Noémie Lenoir Speaks Out For The First Time On Suicide Attempt: “I Didn’t Think I Was Good Enough. I Thought I Was Poison”

- By Bossip Staff

Noemie Lenoir is finally speaking on why she attempted to take her life a year ago:

Last year the fashion industry was shocked when the former face of Marks and Spencer, Noémie Lenoir attempted to commit suicide in Paris. The stunningly beautiful model, now 31, has broken her silence over that dark time. In an interview published today, the mother of one reveals: ‘People say, “How could she do it, how could she try and kill herself, didn’t she think about her son?” But they don’t understand. I love my son so much. ‘But I didn’t think I was good enough, I thought I was poison. Poison for me and poison for him.

When I was depressed I felt like I was poisoning his life by being in it. I thought he would be better with his dad and my mum to look after him,’ she told the Guardian Weekend magazine. Nine months ago the model, who has also modelled for Next, Victoria’s Secret and Tiffany & Co., took an overdose of pills at the Paris home of her ex-partner, Claude Makélélé. She had recently moved back to Paris to attempt to reconcile with the footballer, who is the father of her six-year-old son Kelyan. She phoned a friend after taking the lethal dose, but fled to a forest when she realised the friend would call paramedics. Noémie was discovered by a passerby and ended up in hospital in a coma for a week.

Speculation swirled about what drove the beautiful model to take such a step, including that her four-year contract with M&S had ended weeks before the incident. But now she has set the record straight. Miss Lenoire admits: ‘I did something really, really stupid. ‘I came straight from New York to living in Claude’s house, and I really wanted it to work, and it didn’t work out. He hurt me… so I decided… I don’t know how to say this.

It was like a bad, bad depression, a very deep depression. I felt really alone.’Reports earlier this month suggested she was romantically involved with actor Jean-Paul Rouve, star of the 2007 Edith Piaf biopic La Vie En Rose, but she has dismissed the rumors. Instead, Noémie says she has stepped outside the industry and is dating a Jewish doctor.

Wow. That depression is no joke. Glad she is back healthy and in good spirits.


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  • Chester

    Well, you are good enough. The devils tell you aren’t, because he want every soul his evil self can get. He lose the battle when you survived instead of dying.

    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      😦 You can tell who God’s people are and who are Satan’s people. These two people do exist and I don’t care what Jay-Z or anyone says.

  • Mrs. Rance

    She could start a show called Soccer Wives. Or she could even call it The Real Football wives sine that is what is called everywhere but here and it is by far the bigger sport of the two. I’d love a view into that world that we know so little about yet whose stars are the highest paid athletes in the world.

    • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (ARSENAL MASH UP BARCELONA)

      in the UK there has been a few shows about ‘WAGs’ and the show is ok but a lot of the females look like they belong in that show Jersey Shore. They look soo tacky orange with tons of makeup and ridiculous weaves.. the only respectable one I could think of is Victoria Beckham.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Wow. So they’re the same there as they are here huh? Are they baby mama’s too?

    • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (ARSENAL MASH UP BARCELONA)

      Yup and they just move from footballer to footballer. Only some of the WAGs are talked about but in general they are none entities. But the sad thing is there are girls who emulate them

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

    She looks like Beyonce and Vanessa Williams are her parents.

  • JC

    I’m glad she’s doing better. I know what it’s like to feel like everyone would be better off if you weren’t around.

  • Tree

    Ladies don’t attempt to kill yourselves for men especially these ugly azz mofos. Come you guys can do better than that!

  • Whitney

    I’m glad to see she’s doing well 🙂

  • ....d0m!n!qu3's $w33th@n9....

    I know how it feels to not wanna be here….when everything in your lofe becomes too much to handle…but then I realized my daughter needs me to teach her certain things about life that only I can teach her…stress can make you depressed also..but having ppl in your life to build you up, you can get thru it..

  • mixed bad chick

    Hope she realizes her worth and I’m glad to see she is ok. Depression is an ugly thing. Many ppl suffer deeply becuz of it.

  • Cece

    wow low self esteem and poor image comes from beautiful and not so beautiful. That guy was insecure which is why he mistreated her and it nearly worked lesson know your worth and don’t tolerate mistreatment from any man rich ugly poor or broke.

    • trishat

      wow, what an ignorant, uninformed statement. You can say many things about Claude Makelele but certainly not that he’s insecure. And who tells you it is his fault that she wanted to die? Because he hurt her? Who hasn’t been hurt? No, it is a matter of one’s own self esteem that’s why it is calles SELF esteem, the esteem of your motherf*cking self to cite Katt Williams

  • severine

    Awww…. her candidness is greatly appreciated. Depression is such a taboo subject, especially in the black community so it’s nice to hear a celebrity person of color (and not just Oprah) talk openly about her psychological battle. Any of us can fall down that rabbit hole, all it takes is a change in circumstance.

