New Music = More Weirdness… Are You Feeling Lady GaGa’s New Get Ups???

- By Bossip Staff

Lady GaGa’s new jawn “Born This Way” is all over the radio and has already peaked at #1 on iTunes. With a brand new album coming out for her little monsters to get wasted too, Lady GaGa is also debuting new concert costumes for everyone to stare at while she performs…

Are You Feeling These Get Ups???

Weird is not the right word to describe what she has going on, maybe it’s more of the word… BIZARRE!!! We get the whole wanting to be creative and unique thing but Lady GaGa there was no way in hell you were “Born This Way”!!!


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  • Sandz

    I never understood how the meat dress was “art”….smh

    • mvgdf


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  • Christie_love

    Lady Gaga needs Jesus.

  • ShortStuff

    She has always been weird. Nothing new here….I do like her music though, but she should tone it down some.

  • Chaka1

    Lady GaGa is cool…

  • Hot Chocolate :)

    Real Talk this child needs an exorcist. She was staying at a hotel a friend of mine works in. As she was being escorted to her room, she kept making these crazy noises accompained with tremors. My friend thought she was having a seziure and was going to get her some help. One of Lady Gaga’s handelers then said “oh she just needs some pray”. He wasn’t concerned at all about her well-being as if it was a common thing for her to act this way.
    When it came time for them to clean her room, she left a horrible mess. There was blood all over the liens aand towels.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    *sighs* …this is just getting rather foolish now,ugh! & that piss yellow hair dye needs to go stat! lol

  • momo

    Stop hatin! Seesh! She’s an entertainer…what is she doing being entertaining! Beats rihanna plain walking back and forth on stage! Id like a SHOW! And when I went to a gaga concert that bish gave me Lights and a show! Seesh grow up ppl dressing odd is not new bjork..grace joans..etc etc

    • chaka1

      I have to admit that show was good. It was high energy and very entertaining. I went to Rhianna’s show a few years ago and it bored me tears. She honestly didn’t do anything but scream into the mic, walk back and forth, and spin around.

  • eman

    she weird

  • JustAshley

    I don’t bother with Lady Gaga. She’s wack.

  • IKnowRite

    she’s on her 14 minute of her 15 minutes of fame.

    she actually has talent, but she’s too insecure from past rejection to just rely on it alone.

    she is clearly NOT Madonna. Madonna OWNED it because that was who she was.

    Lady goo goo is not an original at all.

  • rea

    She honestly repulses me. I use to think she was “cool” when she first came out then I started to see her how fake she was and after that vma peformances with the blood i earsed the what? 3 songs or so I had of her on my ipod.

  • Blue Kid

    Lady GaGa can perform I give her that much and she does have talent.
    Pre-order F.A.M.E

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