WTF!!! State Of Michigan Orders Detroit To Close 50% Of City Schools!!!

- By Bossip Staff

This is a damn shame.

State education officials have ordered Robert Bobb to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district’s books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations.

This week, Bobb, the district’s emergency financial manager, said he is meeting with Detroit city officials and will set up a meeting with Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency to discuss consolidation opportunities in areas such as finance, public safety, transportation and other areas.

Bobb also is preparing a list of recommended school closures and Friday said layoff discussions are under way and would be announced closer to April, when notices would be issued. “We are moving forward with the plan,” he said “Right now my focus is on my transition plan and the DEP (deficit elimination plan).”

It would be nice if someone’s focus was on the kids right now, right?

Bobb’s last day with DPS is June 30. After that, the state plans to install another financial manager who must continue to implement Bobb’s plan, according to a Feb. 8 letter from Mike Flanagan, the state superintendent of public instruction.

In the letter, Flanagan said the Michigan Department of Education gave preliminary approval to Bobb’s plan to bring the 74,000-student district out of its financial emergency. As a condition of approval, Flanagan said Bobb cannot declare the district in bankruptcy during the remainder of his contract.

Bobb, appointed emergency financial manager in March 2009, filed his deficit elimination plan with the state in January, saying it would wipe out the district’s $327 million deficit by 2014. On Feb. 9, he told state lawmakers the plan is the only way DPS “can cut its way out” of its legacy deficit.

At the same time, Bobb said he doesn’t believe the proposal is viable because it would drive more students away, exacerbating the district’s financial emergency. But on Friday, Bobb confirmed he is working to implement the plan that will shrink the district to 72 schools for a projected 58,570 students in 2014.

“I believe the district can work its way out of these challenges,” Bobb said. “It will take some time. I am firm believer we have to continue to make the deep cuts, and they are going to be painful. In the long run, the district will be stronger. There can be no retreat.”

Bobb said he continues to work on an alternative plan — one similar to a General Motors-style restructuring — but has yet to release details or announce a sponsor for such a bill.

“Whatever comes out of the transition plan and whatever my new thinking is will be a part of that,” he said.

And the bad news continues. Among DPS’ fiscal challenges: An expected loss of $273.87 in its per-pupil foundation grant of $7,660. The loss is the result of a projected 83 percent property tax collection rate in Detroit for fiscal 2011. Last week, Gov. Rick Snyder proposed a $470 per-pupil cut for all Michigan districts.

A general fund budget strapped with annual fixed costs such as $52.6 million in pension costs, $44.6 million for health care, $26.8 million in utilities, $6.6 million in public safety and $3.5 million in unemployment. Continuing enrollment declines. DPS has lost 83,336 students in the last decade, leading to a loss in state aid of more than $573 million.

The district’s deficit grew by $100 million in the last year — to $327 million — forcing it to deepen its reliance on short- and long-term borrowing, which costs DPS $55 million a year in principal and interest payments.

SMH, too bad the federal government doesn’t consider school districts to be as good of an investment as banks.


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      This is exactly why I had to leave the “D”! They had already closed a bunch of school already! I mean they closed alot! This is crazy Detroit

  • Tree

    such a shame! is this america? They can give banks money but no one invest in education anymore. wow

    • Bopa

      The government does invest in schools by sending the states money to then disperse to the schools. The state of Michigan is in a bad financial state and Detroit is fairing even worse city wise.

  • tired of stupid news

    wow this is gonna be a mess closing schools… (blank stare)

  • freddyflo

    And guess who will be affected by this?!?!? The whites that can afford it already have their kids enrolled in private schools. We spending more money building Iraq and tearing down Afghanistan looking for a dead man. I bet they double the amount of prisons over that same time period. #SMH@ American priorities.

    • sommer

      Ok this is getting out of control. Adults are the reason we are in this mess, so why does the children have to suffer.

  • Do more reading

    Detroit = Ciudad Juárez

    • Andre83g6

      OHkay! Both governments (American and Mexican) gave up on these cities ( seems like) SMH!

  • Nicolai

    that is what 30-40 solid years of democrat rule will get you, insolvency and the structural failure of infrastructure. look at the problems in Detroit and tell me the last time they had a republican in charge ? I’m not saying one party is bad and the other is good, but when you let one party run a state for 30 years with no real competition … it leads to this.

    • Ok

      @ Nicolai. Schools didn’t close because of democrats. Schools closed because of lack of funding. Also Republicans want to privatize education which would be worse. It would turn grade schools and high schools into for profit organizations like colleges are. PEople can barely afford to go to college. What do you think is going to happen when they privatize education? And who do you think is going to open up those private schools..big fat cat corporations and banks. This is all a scam to privatize and keep wealth within that 10% of the population.

  • sheshe

    This issue is really close to my heart because I have worked with the children and community members in this district. They deserve the best and they are not getting anything close to it, in general. Detroiters a resilient but this is just ridiculous! There are so many brilliant minds who are being short-changed and Teachers and Administrators who are trying but have so much to fight against including constantly having the threat of a layoff and not recieving their weekly paycheck due to “hiccups” in the system. The current govenor is NOT going to show Detroit any favortism so this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. I foresee the govenor chipping away at Detroit until there is nothing left! BTW, Mayor Bing’s State of the City will be airing tonight…we shall see what he has to say about all of this. This is why voting is sooooo important. In Michigan vote or die is a real and so far I think the wrong vote was made.

