SMH: Florida Mother Makes Son Stand On The Corner Holding Up A Sign Saying His Grades Ain’t Sh*t

- By Bossip Staff

Would you do this to your child??

– A Florida mother is using public humiliation to punish her son for getting bad grades. 15-year-old James Mond spends several hours a day standing on different street corners in Tampa. His mother forces him to hold a sign announcing his 1.2 GPA and asks passersby to honk if they think he needs an education. James’ mother says she knows this form of punishment is unconventional, but that she’s only doing it because she cares.

We bet his a$s won’t come home with a 1.2 GPA next grading period. Ha!


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    LMBAO thats funny but I bet he do better net semester

    • fesre

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      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

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    • I'm mad as hell!

      I am allergic to ignorance! Your screen name is appaling..

    • FaReelDoe

      I hope she also gives him time to do his homework and study, because JUST humiliating him won’t help his grades… and does anyone know if he tried hard and STILL failed (extra help after school, tutors, ask mom for help)? Just a thought. AND did she ever attempt to help him or encourage better grades BEFORE his grades were turned in (herself, tutors) If not, SHE needs HER azz beat. You can’t expect to punish a child if they REALLY tried. We don’t know the whole story, just what she’s putting out there. I know a lot of parents get on their kids about their grades, but do NOTHING to help… Just holler and discipline. That’s not going to do it.

    • black guy

      Yup…I wish the dad was there…but its better to hate women than to be come a thug.


    Why not spend several hours helping/making him study……. BLACK people always showing out in the WRONG way.

    • jumsmum

      Completely agree with you MeMe!

    • Jawbreaker1977

      I agree w/MeMe. These kids have such a big ego these days and no concept of things need to be earned not given.

      A little non-physical hazing ain’t never hurt nobody.

    • Vee

      Please YupYup is right. My kid was having trouble in school and now I call teachers and check homework more. Guess what happened, his got better grades. Some kids need more guidance than others and its up to the parents to give it to them.

    • Hair Lova

      What if the mother has done all she can to help this child and it just isn’t working? There are some kids out here who’s parents do everything in their power to help get thru to their kids and it’s not helping none. So maybe this is her last effort. At least she cares and ain’t just throw her hands up and say “Screw it!”

  • that's crazy crazy


  • wmariah

    Whatever it takes to get him on the straight and narrow. I can respect that.

    • Tree

      Well you can see at least he respects his mother. Cause some kids wouldn’t even stand there. They would say who you talking to?

  • Toni Childs

    As a teacher, I applaud this 100%.@MeMe…what you said is so true…the kids care about nothing but their egos.If they have to be humiliated un order for them to do the right thing,then I’m all for it….LMBO,I bet that will be the 1st and last time his as* brings home a 1.2 GPA.

    • realTruth

      I think the mother needs to stand up there with him…How can your child get a 1.2 GPA…This means the mother was not doing her job to supervise the kid’s homework…She is a deadbeat mother…There is no way a child could get a 1.2 GPA if the mother made him do his homework and also go to the teacher’s meetings…I give the mother an F in parenting…

  • Misha

    While this method may be unconventional, it may very well be what makes him take his education a bit more seriously. I applaud her for thinking outside the box. Some moms dont care what their kids are doing or up to. This is one mom that is showing that her son’s education is relevant

  • bitter

    And u wonder why this generation is Lost.. Parents are doing the most f*cked things when they are so-called ‘parenting’. This is not the way to go! Hurting their ego hurts them more psychological. What was the mother doing to prevent failing anyhow?

    The mother should be ashamed of what her big a$s was wearing during the news report.

    • Parisianlady





  • Toni Childs

    As a teacher, I applaud this 100%.@MeMe…what you said is so true…the kids care about nothing but their egos.If they have to be humiliated in order for them to do the right thing,then I’m all for it….LMBO,I bet that will be the 1st and last time his as* brings home a 1.2 GPA.

  • Do more reading

    The Problem: NO DADDY n the picture…end of story.