    Je t’aime Noemie!!!

  • truth

    i aint saying shes a gold digger but..

    all jokes aside, suicide is never the answer

  • Getem

    I used to have depression, but it was for no reason at all. I would just wake up one day out of the week and hate life, wishing I could cease to exist, then the next day I’d be as happy and fluttery as a butterfly.

    My doctor subscribed me some medications, but I rarely took them as they seemed to only make it worse. Although I’m doing fine right now, there’s always those dreadful days that come.

    They are right when they say it’s an illness though, because like a cold you can’t just get rid of depression so quickly and easily.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    So sad…

    Such a beautiful woman. Heartbreak is a terrible pain tht NO HUMAN can cure

    I bet Claude cheated with some trash

  • Joyce

    What is it about that ape that she loves so much?? URRRRHGGGGG

    • XO

      WOW A APE!

  • XO

    Good lucky w/your continued recovery.

    By the way, I bet she would not noticed Claude Makélélé if he was a nobody.

    • trishat


  • LOL

    She tried to kill herself over that serial chasin man, he ain’t even cute, baby look too much like him. Killing urself over any man at all ain’t good but she’s a damn fool.

  • 504_MsGV

    So she tried to commit suicide because of her relationship or her contract ending..I don’t get it. Seems fake.

    • afro british

      Rumour says that her french footballer dumped her and she wanted to end it all. After this incident she then took time off modelling to sort her self out.

  • Jay

    Black women are useless nowadays, who cares about this mixed nobody. These black broads want to sit here and talk as if they know what transpired in the relationship. Rather then knowing both sides of the coin they want to sit here and blame the black man rather than the mixed woman. She is not even black, so she can date a Jewish doctor. Just because a woman is pretty doesn’t make her a great catch or great wife. This the problem with these ugly black women, they have been bamboozled by the white man, they think everything in life is about beauty. Cook, clean and learn some manners and black men wouldn’t leave their sorry behinds.

  • Dara Njeri

    @ REALIST!!!:What I am not hearing from you, is an admission that sometimes when you treat a woman like sh*t – in the quest to call yourself some sort of lame “player” – you can REALLY, REALLY END UP HURTING SOMEONE. How do you live with yourself knowing that someone almost killed herself over you – and turn around and treat it as though it’s some sort of trivial matter???

    Ladies – DO YOU SEE how some men out there think??? Please, Please, Please develop your self esteem – otherwise if you succeed in killing yourself, the jerk*ff you did it for will be on some website pathetically claiming that you were”too emotional”.

    @ 504_MsGV: it “seems fake”??? why, because her reason for attempting suicide doesn’t meet your standards??? You should really think before typing that kind of idiotic statement.

    • ReALiSt!!! ... JuSt HaViNg FuN tOdAy!!!

      Dara Njeri!

      Listen woman, I’m not a player – I just don’t like when people get too emotional around me – I wasn’t raised around emotions… I’m not just used to being LOVED that way – so things like that freaks me out… I admire true love but I can’t deal with it because I’m not used to it..

  • nymphis

    tripped out how the women all say it was his fault
    just because it didn’t work out means he’s to blame.just like fantasia’s situation.if you decide to take your own life that’s a very selfish and personal choice.You own it.”I thought it was best for my son”WTF.maybe it’s been just my experience but the most physically attractive females that I know are usually the most insecure and self-destructive ones.if you don’t truly love yourself’s hard to believe others could.I wish her well.

    • Bunnie


  • Bunnie

    Wy would she have children with someone so black?!! Look at her son. Her son looks like his father and nothing like her. I am biracial and my mom who is white told me to never produce with a black man because my child will be too black. She said she only wants pretty grand children and I love my mom so I will give her what she wants.

    • BeautifulBiracial

      Your so right!
      My mom said the same thing about only marrying only white men. Black men are only good for their money. why have kids with a tar monkey?…I want my babies to be pretty not ugly!

  • Kelly

    Her son ugly. The end.

  • truthbetold

    I’d treat her right unlike that bastard.

  • Gr8r

    Why so much racism & sexism in the comment section today? Calling black dudes animals and emphasizing how mixed this chick is(as if it even matters/makes a difference).

  • 80's girl

    Wow, look at all of the people who are homeless, eating out of garbage cans, failing health problems, being physically abused, losing their children, etc. and this person attempts to kill herself over a man… ugly one at that! How selfish, especially since she is a mother! Instead of jumping into relationships, she needs to get some psychiatric help and work on herself! No man will ever love you if you don’t love yourself!

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