  • Christie_love

    This decision surely will do more harm than good,Detroit already is challenged enough as it is. I feel sorry for the children.

  • mskayty

    This is truly a disaster, but there is simply NO MONEY. Schools are basically funded by their local tax base. If there’s nobody living in that locality to pay taxes, or the folks are poor, there is no money. The city is broke. The state is broke. The Federal Government could help, but then again, Rethuglicans are doing everything in their power to prevent America from becoming a “Nanny State.” I hate thus most of all, because my cousin whose wife suffers from terminal cancer will most likely lose his job, insurance and lovely wife in the process. I pray this won’t happen.

    • Ok

      There is tons of money. Lots of money to fund education from the Federal Government, but most of that money is funneled to the military and war efforts. The Federal Goverment funds education in for the states. State governments only dish out the money that they get from the Feds. It’s also up to the State government to regulate that education and determine the rules for their districts. Parent and the states could demand more money but most people have taken this backward Michelle Rhee attitude towards education: Close everything down and fire teachers. Stupid policy.

  • Jamila

    These schools have to maintain a certain number of students in the schools in order to get federal funding. These charter schools are taking all the kids away because of the attention these teachers can give these students. Not all charter schools are great bu they are on the right path. In this country can you tell me which state has all of there public schools rated excellent?None. America wake up. This is not about the government saving banks and what not. The parents are making the choice to pull their kids out of public schools because of poor education and that means these schools will lose federal fudning.

  • LaTanya

    I am so tired of this both of my boys are enrolled in an DPS school. Every year for the past four years they have been closing schools and because of this my boys have already been in 4 different schools. I finally got them in the same school that is actually a good school. My husband and I already decided that if their school is on the closure list that we are going to move out of the district. I am definitely a Detroit girl but we have to do what is best for our childrens education!

    • othello

      I’m really sorry to hear that. I wish you and your family the best.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    high school cla$$ sizes to 60 students

    These kids ain’t gonna learn sh*t with 59 other students in a cla$$, SMMFH…

  • Sukanya Nat Aoi

    Smh. Why is this countries piorities so f*cked up? Care more about celebrities, facebook, and twitter than us

  • yt

    If a city is rife with crime there will be no tax base to support basic services because those who actually pay the taxes are going to move away.

  • JustAshley

    This is terrible. SMH

  • othello

    How can I put this plainly?
    BIG GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE. Of course banks would be considered more viable than schools. Banks secure the monetary system. Public schools are just drone factories teaching remedial english, basic math, and propagandized history. Most of these politicians send their kids to private schools or public schools in districts that they control; are well funded; and are deemed untouchable. They could care less about anyone else. With all due respect, President Obama sends his girls to Sidwell Friends School. Sidwell Friends Middle and Upper Schools cost $32,960 per year (do the math). Any educational reform is a formality because these politicians would never ever ever ever send their kids to the schools they’re asking the people’s kids to attend. Only the people that live in the communities can save the community because…say it with me…BIG GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

    • My2Cent


  • MyReason

    @Nicolai…your information is incorrect. Michigan has a republican governor right now. We had a democratic gov for the last 8 yrs and prior to that we had a horrible republican gov-Engler who presided over MI for 11 yrs. In the last 40 yrs MI economy has been shaped primarily by a republican state govmt.

  • othello

    We really need to celebrate and support schools like Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy (urbanprep dot org). Take what they’ve done and duplicate it in our own communities. I believe big and small government has adopted a fend for your self policy that will leave a lot of people with out.

  • loc

    They r cuttin school funding here in texas too…its crazy how america has no money for education but entertainers make millions just for prancing on stage…here we care so much about celebs who dont give back more then we care about whats going on in our own neighbor hood

  • dummies

    Rflol do you remember the Lotteries were supposed to fun public schools lol now they allege they pay for roads but your taxes are higher lol

  • Detroit

    Reason I moved out of Detroit to the suburbs. I hated leaving because that’s my home, but the condition the school system is in is due hugely to decades of greed. The people that were in charge of the budget and blew it up for decades were other black Detroiters on the board stealing the money from the kids. Corruption is rampant throughout Detroit politics. Detroit will never be right until there are people in power who care about pushing the city forward instead of trying to steal money from it!!!

  • dummies

    Solution: do what we teachers at public schools do send our children to private school. Then we want need public schools!

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

      After reading your comment…I HOPE that you’re NOT a teacher.

  • dummies

    This year 60,000 young teachers will graduate from college $40-60,000 in debt and there wont be any jobs! Oh well they can always wait tables at Applebees or compete with the illegals for 8.50 an hour!

  • jt

    obama is the bes president ever! yes another victory! so rember 90% of african americans votefor him again on 2012

  • Herudagod

    Detroit is going to be like wisconsin,Egypt and those other countries in a few and so will the whole US soon, because sh!t is about to hit the fan.

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