids are going to be beautiful, and this is coming from a biracial person. SMH blk people be proud of who u are! You are beautiful!

  • Phillyqt04

    Yay! Drizzy I’m so proud of u! SAY NO TO POT! I never smoked a day in my life and I’m glad Drake doesn’t either. There’s nothing wrong with weed, it’s natural, and I rather deal with a pot head than a crack head any day, but this shows u don’t have to do drugs to be creative. Coodoes Drizzy!

    • MacMoon

      He smokes u dumb bytch!

    • Phillyqt04

      IGNORANT PEOPLE always feel the need to insult people they don’t know, if he says he doesn’t smoke I’m gonna take his word for it, step up ur vocabulary and learn how to use ur words, but ignorance is bliss and u just proved that. Grow up!

  • Flake

    @Jason. He real lame for saying Jay Z and Kayne stole His and Wayne s idea to do an album together. The nerve of this guy. First of all that’s not intelligent. 2nd, How are you gonna be in the hip hop game and not even know there were way more people in the game before you came. That shows he’s just a clone of the art form. Plus I didn’t realize how soft and weak he was till I saw and interview were he sounded a little feminine. I’m mean he was winning like girl talking about how a N.Y> radio personality said he look like “a thumb with hair”, or when he said “this is a new track by that albino girl Drake” He was sounding real weak and soft talking about it. I was really surprised how weak he was acting not to mention how he self absorbed to the point he think he the only one who can make a collaborative album. That’s why hip hop has gone down the drain because artist like him don’t take time to respect what came before him. That’s why you have hip hop in the state it is today were people think this guy is the truth but in reality the underground circuit has real music with substance and meaning. Not like Drakes generic weak lines. Everyone else is shut out so people think this what hip hop really is. You get pounded everyday with the same music on the radio day in and day out and like sheep U follow.

  • shan

    hater central

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