Inspired By Egypt, The People Of Libya Ask Moammar Khadafy To Give Them Free

- By Bossip Staff

The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia have inspired a few more uprisings by oppressed people elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East.

Unfortunately, as motivated as the people are, in each country the desire for freedom is bringing the same thing: violence.

Dozens of protesters were killed in clashes with Libyan security forces in the nation’s second-largest city Saturday as protests against eccentric dictator Moammar Khadafy stretched into a fifth day.

The worst uprisings in Khadafy’s 42 years of power continued as government snipers killed 15 mourners attending the funerals of slain protesters in Benghazi.

But a witness said the death toll was much higher. “Dozens were killed…not 15, dozens. We are in the midst of a massacre here,” the witness said.

The government also cut off Internet access across the nation, blocking the anti-Khadafy protesters from posting photos and video.

Human rights officials estimate the death toll in the demonstrations has now hit 84 as the Khadafy regime lashes out at its opponents.

A similar scene played out on the streets of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, where one demonstrator was shot to death and five wounded during protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Protesters, now in the 10th day of demonstrations, are demanding Saleh’s resignation after 32 years under his rule.

Between all the death and destruction of protest, we just hope these people are able to enjoy their freedom once they finally get it.


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      These reform efforts will take years and every second will not be covered. It took the U.S. 300 years to get to the point where it is today and not every moment was written down in history except major events like the Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement etc.

  • eaglesfan

    I can’t believe that racist-azzed Ghadafi referred to Sub-Saharan Black Africans as savages.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I think the other Arab leaders will learn from Tunisia and Egypt. They are going to try to keep the media away and use extreme violence to maintain control.

  • RazeKane

    Prophecies in full effect….catch the fever!!!

  • if anything be noble

    Another headline written in the middle of a high speed police chase…

  • http://bossip nay

    This is exactly what the Elites wanted. I’d be damned if those people in Egypt just woke up one day and said hmmmm we want to over throw our Government ! If so more power to them, and I really hope and pray that was the case but I doubt it ! They have been preaching that revolution crap to the American youth ( governments yes), going to schools, holding seminars but you know Americans ain’t on that yet. Compared we got it good. This is nothing we can’t get back from. Fast forward, now it’s an uprising in Egypt, and it’s spreading across the world…um yeah ok ! It all will lead to more Government control, following right along with the plan. Power to the people, but know what it is you want! Just like in Egypt Buburick is gone and now you haven’t heard chit about Egypt, no news, no nothing, most haven’t mentioned Egypt since government stepped down, and when they do it’s 2 second clips ! I smell a rat and I hope I am wrong !

    • DR.FUNK

      It’s MUBARAK…and exactly what is it you expect to see in the way of change in Egypt after 3 weeks !?! The real work of reform will take YEARS.

    • http://bossip nay

      Just like black people ALWAYS WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG CHIT ! 50 comments on spelling errors but nothing intelligent to add, whatever ! What I didn’t expect was full media coverage hyping up the situation from sun up to sun down, all day every day..this is day 18, hr 52, the troops this, the people that. Now that the mission is accomplished….I haven’t heard a peep and I don’t know about you but I find that strange ! Why has the media all of a sudden backed off ?

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      “Why has the media all of a sudden backed off ?”

      Because riots and violence make for good TV. The quieter building of democracy makes people change the channel.

    • DR.FUNK

      Would you prefer continued wall-to-wall coverage? You are are aware that a large swath of that neighborhood is rumbling with revolt…right? How would wish this be covered?

    • ok

      @ Nay you are wrong. This is has been going on for 30 years. One man has been ruling that country like a King for decades and living as a billionaire. Many Egyptians barely live off of $2 a day. So this was a long time brewing up. Plus with the events in Lebanon and the 1st set of Iranian protests in 2009(which were quashed and lacked coverage because of Michael Jackson’s death) a domino affect happened. Please research the regions of the Middle East and learn the history. People don’t like dictators and Tyrants making millions while they starve. Pretty simple concept.

    • http://bossip nay

      @ ok – For 30 years huh ? Although that wasn’t my point. Hell they should have risen up 20 years ago. I also like to mention I posed the question of ” did these people just wake up one day and go hmmmm? and I doubted it. Why was it covered so heavily? which sparked more uprisings, now all of a sudden, you barley hear about it. Idk it just seems strange to me. However we shall see ! To the question do I feel it should get more media coverage ? Yes if it comes down to affecting the rest of the world, well us anyway & if thats the case why was a big deal made of it in the first place! Oh we support the people of Egypt, our Gov has so much to say, now chit hits the fan lets sweep it under the rug. Ok if you all say so !

    • ok

      @ Nay. What happens in Egypt or for that matter any other country does not affect the U.S. the way you think it does. We will go on. I think the events should be covered for the purposes of staying informed and world history, but what happens overseas is not really something we should be involved in. Also a lot of western goverments are panicking with all the uprisings in the Middle East because they have interest primarily in oil, Suez Canal etc. that were being protected by dictators. No protests didn’t just happen today. This has been a long time brewing. Just because you don’t get news on it or have never been to that part of the world or research it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

  • PeggyBundy

    Did you just spell Libya as Lybia???I’m no grammar Nazi by no means but I at least thought ya’ll would do a spell-check before you post an article especially one relating to current events.SMH.


    So the people of Libya really don’t want freedom or political & social reforms? Were you in on the meeting at CIA headquarters when they decided to put the uprising into effect?
    I suppose all the UNARMED protesters dying in the streets is just a front…right?

  • ok

    For the record I’d like to point out that Beyonce has danced for 1 million for Hannibal Gaddafi, son o Moammar Gaddafi on New Years Eve even knowing the atrocious human rights violations of that regime. In fact many celebrities have performed and mingled with these horrible dictators because wealthy people hang around other wealthy people. They don’t care about human rights, civil rights or dignity just the all might dollar.

  • ok

    @ You again? That’s what I was saying. The news of Egypt has died down but it has not been wiped out. Many of the cleanup, reconstruction efforts are being covered. More will happen when Egypt has real elections in Sept.too. These reform efforts will take years and every second will not be covered. It took the U.S. 300 years to get to the point where it is today and not every moment was written down in history except major events like the Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement etc.

  • Truth

    I smell US rats!

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