Slavery 2.0

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Is it just us or does McCain supporter James T. Harris sound like a slave, the 2.0 version. It’s ok if one of us supports McCain but damn, this guy acts like he is on a modern-day plantation. Here is his negro behavior yesterday at a McCain rally in Wisconsin:

Listen, want to say first of all, God Bless you Governor Palin, you are barracuda, we need that, I would also like to say Senator, God Bless you and for your leadership.”Senator, at the convention, you asked for us to fight, for you,” said the supporter. “I doubt there’s anyone in this room that’s, pardon me, taken the ass whoopin’ I have taken for supporting you, and for supporting your policies.” Sir, I believe that, the next coming debate, it is absolutely vital that you take it to Obama; that you hit him where it hits … The soft spot, We have the Good reverend Wright, we have all these shady characters around Obama, I am begging you sir, I am begging you, take it to him” he said, drawing another round of audience applause. McCain crossed the stage and hugged the man.

“Thank you,” said the senator. “Thank you for your courage. I believe your reward will be in heaven, not here on Earth.”

Poor thang. Livesteez has the video of this sickness.

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  • iluvprada




  • Sara

    McCain has Shady characters around him too – Sarah Palin and George Bush.

  • iluvprada

    YES WE CAN! Obama for President!

  • Lacombe Redbone

    Where’s the D.C.Sniper when ya need’em!!

  • Sydney

    Yup, this is the guy I saw in a video last night, but I didn’t realize he had also used the phrase “a** whoopin'” at a rally where he was the only chocolate speck I saw. Wow. Ignorance at its finest.

  • Jasgood

    What an a$$hole. Just a puppet of a man.

  • Sydney

    LOL @ Lacombe

  • mi pepe

    or maybe its not ignorance..and hes just speaking his opinion…..

  • He's Presidential

    Is this the one black person at the McCain hate rally yesterday.

  • Sydney

    And he was really begging, too, like “Massa, please go get that Negro, pretty please. . .”


    @ sexi ass texas chick

    I second that! SMDH! Sorry ass NEGROE…you are NO LONGER on the plantation…let that slave mentality go, PUHLEEZE!


    LOL! Lacombe Redbone…Hey mama!

  • Sharpton's perm

    This clown was the only Black person in the building.

    I think he came up thru a trap door.


  • dayg715

    LOL @ lacombe redbone!!

  • dayg715

    yeah, let mccain try to go there at the next debate. Obama will hand him his ass.

  • Necy

    I saw this crap last night!!! very disturbing stuff… and I believe that this is the same place where they started yelling ni**er and kill him, terrorist and other stuff when they would mention Obama’s name.. and on aol yesterday, they said that a black news person was pushed down and called n-word and a BOY when he was trying to ask Mclame a question… ????????????????????

  • just jaded

    omg. just omfg

  • Necy

    this sh*t is getting out of hand and the REDNECKS of Mcsame and Palin are tolerating this kind of behavior.. actually looks like they encourage it with the kinds of ads that they are running!!! they are hitting the lowest of the low to try to win this thing…. Wow!!

  • dayg715

    “i believe your reward will be in heaven, not here on earth”.

    that response in itself speaks volumes. but of course uncle tom is too stupid to realize it.

  • mswallst

    i like that we’re diverse in our opinions…and that we all don’t believe in the same things. just like they’re are people of all nationalities voting for obama let the jerks that want to vote for mccain vote for him! for some reason he doesn’t like obama’s politics and that’s cool but it would be interesting to see just how this man will benefit with mccain in the office…obviously he must be a veteran or in an extremely high tax bracket!

  • Necy

    yeah, his reward will be in heaven after they HANG is dumb ass!!! those dirty racist don’t like you stupid sh*t-head, get a fu**ing clue!!!!!!!!!!

  • pm

    His kids will look back at this video in shame one day… and the republicans just using his dumb ass.

  • Sydney


    Did you see the CNN interview last night with Dana Milbank of The Washington Post? He said that he has attended some of these rallies and has heard both racial slurs and threats of violence. I saw interviews with a few attendees who said they believe Obama is a terrorist. This is dangerous stuff.

    So, I’ve done some digging on Mr. James, who’s a radio host in Milwaukee, and he has posted some interesting things about Obama — whom he calls the “Chocolate Jesus” on his blog:

    “It started with the stupid move of appearing on the O’Reilly Report and saying that the surge “succeeded beyond our wildest expectations” (actually it succeeded according to plan). This stupid move pissed off his base.

    Now the chosen one is turning more backflips and making other boneheaded statements.

    On the military, Obama says, “I once considered joining…” Huh?

    On the Bush tax cuts, Obama now says, “I might delay rescinding the tax cuts.” What?

    And now he is now conceeding that maybe he may have been a little too flip with his “above my paygrade comment.”

    What’s going on? Why has the Chocolate Jesus lost his mojo?

    Two words… Sarah Palin.

    That speech last week… BLEW HIS CAMPAIGN TO SHREDS AND DELIVERED A MORTAL BLOW TO THE MEDIA! The paradigm shifted overnight. All of a sudden Biden looks like the old man and Obama looks passé.


  • White Devil

    When black people can disagree with each other and not call each other “uncle tom”. Then you will have taken a step forward. People were calling Sen. Obama an uncle tom because he talked about other issues besides racism at every turn unlike Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Do black people really have to all think alike? Is that good for you?

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