She Probably Doesn’t Like Cats Who Rock Dainty Blue Scarves

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Tyson Beckford was trying to get with a broad?!?:

At the opening of Megu restaurant’s club M Tuesday, Beckford was flirting with Victoria’s Secret model Noémie Lenoir. “He was playing with her hair and stroking her back,” said a witness who overheard the male mannequin purring, “Come on, give me a kiss.” Beckford – who left alone that night – had celebrated Lenoir’s birthday at Mr. West Lounge last week, but her rep told us, “They’re just friends.”

In case you missed Tyson and his little scarf swag, click the last thumbnail for a refresher…

Source, Photos: Wireimage

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  • Re

    1 time for your mind….

  • Re

    1 time for your mind

  • Aunt Viv

    Happy Friday Re!

  • Re

    Oh she’s a hottie…she was in Rush hour 3…the baddest lady with a bald head EVER.

  • Re

    Happy Friday Aunt Viv!

  • Bird

    He’s been getting a lot of press lately. He better come out with an album or something.

    Support black programming. Watch The Game tonight at 8:30 EST on The CW.

  • Aunt Viv

    She’s African…from Madagascar or something. So pretty. I believe she’s married too, which is prolly why Tyson left alone.

  • Aunt Viv

    Thank you Re 🙂

  • talley-b

    to Re

    Naw, one of the baddest bald women that i’ve ever seen is in that Ludacris video “i know what dem girls like”…..

  • Afiya

    HA HA…that was just for the camera.

    Tyson to Noemie – ‘who’s that guy with you?’ 😉

  • Re


    I never saw it, who was the woman?

  • kahmmillion

    Is his fly open?

  • reppin cabo verde& Africa

    noemie lenoir is from reunion. she is MARRIED to claude makelele a soccer player.

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (4-1) WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19h!!

    She’s cute. Of course she didn’t kiss him. She ain’t want to taste the next nucca’s azz.

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (4-1) WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19h!!

    @ NU

    I love ya but really a little TMI for a Friday morning 😀

  • whatever

    Pls. she is married to a fine as dark chocolate, professional soccer player. she aint stuntin tyson.

  • whatever

    Pls. she is married to a fine ass dark chocolate, professional soccer player. she aint stuntin tyson.

  • chaka1

    I don’t what Tyson likes. All I know is those eyes just make me want to rip of all my clothes and…

    Might be time to get me some coffee..

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Good for them. Black is beautiful

  • azdelish

    never was a fan of his…… plus he likes white women

  • Mike Jordan is a Trick

    They are just “girlfriends” believe that!

    She is married and everyone in the industy knows what Tyson REALLY likes and Chics ain’t it, LOL…

  • pat

    tysons hot regarldess…why are black women so bitter when they think a hot guy is gay or bi….its as if it makes them feel less than or less desired….dont take it personally…i think tyson loves girls anyway..if not do u tyson





  • stunnaz

    i swear she is from France(referring to someone who said she is from Africa, madgas..).

  • Dee

    Thanks to Terrance Dean these down lower brothers are getting easy to spot.

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