The Wait Is Over: Melo’s Move To NYC Is Official

- By Bossip Staff

The “Melo-Drama” may not have been as dramatic as Bron’s decision, but still: we’re all glad it’s over.

And while the Knicks’ acquisition of Carmelo Anthony may not be a surprise, the lengths they went to to get him are pretty impressive… or rather desperate, depending on how you look at it.

James Dolan pulled the trigger Monday night on a blockbuster deal for Anthony, the Brooklyn-born All-Star forward and former Syracuse standout, who for months was angling for an opportunity to join forces with Amar’e Stoudemire in New York. It’s all part of the Knicks’ ambitious plan to eventually add either Chris Paul or Deron Williams next year and give the club its own Big Three to compete against Miami and Boston.

The price for Anthony was steep, as the Knicks traded Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and rookie center Timofey Mozgov to the Denver Nuggets. They also gave Denver $3 million in cash plus a 2014 first-round pick and two second-round picks they had acquired from Golden State in last summer’s sign-and-trade with David Lee.

The Knicks get Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman and Anthony Carter. In a separate deal, the Knicks traded Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to the Minnesota T-Wolves, who in turn will reportedly send Corey Brewer to the Knicks. As a condition of the deal, Anthony will get a 3-year, $65 million extension.

Congrats New York Knicks fans! You probably still have no hope of seeing a championship any time soon.


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      They still can’t see Miami or Boston…or Orlando for that matter. They’ll be the 4th best in the east, which is like the 7th or eight best in the west. This team is no better than Denver was, but a hell of an upgrade location wise.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    They still aint gonna win shyt…GO LAKERS 3 PEAT TIME

    • jmagic

      unlike Lebron,carmel actually had a better team without him and still couldnt beat the LAkers so he’s not gonna do shyt in New York because they just gutted the whole team to get him

  • shaq

    dumb trade! his wife making moves for him lol. SPURS STILL #1!!

    • Headnukkancharge

      Now we know who wears the pants in that house. What’s worse, when that collective bargaining agreement comes out, salaries are gonna go WAAAAAAY down. In all likelihood, he prolly left $50 million on the table. Talk about punana-whipped…

    • The Alchemist

      Get your facts straight – he signs a 3 yr extension under the current CBA. It’s the max deal. He isnt leaving anything on the table.

    • shaq

      @The Alchemist…he is leaving something on the table….HIS BALLS

  • Ms.Live@5

    WooooW, need to spray the whole Damn front office that was the worst trade ever and Anthony ain’t that good of a player. Damn it the man ain’t no team neither. They got rid of all those players for that one man who’s that dude that did that. Oh well #1 Knicks Fan as we lose AGAIN….

  • BballChick

    @Ms.Live lmfaooooo have hope. With Amare, the team has been resurrected since Ewing’s departure. Now that we’ll get Melo and Billups, we have a chance… increase our wins. A championship is a pretty steep desire at this point. I think the Knicks love giving away money however. They spent about 100million or more on Amare, and now this for Melo. Imagine if they would’ve gotten Lebron!

  • Headnukkancharge

    Season ticket holders lose again…this is why I will never go to a sporting event. Thank god for TV…

  • 233rd whiteplains

    @ headnukancharge

    your stupid , melo didnt leave anything on the table, knicks offering him 65 mill over 3 years plus another 20 million next year. your are a nukka , but your not in charge of jack sh*t. dumbazz

    • Headnukkancharge

      You responded, did’nt you? Dumb azzz…


    The only bad part about this trade is the Ray Felton has about 8 more years left in the tank as opposed to Chauncey’s 1-2 years tops. Felton was stone ballin’ this year but Chauncey is a vet that knows how to get it done so no immediate loss there. But Melo is top 3 in the league no matter what anybody says, trust me Wilson Chandler is nice but Melo at the 3 is a problem for Miami AND Boston in the playoffs. Atlanta just fell outta the mix too! Chicago matches up best with this new line-up so let’s hope they don’t meet up early in the play-offs. And Orlando, hmmm how to say this? Turkoglu wants NO PARTS of Melo, Amare is too smart for DH (wow what a statement) and Chauncey str8 abuses Jameer Nelson nuff said.

  • Headnukkancharge

    The Nuggets made out like bandits…in return the Knicks get a chubby foward that can’t play defense. They are going to be the worst defensive team EVER…Boston and Miami is gonna wipe the floor with them. Cleveland should have done what Denver did.


    @Headnukk, keep it real. The Knicks last went to the playoffs when? And although each of those guys traded for Melo can play they all contributed to a losing a$$ team. Melo and Chauncey alone make the Knicks a playoff team, Amare is a beast and yet again Landry Fields works hard as hell… throw Corey Brewer in there and you have a solid perimeter defender Melo D’s up when it’s on the line and Chauncey will outsmart guys on the defensive end he’s been a champion. Give credit where it’s due…

    • shaq

      I get tired of people using the “chauncy billups is a champion” argument!!! if hes such a champion…why haven’t the Nuggets won anything yet???!!! with Carmelo on his side!!!

