Meet The Ladies Of This Year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

- By Bossip Staff

In addition to releasing it’s 2011 Swimsuit Edition Cover, Sports Illustrated has revealed the 17 models who will grace the pages of their annual cakes fest.

Check out this year’s Swimsuit Edition girls at

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  • daisy jay

    Daisy liiiikes…Damaris, Jessica (both), and MAYBE Genevieve…

    Most of them were just disgusting twigs. There’s nothing cute about a walking toothpick. I don’t understand why some men like that. It’s sickening. Going to bed with that is the equivalent of laying up with a dagger

    • MrsLove

      I agree Damris and Jessica are cute. But Daisy you sound so bitter every man has his preference and some women are naturally skinny and can’t gain weight. Oh and by the way Jessica White only ways 140lbs.

  • Boomboomroom

    Demaris Lewis is HOTT, HOTT, HOTTENTOT!! This chick next to Bria Myles, Gabrielle Union has to be one of the finest chocolate women in the industry.

  • Divine

    What a gorgeous girl!!!
    She is soooo beautiful!

  • blackking7

    Wow that girl is the hottest in SI to date! She should of had the cover! I would. Have bought it!

  • crackerlol

    I am not clicking on all that! But that girl is super hott!

  • Mabel

    Demaris is indeed gorgeous and she has a pretty name. Jessica is just okay, I think Emmanuel De Paula should have been in it.

  • Boomboomroom

    All I know is that this bish betta not give all that beautiful chocolate to any other race of man. Or I am coming after her. She better get with a Djimon, Denzel or Anthony Mackie.

  • wowzers

    All of these women are beautiful,period!and if you think otherwise you are either not into women or you are simply jealous,PERIOD!knock it off

  • clarkthink

    DAMN!!!!!! I ain’t gotta see no more!….give my this girl right hurr!…..wrap her up! I’ll take her!!

  • Damn that gurl is fine

    Wow they should have put her on the cover! I see white women all day everyday of my life so I am not impressed…why something gotta be wrong with ppl not impressed by WW?

  • 897

    She looks like my neighbor I be stalking all the time lol…they should make a black only edition! That would be really haot.

  • StopKiddingYourself

    Hot! Demaris is FIRE.

  • shake em

    shorty bad

  • eman

    the girl above mmmm now that’s what u call loveley

  • circa-81

    D@mn. I was just about to go get a cup of coffee until I seen Damaris Lewis’s cocoa skin toned sexiness. Wowsers!!!!

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