    • nope

      But the kid is here with or without a daddy. Just because daddy is not around even if it is the mother’s fault doesn’t mean that kid is allow to flunk out of school. You can’t say “well you aint got not daddy so you don’t have to do anything in school”

  • dcgirl

    As a mother, that is some tough love.. and i think it’s great. You invest in your childrens future emotionally and finanically u can only hope they do good in school. Parents should care more about there childrens grades so they’re kids have a bright future. Parents have to be unconventional in this day and age too much stupid mess going on out there…

  • dcgirl

    BTW- i think its better to be known for a parent who handled big business so her child can exceed in life then a parent who basically lets there kids raise themselves and do whatever

  • Mabel

    He will buckle down and do his school work. When he goes away to College he can relocate and everybody will forget about him. He will be on his knees thanking his mother one day for this.


    If only WAKA FLOCKA & GUCCI MANES’ parents had done this…

    • ayo


  • phatcakes


  • Curious Misses

    That’s a mother who cares. I don’t fault her one bit. And he needs to pick up his head and stop hiding behind those dreads. He wasn’t ashamed when he was letting his grades slip, so why is he acting ashamed now?

  • thatarmychick

    I would say kudos. My parents didn’t care about my grades and that took a hit on me personally. If my parents would had done that, I would thank them. Like I always tell people kids need the following things: encouragement, hugs, a swift kick in the butt and the occasional butt whipping (by butt whipping, I mean butt, not powerdriving your kid). There is a difference between discipline and abuse.

    • Curious Misses

      @ thatarmychick

      I agree with you totally. Parents need to start early with their children too. Not when they reach 10 years-old, then all of a sudden it’s time to get disciplined.

      With me, I had one parent who didn’t care about my grades, but if my school uniform was not ironed properly or I wasn’t dressed according to code, he’d slap me across the room (yes, butt whippings were encouraged).

      On the other hand, my mother cared about my grades, but no matter how well I did (advanced, awards, etc.) she would downplay it like it wasn’t good enough.

      So, I don’t know what’s worse: a parent who doesn’t care at all or a parent who thinks your good work is still not enough.

    • DivisionAvenue

      lol yeah im pretty sure this would get him to get his gpa up

  • G.M.

    alright, the mother better be on guard and sleep w/one eye open…i just looked at blk voices and read about the 16yr old that killed his mom over taking away his playstation smh…this mother better be careful, these kis ain’t takin this sh1t anymore

    • Boondock Saint

      Maybe you’re right. All I know is if I brought home a report card with a “D” average, I was the one who needed to sleep with one eye open. I guess times have really changed.

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

      Okay Boondock! I got my arse beat so bad for poor grades one time (nothing as low as this) that I had to sleep standing up! Momma didn’t play that ish. She was the first one in the fam to go to college and expected nothing less of me!

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Odd, she can get him to stand out there like that but she can’t get him to study…

  • Anonymous

    This is not just a grade SLIP. To earn a 1.2 GPA, your behind is FAILING just about EVERYTHING. That’s not the sign of a kid you needs help, it’s the sign of a kid who doesn’t give a F**K. Kudos to MOM.

  • conaie

    this mother has just given me a great idea, i am a wanna be mom and if ever i have a child and he wants to do poor in school, i am gonna do this.
    i am mapping out the route on the roads ill be sending them, this idea is totalllly brilliant lets hope by the time i have a child it will obey me….cuz im suprised this young man listen to his mom…and stood there.
    haha!!!!! these kids are monsters, he aint that bad of a kid or either the mom a ex- prisoner, he cudnt jump her if he wished

    • Boondock Saint

      Er… Kudos for wanting your kid to excel in school, but, um, have you seen your own spelling and grammar? Just saying…

  • Boondock Saint

    Somewhere Steve Harvey is crying.

  • Shananigans


  • conaie

    i get it, this was busting my brain but i got it…
    this kid cannot read @ all, how do i know, WELL if his GPA is that low he prolly CANT read for nothing so she gave him the piece of card board and told him to stand up on the sidewalk, hold it as high in the air as you can and smile. ill kum get you in a minute. so he did thats how she got him to dat dere cuz i dont think no kid at that age wud do that. i wudnt and i cant spell and if my mom tried that with me it would be on and popppin…NO DOUBT

  • MyReason

    Though I think it’s hilarious and possibly effective, I wonder what other methods she’s tried to help him such as tutoring, summer school programs, mentoring, or other things. Too many parents all too easily scream at their kids to get good grades but has rarely taken out the time throughout their life to help them with homework, or use other methods to help them academically. Humiliation won’t help anything if she hasn’t been proactive in her sons education.

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