McDonald’s Stunts on Michael Vick

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Livesteez reported today that the folks over at TMZ spotted McDonald’s:

A TMZ employee said she ordered a Happy Meal from an L. A. McDonald’s restaurant Wednesday and the box she received promoted former Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick. TMZ executive producer Charles Latibeaudiere says he was surprised to see a convicted felon associated with Happy Meals that are normally distributed to kids, and called McDonald’s for an explanation about the box. The box was stamped underneath with a 2004 copyright, and featured NBA player, Vince Carter wearing a Toronto Raptors jersey, (his former team), and U.S. soccer player Mia Hamm.

McDonald’s does the Heisman on that ho and swiftly distance themselves from Michael Vick when you…

“We apologize for any confusion caused by the inadvertent distribution of a Happy Meal box that is four years old. As your web site pointed out, this Happy Meal box is from 2004, so it does not reflect any current partnership with Michael Vick. We take the messages we share with our younger customers seriously, and have since corrected this isolated incident.”

Why are they acting like Michael’s face being on the box will instantly make kids want to break puppies’ necks??? All the kids know is that there better be five nuggets in there and all hell is gonna break loose if they don’t have the toy they want in that box.

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  • Ms Cinnamon 08


  • Ms Cinnamon 08

    Damn the man is in jail doing time, I mean they was on his nuts until he got caught up..WTF Man?? Leave the him alone…

  • Ms Cinnamon 08

    Sorry Guys…I meant Leave him alone!!!

  • Hannibal


  • TypicalAmerica

    These demons are not satisfied that Vick is in prison and has lost everything because of animals. What about all of the pedophiles out there that kill and molest children. I guess that is okay because they aren’t pitbulls. The Thrasher guy was drunk, had an accident and killed his friend and Thrasher player, but he didn’t get any time, plus the Thrashers allowed him to come back and play which he did until he decided to leave on his own. Now that’s what I call justice in America. Vick gets 2 years for killing a dog and this guy gets away with DUI and killing his friend and Thrasher player with maybe a small fine. I do hope Vick gets out and triples everything he has lost. These lynchmen are pathetic & make me sick. There is no way justice is blind in America. You can see the injustice everyday. ALways want to give extreme punishment to people of color and give others a slap on the wrist.

  • TypicalAmerica

    I still like Vick. I met him years ago and he is a nice young man. I don’t care if he did kill a dog which I don’t condone, but his punishment is too severe for the crime. He should have had to pay a fine and work at a animal shelter. That would have been best, but no they wanted to take everything he had worked for.

  • elaine

    This is America unless some have forgotten. We have choices which means people even black people can support whomever they chose. Just cause you are black does not mean you have to support Obama. Most people can not even tell you why they are supporting Obama, all they know is that he is black and that there is hype around him from others to support him. Now Obama is reaching for all blacks to support him, but one question he needs to answer is when he is asked to speak at a predominately black event his answer is no, and he always busy. Prime example Tavis Smiley has asked him to speak at numerous events and he has said no on numerous occasions. He has been asked to speak at black caucus events on numerous occassions and he has said no. One point in particular he was asked to speak in New Orleans at an event, and he yet again declined. This is a fact for I live in this area. Hell even Hillary Clinton showed up to this event and Al Gore has been known to show up at this event when he was running. Now when it is down to wire he wants to write an open letter to the public in VIBE. I don’t think so. These are facts people. Make a wise decision when you vote, don’t vote just because he is black, vote for him if you really believe he can make a change in this world. And, I have yet to hear anything for him that makes me believe this. (Oh, yes by the way I am a black woman, and have always voted Democratic until now.)


  • J03y'B

    our mcdonald only give u 4 nuggets,then we got the 9 piece

  • chaka1

    Po thang. Mike Vick used to be so fine too.

    As for the Obama comment, you’ve got to give this man some space and some credit. Obama has to be extremely careful for the next three weeks. If he shows up at an all black rally right now, McCain will claim its an anti-white Muslim rally full of Communists, Socialists, and Kenyan extremists.

    Obama is running for the President of the USA, not school board. After he wins the election, he will come around.

    I am voting Obama because he IS black and can change the world.

  • thatbrutha


  • SWAG-a-licious

    @elaine…please don’t come up here and disrepect us with your nonsense. If you are black than you are most definitely out of pockt. How dare you even insuate that we are a bunch of ignorant, un-informed morons who just vote for someone because they are black.

    I am a black woman and I am voting for Obama becuase:

    1) I believe in his health care plan – I love my doctor and I don’t want the gov’t to change it or tax my employee health care plan like McCain. And give tax credits to the f&cking Insurance companies…I think I need it more than they do.

    2)I am not overly-wealthy so I wont have the $200K (or more) to pay for my daughters college education. I want her to have the opportunities that I had in getting my degree such as scholarships, student loans, etc. Obama is the ONLY CANIDATE TO MENTION EDUCATION AT ALL!