    • Headnukkancharge

      Think that’s gonna be enough to beat Boston? Chauncey is past his prime…Rondo is gonna eat him up. Get Chris Paul, and I’ll change my mind.
      Not a Boston fan at all, but I can’t even see Miami beatng them in a seven-game series for at least another year.

  • LadiWisdom

    Smh..1 game over in the east but yet none of us can even remember they were even relevant lol..theyre relevant now though huh?with Amar’e alone as i said..Melo will only improve things more..dont think anyone is sayin theyre gonna be a perfect team right now..but somehow ppl still have things to say,smdh..oh well..the city of NY is happy,all that matters..everyone else can just keep talkin their nonsense as long as NY keeps gettin better slowly but surely

  • eman

    lakers are still better but this dose bring the nba back alive again with more good teams again

  • I'm Alive

    And the knicks still don’t have a bench.. The Heat Celtics Bulls and Hawks are still wayyyyy better then the knicks.. Why because they have a team. The knicks aren’t gonna win with 2 1/2 players. U need a team with a bench the nuggets fans shud be really happy bout this trade because they won if the nuggets play there cards right not only can they be better than the knicks but they can also be a young talented upcoming team like the trailblazers or the thunders if they play with the right system because they have the talent to do so.

  • spade

    knicks made a good move for 2012. after they acquire Chris Paul who makes Felton obsolete they will have a big 3. Boston is going to make their last run this year before the team gets broken up. NY will only have to worry about Chi and Mia in the east. And LA and San are about to be washed. GO KNICKS… in 2012

    • shaq

      San Antonio will never be washed!!! dude…its been proven over and over again! i know all these other sorry teams wish they would just go away, but it will never happen. SORRY

  • shaq

    uhhhh the Spurs are the best team in the nba…by far

  • shaq

    where’s the ring??? i ALMOST did a backwards flip dunk…but guess what….ALMOST isnt good enough

  • I'm Alive

    F.Y.I idk if ppl know but Deron Williams Chris Paul Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin all wanna be future lakers. So if Chris Paul doesn’t sign with the lakers then he may think about goin to the knicks. U sound like u kno nothin bout sports they washed really but u still gotta go threw them the knicks will still be a 6-8 seed at best for a while now so if ur knick fan don’t get to hype ova championship cuz it ain’t happening captain. Like I said celebrate Melo comin now cuz this will be the only thing u b celebrating. Not hatin just Statin. Ppl havin high hopes and when they start losing man I hate to see new york the Mecca of cocky ppl..


    @I’m alive, it’s the wave of these soft a$$ stars today they buddy up trying to get that elusive ring. Magic played in LA his entire career, Bird, Isaiah even Alex English held on in Denver till they shipped him outta there. But this started with Barkley and Drexler team hoppin but nobody talks about that. As it stands the facts are the facts the Knicks got better immediately. Can you even tell me what any of the traded players have done for NY? Gallinari was the best player Denver got and believe me he’s in for a rude awakening… the West is gonna chew his a$$ ALIVE!!!

  • I'm Alive

    @shaq the spurs may have the best regular season record. But that doesn’t mean ur the best team ur not best until u take out tha champs with the rings last time I check it was the lakers back to back may I add. Yes they having problems but never count them out because they have what it takes to 3peat. Because they have Black Mamba & the best coach in sports period who got so many rings he needs a new set of hands.

    • shaq

      last time I checked the Spurs were named THE BEST TEAM IN SPORTS for the decade. and when was the last time Phil Jackson actually coached a team??? lets put him with the Cavs and see how good he is…

  • 1 HATED ON

    Glad NY finally made the move…Wonder what Melo’s new number gone be…

  • I'm Alive

    @real4real yes, I can they brought a team back to new York a team that can play hard if they have the right coach who wants you to play defense. I can almost promise u if they had a coach like doc rivers or anotha defense coach that actually wants to teach his team defense tha knicks easily would of been in the top 5 in the east. There young and they play hard and u have more than two players that can get there own points…that teams wouldn’t necessary concentrate on like a melo or Amare.. The only thing knicks have gotten better at from this trade is bringing a even bigger talent then Amare who doesn’t play defense. Melo is a good offensive player. He is bringing hype to the knicks not a championship. Once a team like Chicago or Celtics get a hold of the Knicks it’s a wrap because they have a team if one or two players get tired or a team focus there defense on d.rose or kg Allen pierce the celtics and bulls have an actually team that can score points back if there stars aren’t the knicks doesn’t and that something the knicks traded away.

  • @PrinceofLlebona

    I’m proud. but I almost don’t care. But in a way I do cause jay z can now lsu back and have some babies cause mello gone b winning.

  • spade

    I said ABOUT TO BE WASHED! I guess only time will tell and I will be right.

  • Headnukkancharge

    @ shaq
    Crow all all you want about the Spurs, but they are not gonna beat the Lakers in a seven game series if Odom gets out of Kardashian’s cooch and Bynum stops playing like a 7ft. softee…the Lakers have too much length.

  • Akisha

    Melo hooked up w/ my girl too. Lala should be going to the clinic every week.

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