Dog Loving Oprah Is About To Have A Heart To Heart With Convicted Dog Fighter Michael Vick

- By Bossip Staff

Oprah is pulling out all the moves for her final shows. She’s always looking for the next big thing that is going to keep her ratings over the edge, soooo… Why not bring on Michael Vick???

Last month, Michael Vick said he’d prefer an interview with Oprah Winfrey over CNN’s Piers Morgan.

This week, Oprah will make it happen.

The NFL star whose name became synonymous with dogfighting is scheduled to visit the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for an episode to air Thursday.

Officials with Chicago-based Harpo Productions say the interview will cover Vick’s time in prison, his work with the Humane Society and his return to the NFL.

Oprah is one of the biggest dog lovers in the world… we can only image how this conversation is going to go. This should be very interesting!!!un

How Many of You Will Tune in on Thursday???


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  • purple love

    Oprah I know white ppl give u most of your money but please stick by us on the 24th thanku

  • chickieboo

    yes please remove the picture of vick holding the dog i could only imagine what he did to that poor dog. oprah is gonna shred him to pieces!

    • Mrs. Rance

      That’s what I was thinking. I love Mike, but I couldn’t help but wonder what came of that puppy.

    • artiewhitefox

      Opera is going to see a changed man. Stop being negitive.

  • chickieboo

    and by the way michael vick was given a second chance and he should be forever grateful but i really believe that if he hadn’t been caught then he would still be abusing and electrocuting dogs

    • artiewhitefox

      Had God not come to die for us in the form of Jesus would we still be condemned to eternal death body, and soul? yes we would have. Jesus forgave those that killed him,and when we forgive, forgiving save your lost soul at the same time.
      To forgive is divine.

    • artiewhitefox

      Had God not come to die for us in the form of Jesus would we still be condemned to eternal death body, and soul? yes we would have. Jesus forgave those that killed him,and when you forgive will save your lost soul at the same time.
      To forgive is divine.

  • Orlando

    Mike, Beware of the large knife that will be stabbed into your back. She may even do a show on animal abuse the fowling day. Oprah is good at what she does…. at any cost. She even put her momma on blast knowing damn well she didnt want to be involved with her long lost sister.. let alone on TV

  • khloe

    I totally agree, if I could CUT him I would

  • Mrs. Rance

    Well alright!!!!! (as hubby’s country friend would say)

    I’m a proud Mike stan. I will definately be pinned to the TV for this interview. Oprah barley lets you get a work in edgewise, but she asks the hard questions. I’m interested to see how Mike handles himself.

  • Boondock Saint

    Dear Oprah,

    Sorry about the black man that caused you hurt. However, we are not all monsters. You’ve now trained your gun sights on a man who has served the same amount of time for his crime that a white cop got for shooting a black man in his back. It’s time to let it go, ok?

    I can’t say I’m sorry to see your anti-black man/hate-fest come to an end, but I’m sure you’ll find new, innovative ways do demean us.

    A brother who didn’t do nothing to you.

  • Boondock Saint

    Athletes and intellegence have never been known to be casual bedfellows.

  • Al

    Poor dogs going fighting…

  • if anything be noble

    @ Boondock, I don’t think athletes are naturally stupid, I just think we overdevelop their sports skills and undertrain their brain skills.

  • Toni

    This is to much for me! I have seen dog fighting since I was a little girl in front yards. Ok it’s illigal now and Vick did it and paid his dues for it in jail WTF leave it alone now!! And everthing that has beed claimed I don’t beleive was done!!!

  • Nita

    I will!

  • artiewhitefox

    People change by the power of forgiveness,and That power comes from outside of us.That power made the universe,and not enough of us tap into that power. That power can make this planet a place with out war,and jails too. That will save the soul, and make us ready for eternity when the maker of this universe makes all things new.
    That puppy has Gods spirit in him giving him life in his soul. All of us need that same forgiving spirit. what do you say?

  • artiewhitefox

    I don’t think the why he did it should be brought up. He wants to push those thoughts out of his mind. He wants to look to what is before him,and not what is behind.

  • artiewhitefox

    The one with the bad spirit is you. Get a good spirit,and good things will come out of you.

  • blackmale

    Will you people let it rest. Oh please! You just can stand to see him holding a dog. Some of you would just as well hit or spit on another human being and will show no kindness, but let someone stomp on a ant or swat a bee, then it on. Self righteous idiots. No one in this world is perfect. He did an injust against a species of animal, no less the most dangerous breed. A breed that I personally would wipe out if I could. Not justifying anything.:) But he also did the time behind bars because of it. He owes no one an apology. Not even Oprah almighty. GTFH!!!!

  • leyla

    LOL @ him trying do an interview with Oprah cuz shes a sister. I guarantee you Piers Morgan would be a whole lot nicer

  • Mc Hammer

    People on here are so ignorant, I seen someones post wheres looking at MV picture with a puppy make them cringe. Does it make them cringe when they see Ben Rotheilsberger picture with females cringe? That’s just food for thought, Mike Vick has paid his debt to society, and maybe dealing with his past is part of his healing process. Mike Vick comeback is second only to Christ!

  • prissa

    IMHO – He is the MOST HANDSOME BROTHER out there nowadays

  • don't ask

    You guys need to get over these dogs. Michael did his time and it’s over. I too am a dog lover but I believe he has changed. Let him prove himself. I bet you people who are criticizing him thought O.J. was not guilty and talked about how the Goldman family needed to get over the fact that their son and brother was dead. Oprah is going to tear Mike a new one because she is sly and will do anything to get ratings. The way that she did her mother on the show about her half sister was disgraceful. Clearly this elderly woman was uncomfortable talking her personal business on air. Mike would have probably done better letting Piers Morgan interview him. Michael is one handsome man. Whew!!!!

  • Whaaaat??

    I’m in! As usual, this should be a great Oprah interview.

  • JayJay

    so true.Oprah will try to slaughter him for ratings and some stupid support. he’s gonna regret it.

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