When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Former Roc-La-Familia Rapper Catches A 10 Year Bid

- By Bossip Staff

Some of these rappers take their on-wax persona a little too seriously.

Former Roc-A-Fella rapper Tru Life was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in 2009 stabbing that resulted in a murder charge.

The incident started when a suspected drug dealer, was shot in the stomach outside of club Pacha in June of 2009.

Several hours after that crime, police claimed Tru Life and five gang members stabbed 30-year-old Jason Black and killed another teen in a Manhattan area apartment complex.

At the time, police theorized that the back and forth violence was the result of a feud between Jason Black and Tru Life’s brother Marcus Rosado.

Yesterday (February 16th), Tru, born Robert Rosado Life took a plea deal for second-degree murder, resulting in a 10-year-sentence.

Tru Life’s brother Marcus Rosado was sentenced to 12-years in prison for his role in the murder and assault.

Hold your head, Tru Life. And don’t try to still be a rapper still when you get out.


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    • eygotitall

      Jay & Diddy’s situations are different Shyne was defending Diddy, Tru was defending his boys. What was Jay suppose to do to help him? he put himself in a bad situation now he has to deal with it.

  • voodooblack

    damn i feel bad for him

  • Do more reading

    HE lived up to his name…now he doing a TruBid.

  • Just GEE

    Oh, it’s Jay’s fault??? Just like it was Jay’s fault when Beanz went down? Funny how Jay never seems to catch cases while “keeping it real”. How about leaving the streets alone? Guess what? You will not be thought of as less of a man if you stay out of trouble.

  • MyReason

    I don’t feel sorry for this fool. This is the same idiot who ran up in a studio with 30 guys to rob Mob Deep at gunpoint some years back. He was on that “Beef” documentary acting like he was changing his life around…guess not.

    • TK

      I know, it’s crazy!! Some can NEVER seem to get their head above water…such as shame!! and throughout that doc, he talked about living and setting an example for his son…Another statistic!! Smh

    • Hateration

      Yes Gyrl and he bragged his way into jail.

      I knew this dude would being facing hard time before he ever faced a release date.

  • Kadadah

    TruLife is the epitome of ignorance..he was livin’ life 2 fkn wreckless, now it FINALLY caught-up with him…You can’t expect to take the lives of 2 diff. ppl & don’t expect karma 2 catch-up with that a$$. He was signed to one of the most successful record labels in the world & fkn blew it all on the account of his fkn ego 😦

  • kg

    Yeah….not Jay’s fault. I’m sure Jay told him the same thing he told Beans….leave them streets alone! You can rap it, but you can’t live it. Dummy…

    Nobody’s fault but Tru’s

    • MyReason

      Exactly. He is an adult and he was on some ignorant sh*t way before he was signed to the Roc.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    Hello!! I feel the same daxn way. Why should he hold his head. He murdered someone. 2nd degree and got off light. A lot of people get 25-Life for 2nd degree murder. He should thank his lucky stars he didn’t get that real time. And use this 10 years to come up with a more productive plan.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    No sympathy over here. Do the crime, do the got daxn time!!

  • Sham

    Happy for him, he only got 10 years for a murder…wow..wouldn’t you think u should have to do Life? Anyways, it’s hard to stay out of trouble when most of your friends and family live in the hood…

    • Sham

      and if I’m not mistaken he has about 2 years in so that makes that just 8 more years… not promoting it but good deal!!

  • confidently_ugly

    both look dumb as @#$^ with those big azz cigars… look like some kids trying to

  • Toxic

    @ real real talk

    Real talk, True Life is a grown acc man! Jay Z is not Ben Siegle or True Lifes father. He’s not responsible for them. Theses niqqas was given opportunities to pursue a career in music that most men, who wish to be in the music industry, would kill for. Both Ben and True life made their beds now they must lay in them. GTFOH with that victim shyte!

  • molly g

    he is now truinmate

  • superhattterrr

    Wow this a great republican website. Ya screw truinmate because I mean this is what all his songs are about anyway. Rich people like Jay-z don’t need to live up to what they say in their song like having their “peoples” back no helping one of his artist out doesn’t make him any money so why do it. I’m so glad that hip hop fans want to see more of their artists in jail. Its not like these people had f’d up childhoods and need extensive counseling or anything all the rappers had it made in the shade like the YOUNG money crew. The youth is so enlightened great job! Oh yea Go Diddy!

  • white male

    at least he “kept it real”

  • ayo

    hmmmmn so does it pay to be a gangster / Thug ? guess not

  • eygotitall

    I like Tru’s music. I hate when people say “at least he kept real” really did he? If he did he kept it real damn dumb. So now for the next 10yrs his kid/kids have to grow up without him so who or what is it keeping it real with? The street ain’t sh*t & never keeps it real with you so why do so many people feel they owe the streets anything? Vick kept it real & look how the streets did him

  • http://That'sall?? Jcatz

    Really fack life needs to rot in hell instead of just 10 years!!! I can’t believe after almost 2 years, now he’s getting sentence!! The pain is still there to the family members of chris!!! Chris had his whole life a head of him, and it to be taken away from him from some lame azz! No 1know the true and whole story that was behind his death. Tru life man up to what you did! Stop taking the easy way out!

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