Jesus Take The Wheel: Student’s Dead Baby Found In Bag At Oprah’s School

- By Bossip Staff

Unfortunately, the positive influence of the staff at Oprah’s school in South Africa continues not to seem to be enough for some of the students.

Case in point: a 17-year-old who hid her pregnancy, putting her child’s life in jeopardy as a result.

The body of a newborn baby was discovered in a bag belonging to a student at the already scandal-plagued Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg, according to South African authorities.

Hospital staffers discovered the lifeless infant when the 17-year-old girl identified as the baby’s mother was brought in to be treated for excessive bleeding, the child in a bag she brought with her. Police believe that the girl, who remains hospitalized, gave birth at the school.

Charges have not been filed at this time and police are investigating, after which the case will be turned over to the Director for Public Prosecutions, ABC News reports. They have not said whether foul play is suspected in the child’s death.

A Chicago-based spokesman for Winfrey’s school said they will not be commenting on the case, as it involves a minor.

As did the case of the school’s former dorm matron, who was accused in 2007 of molesting several students. Virginia Tiny Makopo was eventually acquitted of the charges, leaving Winfrey “profoundly disappointed.”

The talk-show queen and cable-network founder ultimately fired the school’s headmistress, as well, stating that she would do everything in her power to “ensure [the students’] safety and well-being.”

In March 2009, four pupils were expelled and another three suspended for alleged “inappropriate behaviors,” which were said to include “sexual misconduct,” toward other students.

So sad… makes you wonder how many other boarding schools in Africa are plagued with these issues. Do you think we would have heard about any of the situations at Oprah’s school if it wasn’t “Oprah’s school”??


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  • ....d0m!n!qu3's $w33th@n9....

    Heck no, we would not have heard about none of this if it wasn’t Oprah’s school….it would be another regular school in africa, but since it’s Oprah’s school we hear about it…it would be the same if it was any other celeb…or any other child we would prolly be finding out sometime next year bout her killing the baby..

    • JaZzIe91

      Yep thats true

    • fesre

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      She may as well had opened up a school for underprivileged girls over here in the US, #justsayin, Oprah tryin to make a difference. All she is doing is putting wh*res on blast. Maybe i’m being biased though, cause I can’t stand Oprah *wompwomp

  • G.M.

    lmao…them girls are some certified h0es, the teachers too by the sounds of the previous incidents…hormones, they get these girls everytime lol…if they dont keep an eye on them girls, Oprahs school will be the next school with 90 girls pregnant lol

  • Redbonelicious

    so sad!

  • QB

    When Oprah open that school back in 05 she made a comment about American children wanting Ipods and sneakers instead of a education. So everytime something happens at that school, it is gonna make news.

    • JaZzIe91


    • MochaDreams

      Yup, she sure did! Now, how many students are in that school? A few hundred? I am sure there are American schools with a few THOUSAND students that haven’t had as many dramatic incidents as the good ol’ Leadership Academy. American children may not be perfect, but they should NEVER be considered second rate to some other children. It’s fine to want to bless children from other nations, but you can do it without bad-mouthing our kids.

  • Ktradez.

    When Oprahs baby died, she said she felt nothing, that she looked at like she had a second chance at life. So i guess this girl wanted to follow in oprahs footsteps. Wanted to rid herself of the shame & burden & especially if she Hadve heard or read oprahs reaction about her own pregnancy & baby. Smh that was not a good thing for a role model to say! Now look what u have done! Harpo did right beating ya “u tole Harpo 2 beat me”

  • Joyce

    How do you know the girls are a “h0es” G.M?? Stupid monkey men always are saying sh!t. R.I.P little baby.

    • G.M.

      u know what ur right, i dont know if she is a h0e…she’s just a 17yr old that wanted some d1ck, got pregnant, then killed her baby…so, she may not be a h0e but she damn sho is a baby killer

    • F8ck you simple debbie like hoe's

      GM being 17 in other countries are different from being 17 in the USA. What do you really know about statistics in South Africa…Whats real. These girls grew up in really bad environments you need to back the f*** down and stuff a dyck in your mouth for being a typical hateful attitude angry black male.

