29-Year-Old Woman Who Beat Her 77-Year-Old Husband To Death With His Own Cane Charged With Murder

- By Bossip Staff

This heffa just looks like she ain’t sh*t:

A 29-year-old Virginia woman charged with savagely beating her 77-year-old boyfriend last year will now be charged with murder after the man died from injuries suffered in the attack, prosecutors announced. Kristina Pongracz was charged last spring with aggravated malicious wounding after beating her sugar-daddy boyfriend, William Herchenrider, with his own cane in his home in Goode, Va.

Police said Pongracz flew into a rage after Herchenrider tried to break off their relationship and kick her out of his mansion in rural southern Virginia. Herchenrider spent weeks in a hospital after the incident, and then died on Aug. 25, after he was discharged, according to the Roanoke Times. Prosecutor Stephanie Ayers said the murder charge stemmed from an autopsy report that showed Herchenrider had died from complications related to injuries he suffered during the beating.

“We’re still discussing whether it will be first-degree or second-degree,” Ayers said. At the time of the fight, the lovers lived in a 3,700-square-foot mansion on a 20-acre estate that belonged to Herchenrider, a former president and CEO of Delta Star Inc., which manufactures electrical transformers.

Bedford County police said they had been together for about a decade. Pongracz’s defense attorney, Webster Hogland, told Virginia’s WDBJ-TV that the two hooked up while she was working as his receptionist. On the night of the beating, police and hospital staff testified, Pongracz attacked her elderly beau in a drunken rage, tore his flesh with her fingernails, threw patio furniture at him and nearly ripped his ear off.

“She beat the hell out of me,” Herchenrider told police, according to a deputy’s testimony. Police testified that when they responded to a 911 call at the mansion, they found the old man bleeding and cowering on all fours, while Pongracz was passed out in her underwear and covered in blood.

He was taken to a hospital in Roanoke where he was treated for multiple bruises and cuts on his head and body and received a blood transfusion, according to local reports. He died at his home several days after he was released from the hospital. In court on Tuesday, Hogland asked the judge to allow him to call an expert witness who would contest that Herchenrider had died from his injuries. A hearing about the possible appointment of an expert is scheduled for March. Hogland said the elderly business titan took advantage of his client.

“She’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder,” he told WDBJ-TV. “She has various other problems.”


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    How rich was this dude

    • sdgv

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  • 7lady

    How is it that men just get to keep doin sh*t like this their whole life? Its so unfair! @topic: This broad look like a straight meth head. This poor man didn’t stand a chance. She beat him in a meth rage thinking about his money and how he won’t die already. Damn shame.

    • G.M.

      its great isn’t it, men getting to bang fine a$$ attractive women decades younger then them when we’re old and grey lol…that’s the great thing about money and being rich for us men…its like an immunity to time, as long as ur rich/successful the supply of pu$$y is endless…u see what age she was at when he was about to end the relationship: 29yrs old…1yr away from 30 (most women expiration date)lol and how long was the relationship: a decade…meaning she was 19yrs old when he started smashin and when she was closin in on 30 he was about to cancel the b1tch like nino and trade up to another younger model…but this crazy chick killed him first…oh well, everybody gotta die but at least he tapped this fine piece for so long before goin and lived a rich lavish life to old age so i dont feel sorry for dude and the crazy b1tch might goto to jail to spend what youth she has left behind bars drying up lmao

  • UnCLe JUneBuG

    Becky SnappeD….SMdh

  • UnCLe JUneBuG

    If I see a Becky on the Street I’m running for my life they not about to take my Social Security Money….junebug ain’t having that…no sir…

  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Damn it said they been together for a decade ..He was beatin up that young P*SSY..Soon as she became legal they went legit we both know he was knockin it down when she was like 17

  • UnCLe JUneBuG

    TheSe YouNg BecKys Not About to Take My SociaL SeCuriTy Checks…No Sir

  • Resurrected

    Most of the time it pays to just stay in your lane. I am tried of all of this cougarism people need to date in there age range. Stop letting your ego take u to an early grave. He could have gotten and older woman starting in her 40’s that would bad taken better care of him.

