The 11 Most Dangerous Cities In America

- By Bossip Staff

U.S. News & World Report has released the annual list of the most dangerous cities in America based on seven years of FBI crime reporting.

The data ranges from property crime like burglary and motor vehicle theft to violent crime like rape, murder and robbery.

An index score of 100 is used to represent the national crime rate therefore the higher the number over 100, the more dangerous the city.

The #1 most dangerous city in America has a score of 530, the second? 484.

So what cities should you avoid? Head over to HipHopWired and check it out.

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  • Hannibal


    • http://bossip nay

      That is strange because I find it hard to believe Chicago is worse than the Lou !

    • http://bossip nay

      I mean it’s hard to believe the Lou is worse than Chicago !

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      @nay.. believe it because think about it .. i know alot of people that are from chi that are in the lou livin now, like some of my bad azz relys.. chi is worse than the lou in a sense but the lou aint nothing nice either!! But pound for pound .. you are right chi is the worst!!

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      believe it or not,, there are some folks in chi .. who love it and never have had any trouble.. we all know chicago is bad.. but sometimes bad dont always happen on the street .. bad can be in your house or right next to you..humm!!

  • uhohitslelani

    Finally Chicago did not make the top 10.

  • daisy jay

    Wow and I thought the Bay Area and LA were bad *shrug*

    Remind me to never move out of California. Well…I could go back home to Texas…NAH I’M STAYING IN CALI!

  • okMIKEdc

    That’s why I can bear living in Boston. I live comfortable, I can wear or do whatever. I Don’t have to worry about any uneducated fools aka N+ggas runnin up on me. (For the most part)

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    Good, New York is not on the list. I can’t remember when I was ever afraid to walk the steet of NY. And I don’t care how late it is.

    @hannibal- I love NY too. People who don’t live in NY tend to hate on NY…don’t know why.

  • WithAllHonesty

    Living in a crime ridden city is nothing to brag about. It’s 2011 and people are behaving like barbarians.

    Bragging on a city you don’t personally run is pathetic. How many Black state senators are there? How many govenors? How many mayors of major cities? Sports team owners? Black banks? Fortune 500 company ceos? Some Black people are lost and GPS can’t help ya.

  • http://bossip nay

    I was hoping my city still wasn’t #1. It doesn’t seem that bad. You can walk the streets. I don’t play around in clubs or late night, early morning hours but it’s not like it’s just shoot em up bang bang, or I hate to say maybe i’m just use to the violence, and feel like it’s normal & not that bad smh. My area is violence free !

  • Ladoodle

    I can’t believe Atl was #2. I live in the metro area(stayed right downtown on campus briefly) and it really doesn’t seem that bad…

  • Miss Perfection Trini Sazon aka Anti -Coonery .

    this list is wrong where is New Orleans




  • Ellie

    Well I live in NYC, I’m glad to see that NYC wasn’t on the list. To think I have a friend in Atlanta who was telling me how scared they were to visit NYC due to the fear of crime…haha.

    Anyway, now I know where to -not- apply for law/grad school…

  • Huey's Neice

    Man this list some BS…really New Orleans nor Los Angelos didn’t make it???? I find that very hard to believe…

  • ???

    Jackson Ms is dangerous as hell.

  • You Smell Me???

    “My city be poppin off erry day, SON!!!”

    Are some people really on here bragging about whose city is the “Most Dangerous”?

    Like we live in Afghanistan and shyt.

    This right here is the problem. We take pride in our own ignorance and violence. We are a proud race and need to be better.

    Power is control. You show no control, you show no power.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    I dont see nobody bragging… wtf? if its bad its damn bad.. what the h3ll is it to brag about… h3ll i know some bad azz ninjas who went to another city from chi and dont even live in chi at the moment.. they bad azzes is in Memphis, Atlanta, and i know some hiding out in michigan city , Indiana.. so sometimes the badness foloows you and its all over! who brags??

  • hezeone

    How many black people are there?

    Cleveland, Ohio :50.99%

    Baltimore, Maryland :64.34%

    Memphis, Tennessee :61.41%

    Detroit,Michigan :82.30%

    Birmingham,Alabama :73.46%

    Atlanta,Georgia :55.8%

    St. Louis, Missouri :51.20%

    kinda strange that most of the cities that made it to the list have african american majority….hmmm…could it be…noo nooo…

    • Boomboomroom

      I hope you DIE CRACKA!!!

    • heze

      I truly hope it to you too, boobroom nigur.

  • von

    Ain’t that the truth, the Military is full of BLK & HISP.

  • http://tonya tonya

    we need the nat’l guard for north st louis…dr king shaking his damn head in his grave…

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