No Sh*t Sherlock: Dina Lohan Reveals That Lindsay Has A Problem with Addiction

- By Bossip Staff

Ummmm…we thought the entire world already knew that Lindsay Lohan struggled with addiction:

Dina Lohan embarked on a media blitz on Friday, opening up in a series of interviews about daughter Lindsay Lohan and what she says is her daughter’s “lifelong struggle with addiction.” Despite her continual legal issues, Dina feels that her 24-year-old daughter has turned a corner in her life.

“Betty Ford was life changing for all of us. I mean, I’ve put her in a couple of rehabs over the years, and, you know, it’s not about the rehab, it’s about where she is personally in her sobriety and her growth. She’s matured considerably,” Dina told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Friday. Dina revealed that she’s uncertain how Lindsay will fare against her felony grand theft charge, where she’s accused of stealing a necklace from a jewelry store.

“I’m not convinced about anything because the system is the system. I’m a firm believer in the system, but anything can happen, especially in [Hollywood],” she said.
In a separate interview with Chris Cuomo on “20/20,” airing Friday night, Dina said Lindsay is facing “a lifelong struggle with addiction,” but she believes her daughter no longer drinks. “I think she’s gonna be OK,” she said in the interview airing Friday at 10 PM on ABC. “She’s a young girl struggling. You know, she’s not perfect. … She’s learning as she goes, but she’s learning under a microscope, so I can’t even imagine how that is.”

According to Dina, Lindsay’s problems began in 2004 when she moved to Los Angeles. “I knew early on, I just didn’t tell anyone about it. It was a personal situation,” she continued. “I saw it visually, what was happening. You know, I’m around my children. I was around Lindsay a lot, and I saw what was happening. I grabbed the bull by the horns and tried to get her help immediately.”

Adding, “I never thought it would be this — the media would be so crazy. I really never thought it would get to this level. It’s been really hard on my family, harder than anything.”


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