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Did some a**hole bust a cap in Bieber’s Canadian hindparts?

Justin Bieber went out with a bang (literally) on his final return to ‘CSI.’ In the episode, he plays a troubled teen character who gets killed in a shootout with police.

A few weeks ago, EW’s Spoiler Room reported that Bieber met a less brutal end than the original plan for Biebs to “blow himself up.”

“This is a doozy: Sources confirm that Justin Bieber will not be making another return to ‘CSI’ after he makes his second appearance,” EW writes. “Why? Because his character will be dead. The pop star’s character Jason McCann will meet a violent end at the hand of a CSI, who is acting in self-defense.”

The 16-year-old’s first ‘CSI’ episode was his acting debut. He played Jason, a member of a radical political organization that may have been involved with a bombing at a police funeral. By the end of his two minutes of airtime, Bieber was wearing prison-orange and dishing out a serious glare.

This kid Bieber is gettin’ gangsta on they a**! Reaching for the strap, ready to bust his gun…maybe the principal was right to try to suspend those kids.




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