    3) I do not agree with the RICH getting tax cuts while I sit here and work my self to death to pay taxes for a gov’t that don’t give a f&ck if I live or die (because I am not a lobbyist)

    4) I want my homeboys to come home from the war. i live in Norfolk, VA, which is a military town! Granted they are getting hazard-pay and not paying taxes while they are deployed…but even though they try to hide it…I know they are tired of being of there for no reason. And it is costing us $10 billion a month while Iraq has suplus. We need that money of here…if you haven’t heard of the recent tax market crash.

    It’s not a black or white issues…white women who have the same concerns that I do are VOTING FOR OBAMA TOO!

    SO PLEASE STFU! (watch me walk away….push…push..fierce!!)

  • SWAG-a-licious

    Vick is from VA too….so you know we riding with Vick…2 up 2 down!!! To McDonalds…I will forever love your fries…but Hi Haters!!

  • Ms Cinnamon 08


    I agree with you, he has to be extremely careful with EVERY move he makes, and every tyime I hear this man speaks he speaks clearly and concisely on events that concern me as a middle class American and not strictly politics. I watched the debate and couldn’t follow McCain for the life of me and what makes it so bad is that I tried and I’m very educated and politic literal, However the choice is yours to make…Unfortnately for Republicans it’s a wrap Baybee!!

    Obama 08!

  • DieVerse

    @ Elaine It is an insult to your people and to yourself to even imply that black voters support Obama strictly because of his race. After 8 years of bad judgment, unecessary agression and economical failure at the Republicans hands there should be no suprise that the people want to see change. Change is what Barack Obama provides, paying attention to the issues that bother the common folks and not the upper class or lobbyest. Obama is a politician and he knows that in order for this dream to become a reality he cannot strictly cater to the black voters, he has to evenly cater to all voters regardless of sex, race, age etc. wich is why you dont see Obama at Black rallies, marches every minute of the day. In case you live in your own little Utopia, Amrica is still and EXTREMLY racist country and a black president will never be elected if his only agenda is to advance black people.

    You should really think before you speak, because people like you who look down on their own people are the reason it took so long for and eloquent black man to find the drive to run for president.

    OBAMA 08!


    That makes me mad as hell. Black people on these blogs as well as the white racists pigs all want to fry Michael Vicks because of the DOGS. Yet, John McShame put a moose eating NRA cary carrying pit bull – barracuda{Sarah Palin} bimbo on his ticket to run for VP, that love to KILL ANIMALS for fun and nobody finds a problem with this.

  • Wordz Of a Prophet (Lord, let there be a DELIVERANCE)

    Its an old ass happy meal box. When I worked at micky D’s we used to use old boxes when our new promo boxes ran out or we didn’t have a specific promo at the time.DAMN TMZ messy asses


    Elaine, the reason I am supporting Senator Obama is because he has CHARACTER and MORALS and DIGINITY, while the Republican Party is lacking all three. Who in their right mind would put a moose eating bimbo that can’t even put a sentence together and has Who da Mama drama{Bristol} as well as a husband getting their daughter pregnant?

    People like you don’t make me mad, because you are not worthy of my time.

    I am glad that Senator Obama has a clear head and didn’t get caught up in the bull shi! you are trying to sell. Bill and Hillary prove to all black people that they are racists just like the Republicans.

    It really don’t matter what COLOR you are, because people like you are a penny a dozen, it use to be a dime, but in your case, a penny will do.


  • Afiya

    LOL @ BettyeJ

    We I2I 🙂

  • dfiestyone

    I LOVE YOU MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come home soon to momma!!!! LOL!!! These people need to find a better way to channel their negative energy. They must really be some miserabl souls to complain about a box that’s going to go in the trash can 10 minutes after the kids get it!!! SMDH!!

  • turkey

    damn i hate almost every white person when u gonna start stickin up for our own people wat ashame

  • rashard

    matt ryan better than mike vick anyway

  • Miss T

    This whole thing about black people support Obama because he is black infuriates the hell out of me! Could it be that most people, including blacks, support Obama because he is best qualified to do the job? How many blacks rallied around Clarence

    Thomas? We do know shellac from shinola! I digress, Michael Vicks crime does not fit his time. I agree that what Mike did was reprehensible however, some community service at a dog shelter, fines and maybe a hook-up with a mentor would have been best in this case. They could have even started up a sholarship at the Virginia Tech Veternarian School in Mike’s name for some deserving student. This whole scene was handled very badly.



  • MissBlaze43

    I wish I could disassociate myself from white folks all together, but I can’t now can I.


    Ray Lewis beat a attempted MURDER charge, Pacman Adam Jones has done soooooo much worse and since Mike knocked off a few dogs they act as if he raped children or robbed old people or something. FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK FREE MIKE VICK

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