Sick F**ker Admits To Killing His 49th Victim Almost 20 Years Ago!

- By Bossip Staff

49?!?!?!? That says a lot about the cops in Seattle at that time…

A ruthless killer serving 48 life terms in a Washington state prison confessed to his 49th murder on Friday.

Gary Ridgway, dubbed the Green River Killer for his sick strangling spree targeting young women and girls in the Seattle area during the 1980s, admitted murdering Rebecca Marrero in 1982, when she was 20 years old.

The 62-year-old monster confessed to the crime as part of a 2003 plea deal that spared him the death penalty.

Marrero’s case went cold since she was last seen leaving a motel almost 20 years ago, but last December teenagers found her skull in a ravine south of Seattle, The Associated Press reported.

Mary Marrero, the victim’s sister lashed out at Ridgway in court saying, “It makes me sick to my stomach that he beat the system.”

She then told the judge, “If I had one thing to ask today, it would be to kill him.”

Ridgway’s attempts to apologize were stifled when a man in the courtroom yelled, “Shut your mouth” when he started speaking.

Superior Court Judge Mary Roberts sentenced Ridgway to his 49th consecutive life sentence. “I find no compassion,” she told Ridgway.

Ridgway was arrested in 2001 and is in solitary confinement.

SMH…we’ve gone to hell in a handbasket.


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  • nymphis

    I find this guy very interesting

    • Laura

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      has not told the total # of women he killed….he probably don’t remember either! He also is one of the biggest serial killers in the u.s. and the police thought not killing him would provide them with an opportunity to learn from him and how he operated……..I know.a bunch of b.s….firing squad sounds good

  • if anything be noble

    I’m not pro-death penalty but how does he kill 49 people (doggone near TEN basketball teams) and not get the death penalty when there are people who have killed one person and are on death row. I do not understand this system at all. (Not to mention if this man has confessed to 49 people dying, how many has he killed.) I will never understand this…

  • No-INtro

    What is the problem here? Why isn’t this guy dead yet? This is the epitome of straight bullshyt. This character has “CONFESSED” to killing 49 people!! Plea bargain my azz. This truly upsets me to see this less than a man still breathing after innocent lives have been taken away. I’m sick to my stomach. Judicial system needs to wake up as well as the rest os the world. Straight bullshyt.

  • oklahoma girl

    we all know that if this was someone black he would have got the death penalty after his first murder

  • if anything be noble

    (And… Let a Black man kill nearly 50 people and cop a plea for consecutive life sentences. Are these people even serious? –And again, I am NOT for the death penalty. But can we try and APPEAR to be just?)




  • thad

    i had to do a research paper on this guy. believe me when i say he did ALOT more than what’s publicly known

  • nymphis

    he prolly didn’t do half of it.they prolly cut a deal for him to cop to a bunch of unsolved cases so they could clean their reputation up.I notice the sherriff who lead the investigations is a senator now.there’s no other reason to keep him alive unless that was part of the deal

  • candice

    The plea bargain is to get him to confess and identify all the sites he had dumped his victims.
    I didn’t know he was ONLY arrested in 2001! This is scary!

  • artiewhitefox

    Continues like that, and he will not walk on the streets of gold.

  • if anything be noble

    @ Artie, I believe he can still walk the streets of gold because sin is sin. I’m no better than he is. My sin is no less an affront than his. Pride, arrogance, idolatry… Just as wicked as murder. If he asks forgiveness, forgiveness is just as much his as it is mine. We’re both washed clean of our sins by the blood of the Lamb… whatever our sins are. (my belief)

    • daisy jay

      This guy? Sorry, but there is probably nope. You are right about a sin being a sin, but aren’t the 10 commandments more of a big deal? He broke “thou shalt not kill” 49 times. Yes sins are mistakes, but he’s committed the same sins over and over again with no remorse obviously. You have to believe and have faith in God and Jesus, right? I think that some…interpret that as a free excuse to do whatever they want. “Oh I believe in God, so he will forgive my sins – no matter what I do.” I feel that if this man repents and TRULY turns his life around, there may be hope. There is no light of God in this man and he doesn’t seem guilty. He’s going to h3ll where he belongs.

  • BaDDesT

    BruCe JeNNer SnaPPeD….LOL

  • kd

    Am from Washington state.the reason he didn’t get the death penalty was in exchange for him telling and showing the police where all the bodies/remains were was thought that it would provide the family with some closure…to go from them missing to having some remains to have the family bury etc. Its quite obvious that his a** has not told the total # of women he killed….he probably don’t remember either! He also is one of the biggest serial killers in the u.s. and the police thought not killing him would provide them with an opportunity to learn from him and how he operated……..I know.a bunch of b.s….firing squad sounds good

  • Thetruth

    Uuhhh duuhhhh! This is a white mans crime! Serial killers, rapist, sexual abuse on kids,

  • Gray

    I personally feel as if he should spend the rest of his natural life in prison. Death would be too good for him,it’s an easy way out. It would be great if he could truly serve 49 life terms. Every time he dies,he’ll come back as a prisoner serving life. @ KD,this man knows how many ppl he has killed. Serial killers never forget who,where,how many, & how they did it & how it all started. Check out past serial killers,you’ll see.

  • Cece

    @if anything be noble they didn’t have enough evidence to link to some of the murders although he had inside information that only the killer could have so he pleaded. But I still thinks he should be put to death anyone who kills more than 1 person in cold blood should.

  • kd

    @gray………..u know ur right……….am sure he does remember every detail of his killing spree

  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    He actually killed closer to 100 but he said he lost count, memory of faces and even where he buried all his bodies. The 49 were the only ones that prosecuters could prove through either physical evidence or this guys own recollections and confessions.

    Just keep him out of isolation and make sure he is in the yard with general population…..jailhouse justice is STILL justice.

    • shut the fu*ck up

      exactly since when did lawmakers care about prostitutes missing, they actually caught this man early on and let him go, like ted bundy who in the end said he killed over a hundred women but was only charged 11 or 14 I think white american doesn’t want to know the truth about their own so they shut them down by the death penalty or never allowing them press time,it is even possible that this man killed more women than bundy did…..

  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    We’ll always have OJ!!! *sarcasm*

    Seriously though…I feel ya.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    but at the same time these women put themselves in dangerous and vulnerable situations that had them trust any john and we all know that no one is an easier target than prostitutes for murder and the police take their time finding the culprits cause of these womens lifestyles, not saying it is right but they are the last to get fair justice

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