BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber’s Bowl Haircut Is No More

- By Bossip Staff

LOL, we had to throw that “Breaking News” in.

Because you know young girls the world over are feeling a way about this right now, talking/tweeting/texting/facebooking away.

Hate it or love it??

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  • SwirlOnSista

    *love it* another cute white boy, when he gets older… WOW.

  • purple love

    Wow he looks 12 I don’t see how girls over 13 are attracted to him

  • shawnie

    Ugh…nooo justin what did you do i sooo #hate it…Lol hope he grows his hair back…wonder if he had to notify usher???

  • kimberly

    justin why would you do that well its cutie but I still love you justin

  • I'm ze true silver hare


    GOD!! WHYY!!!!! I’ll KILL… Hm! Y wuld he do sch A thng??!>>!!!

    I CANT handle this…My Life is OVR!

  • Claudia

    God, that looks even worse. He looks even more like a gay activist lady from San Fran now.

  • kimberly

    wow justin you are geting a lot of bad raps for your hair cut well i love it

  • WCD

    LMAO@ Nana… “Justine”!! Was that a joke??

  • Luel14

    Ellen degeneras needs to have a seat.

  • Amber

    HAHA ikr

  • Laura

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    wow justin you are geting a lot of bad raps for your hair cut well i love it wow justin you are geting a lot of bad raps for your hair cut well i love it

  • Chaka1

    Who is this?

  • lah-lah

    looks cute…..good look for him.

  • Impulse Magazine

    I don’t like his new hair cut at all

  • kalifa

    dustbin beiber still looks like $hit…….

    maybe i’ll care when his nuts drop and he doesn’t sound like a lil white girl 😦

  • britneybritney

    People are really terrible. He’s just a child and hes an adorable child at that. My niece loves him and hes done nothing offensive so hes still good in my book.

  • Ugh...again?!?

    Who gives a fukg bout this little girl

  • Christie_love

    “Sam Ronson called,she wants her hair back!”

  • WTH!!??!!??

    OH MY… now you know there is a little 13 year old girl somewhere in the middle of America who is being rushed to the hospital because she is having a panic attack over this….

  • knowledge???

    This is a child… It is crazy because this little boy is talented but he is owned by a music company… so they portray him as a little heart throb… So he grows up and can’t even get a hair cut without grown folks posting on the world wide web that he is gay, a girl, stupid, etc… Then we wonder why these kids grow up so F*CK*D up… Poor baby… Please stay strong…

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  • Ugh....again?!?!?

    ….dont care wut yall say, still looks like a gay chik.. Lol

  • gabby

    hes stilll fine as helll 🙂

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