    • http://bossip Tiki Barber

      @ Resurrected

      UH UH A 40 year old is kinda to young for him to thats like damn near 40 years older than her !

      Nah old dude needed be with some older lady in her 60`s .. Spring chicken !

      But real talk RIP dude could have been my grand pa.

  • shanita102

    Old bawls…yuck (throws up in mouth)




    • DR.FUNK

      Gramps had A LOT more than a S.S.Check if some 19y.o. girl was all up on him for 10yrs.!

    • G.M.

      damn str8 he did lol…he lived the everyday mans dream….more money a china man accountant isn’t smart enough to fully count and a nice young piece of a$$ riding him like crazy every night…u know every night with her at his age was a possible heart attack, 77yrs he had a good run at life…that’s the way we all dream of goin, dying with our d1cks deep in some pu$$y lol



    Preach. You said everything I was gonna say. Props to grandpa.What a way to exit! I might add that his heirs have a “dinner table” story to boot.:-)

  • KT

    This is one of those times when a well placed hard upper cut would have put this witch out for good.


    Yeah…well dumb bytch could’nt keep her cool…and now she ’bout to lose the inheritance aaannnnd the “side piece”.How cool would it be if Gramps got beat down because he told her he’d found a younger & hotter replacement? šŸ˜‰

  • G.M.

    @Dr.Funk: u know he had a replacement on speed dial…rich guys always do lol…he probably didn’t bluntly say it to her but she knew what was happening when he had “THE TALK” with her lol…she was being replaced by the younger b1tch with perkier breast and flipped out

  • BJChi

    Rich women can buy younger companionship if they want to also, see Madonna, etc. Most older/wealthier women have some dignity and don’t choose to do so. Men don’t have the upper hand, and don’t realize how stupid they look with someone 60 years younger, you are still old and going to die when the time comes. Screwing someone younger does not allow you to cheat father time or mother nature. Sorry fellas just keeping it real.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Very True!

      Read the thread on Oprah & her boy toy Chevalier

      Now he crying like a lil bit ch, 20 yrs later about how Stedman took his place

      Chevalier was ntg but a Jump Off & he cant see it nor handle it

    • Betty

      @G.M. I understand your point but please don’t get it twisted. The dynamic you just mentioned with older women/younger man is the same dynamic with older man/younger women. It is quite common to see a younger women escort an old man to his death just to replace him with someone closer to her own age.

      Very few people go older without requesting money in exchange for the lack of attraction.

    • G.M.

      @betty: few women period go without requesting money from a man no matter what his or her age is lol…whether its payin for her dinner, payin her rent, gettin her car fix, puttin some gas in her car, buyin her a gift for b-days or other b.s. holidays like valentines day…plenty if not all men pay women for the chance to fucc in some way or the other, its just smart men get it for cheap/free

  • coldt7

    The old geezer was taking to long to die naturally, so she helped him out of here.So she could help herself to his loot.

  • mosiane

    The gold-digger got impatient. Greed is a terrible thing.

  • http://www.divaten.com divaten

    Her karma is going to be crazy. You don’t do old men like that, get these young men.

  • jmagic

    Some real White trash right there,she probably couldnt believe he lived that long and wanted his money now

  • afro british

    He looks more like her pimp, I hope he had a will and his children were on it. At least he had fun before he died.RIP mister.


    Old man played with fire and got burned.

  • Black, Yet Never Incarcerated!!!

    Dammmmmmmm….Pops lived with this gold digger for 10 years so he had to have known she was mentally unstable and would not take it well when he kicked her out.

    He should have had bodyguards in the house when he was serving ol’ girl her walking papers. Better yet, have the bodyguards serve the walking papers and escort her out. Had he done that, Pops would still have his life, money and a new piece of young azz.

  • http://zooforyou.wordpress.com artiewhitefox

    That women had better repent and have God know her repentance is for real or she will be the loser big time with only monetary gain on a planet that grows old like a garment. Nothing lasts on this planet including us. She better save her soul,and if not will lose a thing that is eternal.

  • Dee

    Uh, OMG I thought the one and only black women were the only ones to do ish like this? Not the precious and joyous white woman? Is she maybe high yella? It’s gotta be an explanation for this.

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