Reagan Gomez’s King Cover Party

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Reagan Gomez celebrated the release of her cover feature on King Magazine Release Party in LA. Is it us or does Reagan look a bit cross-eyed in this picture? In any case, a gang of Z-listers came out to show your girl some love and to get their photo op on.

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  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    She looks alright but that pose is so tired. Every one has done it before.

  • Anonymiss

    Who are the no bodies?

  • chanicani

    PLEASE don’t tell me that the tranny-esque chick with the light eyes is Dolicia Bryant–I defended her so hard on her last go round for King Magazine!!

  • K-mia

    she doesnt look cross-eyed, she looks fabulous!!

  • Hannibal06

    Who the fugg are these people?

  • Gindy Texty

    I don’t know 1/2 the people in the pics!!! LOL

    Talk about “z” list.

    The dude w/ the silver vest looks familiar.. but damn he looks fruity. Oh damn.

  • Princess Aoki Lee aka BDR

    I think in real life Dolicia may be pretty but why do her pictures come out so, not pretty?

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (watched da debate tonite.. indeed McPAIN is right... Obama is... "That One"!!! ) LOL!!

    Ummmm… I’m sorry but in the second pic of her and her “beau”… she looks very similar to Tiffany “I Love New York” Pollard.

  • NEWbagNcoupe

    Dollica Bryan 2piece-outfit is sooooo cheap and titts are too big !!Who came to this party AGAIN?

  • piscesprincess

    Must be a slow news day……

  • Doagae

    I have no idea who ANY of these people are but the chic in the gray dress (with dude in the red) her friggin pits are a mess…use Nair next time Boo…

    …ANd DEE, I think you are in the wrong post…:)

  • bae19

    Reagan looks good!

  • Rottielover


  • Real Black dude

    Reagan is a true dime!!!!!!

  • Shamzy

    AHAHHA! A little bit!!

  • Dyma

    The dude w/ the silver vest looks familiar.. but damn he looks fruity. Oh damn.

    Remember Miles, the little Brother on Moesha??

    I think thats him


  • noelle

    There is me and Kanye’s babymomma Dollicia!

  • noelle

    Kel?? Wow, I was watching All That like last week hahahahaahah

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Reagan is a certified banger

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    …Who’s the jump off in black?


    @Encyclopedia Brown That is her husband he was in that rap duo group called QUO in the 90’s

  • Qat

    UGH, idk her face is whack.

    .. and in the ” Whatever you like ” or whatever the title of the song is called.. she really isn’t convincing me that she deserves ” Whatever she likes ” since she looks ugly in there also.

  • maddzzu (OBAMA.Not just cause hez black cause hez BLACK & QUALIFIED!!!!!)

    Reagan is a QT ill give it to her till her eyes really roll back n cross.

  • maddzzu (OBAMA.Not just cause hez black cause hez BLACK & QUALIFIED!!!!!)

    Dolicia Bryant is HOTTTT !! She reminds me of a bootlegged younger version on Vanessa Williams from Soul Food.

  • N0PD {d@mN, c@n w3 g3t @ bR3@k??}

    she’s a pretty girl, but why does her dress look like it’s made out of terry cloth??????

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