SMH: Rihanna Stole That Whole “S&M” Video Concept From Someone With More Dough Than Her

- By Bossip Staff

Not only could Rih Rih not come up with the lyrics to “S&M” on her own – shouts to young Ester Dean and the song’s other writers – she had to heavily borrow the concept for the video from famous photog David LaChapelle too.

And he wants his cut of the profits.

LaChapelle, who has shot celebrities for magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ and Vanity Fair, said “the music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works.”
Rihanna, 22, has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and dominated music charts in the U.S. with singles such as “Umbrella” and “What’s My Name.” The single “S&M”, however, has fizzled on the charts, and the video has been banned in some countries for its sexual content.

In the suit, LaChapelle said Rihanna had appropriated eight of his images into the video, such as a shot where she is shown in profile against a blue background with a piece of candy on her tongue.
LaChapelle said Rihanna’s video copied the “composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colors, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting” of his work.

He is suing for unspecified damages.

Countdown to the out of court settlement starts now…


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  • thatswutuget

    That’s wut she get. I can’t stand her tacky wanna be the victim a$s. She gonna be paying him for life cause everybody knows she gets nothing from record sells cause she didn’t read the fine print.


      And Esther also wrote Rude Boy!

      people keep forgetting that rihanna is non-talentend cuz of her beauty. but hei thats all you need these days

  • Nikki

    Do you b*tches have a copy of Rihanna”s contract? You don’t know what the f*ck she makes, you b*tches kill me. Whatever she makes @22 is probably 10 times more than you all will ever make in your lives.

    • trema


  • Nana

    She might be better n have more than YOU @nikki but not me!! So speak for urself biaaaatch

  • purple love

    NaNa y u snappin all early?

  • brooklyn hampshire

    I really can’t stand her anymore can’t she moved back home or to Europe, why is the us home to all the trash?

  • ThatBKChick

    I am honest to God am tired of this chick looking like a bloody red tampon…….SMDH!!!!

  • momo

    I’ve seen his works its not even inspired. Its like STRAIGHT UP SWAGGER JACKED being the “creative” “different” “stylish” person rihanna so called is she should have thought up something herself. O wait she CAN’T!

  • Brownie

    Unfortunately, I think Ester Dean is another one of those artists that will just be a great songwriter but never do well as an artist.

    But if she really wrote all those songs, she’s talented. I like her voice

  • honey

    Oh my it would be something if he sued for $50 to $100 mil.

  • Deedee_404

    I don’t understand the whole hoopla over artists not writing their own work. Celine Dion doesn’t write her own songs. Neither does Janet Jackson. For year Babyface wrote songs for TLC, Usher, Toni Braxton,Boyz II Men, Mary J Blige and himself. Aalyiah, Gina Thompson, Total, Nicole Wray, Ginuwine, Jodeci, and Tweet have all benefitted from the writing talents of Missy Elliot. Just because you can perform it doesn’t make you a writer.

    • thegreatness

      everyone you have listed can actually dance or SING! she can not do any of those things. I think that what people are concerned about.


    Please don’t bring CB on this post. It’s clear he took inspiration from MJ’s cover but they don’t look exactly alike, I don’t think he would have an issue to admit that.
    Plus, a picture is way different from 6 to 7 pictures from the same magazine.

  • Aztec Queen

    They should all be sued. They all profited from David Lachapelles ideas

  • daisy jay


    You guys thought this chick was original?

    Almost all artists these days are too easily given record deals. All they need is a pretty face to make it. They bite off of the ones that came before them and these little kids just LOVE it only because they’re not aware of who the real creators are. As far as I’m concerned, pretty much everybody is copying people.

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