    • G.M.

      the fucc u talkin about…i didn’t say sh1t about statistics and i don’t give a damn about 17yr old girls in the USA…we don’t need statistics to know all the sh1t their doin, the ba$tard children are evidence enough lol…i dont give a damn how they grew up just like most u women dont give a damn about how a man grew up that abandons his kid, so how about u stuff the d1ck in ur mouth, you’d be a lot happier with one in there anyway

    • F8ck you simple debbie like hoe's

      Obviously your stupid azz is uneducated about pregnancy,divorce and poverty. Then if a man knows he’s broke he should wear a da*n condom! And put a condom on his dyck stop making sorry azz excuses for your ignorance. I am a happy person but you’re the sour azz hole so why don’t you take all of the dycks and jump on them for being stupid. You will not do the world a favor with this amount of ignorance.

    • G.M.

      i already know the poor and stupid spit out babies like its goin out of sale, u probably got some kids ur self by the sounds of ur idiotic sympathy driven comments…if its as bad as u say the b1tch obviously didn’t mind risking those outcomes for some d1ck and now a baby is dead becuz of her decision…article didn’t report about the guy, so i doubt he was even aware, and the girl put the baby in the bag, she’s to blame cuz she did it…all ur doin is tryin to justify her killin a baby cuz ur mad im callin a spade a spade and if they sewing up girls vagina obviously its stories like this that make them think they should keeo doin it…so get the fucc outta here with YOUR EXCUSES, the b1tch killed her baby but becuz she is poor it should be expected, ur dumb, probabl a future baby killer urself if not already smh

    • F8ck you simple debbie like hoe's

      If you still think that was justifying someone killing a child you really don’t get the world, crawl back into your sheltered rock and underneath your umbrella because you can’t handle the real world. You’re nothing but a ungrateful person who doesn’t know how good you have it.

  • Tala

    She may as well had opened up a school for underprivileged girls over here in the US, #justsayin, Oprah tryin to make a difference. All she is doing is putting wh*res on blast. Maybe i’m being biased though, cause I can’t stand Oprah *wompwomp

  • msbliss

    I h8te the fact she was too scared to seek help from any1 but we all know this story & its a sad part of our world. I’m sure she felt every1 would look down on her & she probably was overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed at this rare opportunity by her family & environment. I just hope ppl dnt push it all on oprah cause this wasn’t her fault & the media can be very petty & ready 2 throw stones @the few ppl who really are trying 2 make a difference in this world.

  • kissofdanger

    Getting preggers does not make you a hoe. I’m sick of all you women who have Stockholm Syndrome for misogyny. I truly feel for this girl.

  • Courtney

    in most Us states 17 is old enough to concent for sex. this story is so sad but not surprising at all.

  • Miss tahbee

    A rough environment is no excuse for reckless behaviour. There are resources available out there. People who can help her, yet she chose the easy way out. This girl was plain irresponsible. Condoms and other forms of birth control are there for a reason. RIP to the poor baby.

  • hey ummm

    Maybe she didn’t kill the baby, maybe the baby died during the pregnancy? Just a thought…

  • Dan

    #OHSH*T , it’s about to go down!!!


    @ QB 2/20/11, 06:56:PM
    True. Oprah is trying to give underpriviledge girls and opportunity to live out there dreams once they complete their education. I wish she would have come in my neighborhood to ask my daughter and a couple of her friends about what they wanted – Oprah understands that you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make them drink it..some things never change.

  • uhohitslelani

    Ummm her name is being brought up because A)it’s her school and B) she’s famous

    The reason the “head mistress” is being brought up is because that’s another scandal at the SAME school,so of course its going to be brought up.

  • EducatenotPenalize


  • ~ChynaPeach~

    I just love how people with money will take it elsewhere than where it came from in the first place. But hey its their money do what u want with it, I just know there are plenty of children right here in our own country that if given the chance with succeed and the best part would be they would help OUR society. All these celebs shell out millions to other countries and causes but we still have trouble getting money for Hurricane Katrina.

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