Quote Of The Day By Lil B: “Will I Really Fawk Obama In The A$$? No.

- By Bossip Staff

Lil B sure has some interesting things to say:

“Will I really fawk Obama in the a$$? No. But am I going to be the one person that’ll say it? Maybe. Maybe I’m the only person brave enough to say that. Maybe I’m taking it a little too far, but that’s the extreme lengths I’m willing to go to spread this positive message.

If I gotta walk around naked in the snow to spread this message, that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s for the people. It’s bigger than me. There’s people dying to this music, you know? There’s people dying because of the messages [in this music]. People love these artists but they aren’t showing both sides of the picture. I’ve lived both sides of life. I almost lost my life in the streets when I was living negatively. And now I’m one of the happiest people on earth, just by spreading positive energy.”

Via Ozone Magazine

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Who is this dude ??

    • UssRa!

      thats ma fuxin Lil B aka BasedGod.. he makes based music.. he is wise beyond his years yeah he makes ignorant ish but he also make conscious music to..Thank you BasedGod

  • DelishezD

    Lol @I Am Legend. l was wondering the exact same thing

  • chucknoll

    Im tryna figure out the positive message behind sayin you wud f*ck obama in the a$$…these kids today wow Im too old for this sht

  • uhohitslelani

    ummmmm I don’t get it. *birds chirping*

    • rene

      LoL Ahhh Haaaa!

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    What’s the message? And it’s Obama’s fault why u almost lost ur life in the street. Just another tattered up nigro who’s not selling music.

  • cage him!

    Lil B is the name Big Bubba used when he was ripping his backside out in the joint! Boi go back to your dating pool! Obama have that trick arrested!

  • hookah!


  • daisy jay

    Kinda name is Lil B…Lil B!tch? Uhhh……who is this guy again?


  • http://www.freewebs.com/atyourbest Teal_Blade

    okay, Lil B you are NOT the first openly gay rapper…Everybody remember Caushun

  • uh yea

    at leats he admits his homosexuality

  • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

    Disrespectful bytch!

  • MacMoon

    Lil B will say anything to try and get attention!….The B stands for BYTCH…

  • gigglgal215

    Lil B is using code for ” I want Obama to take my manhood!” He wants what most WOMEN want an intelligent, powerful,handsome man to pay us some attention! Lil B just say it loud and proud,”I AM GAY!” Lil B is a WANCKER!

  • Kenedy

    This has been asked before…but i’ll ask again…Who’s this??

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