The Dead Have Arisen

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It’s about time Maxwell brought his fine ass back on the scene. Here he is performing at Radio City Music Hall with opening act, Jazmine Sullivan. She is thicker than a snicker and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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  • Aunt Viv

    Where’s the new album Maxwell?!?!?!

  • Ummmmmmmm

    Welcome back Maxwell…..

  • trishaann


  • elle

    Lord I love this man………

  • bae19

    he aight…

  • bobonic

    is her fly open?

  • always knew

    Nice! Good to see Maxwell and Jasmine!…


    Maxwell my baby!!!!!! muah!!!!!!!!!

  • nat

    I went and he was so damn good, he sang his butt off, he hasnt lost a thing, a hell of a performance to a sold out nyc crowd….He sang a couple of new songs, but never said when his album if any was coming out. the whole audience was giving him mad love last night… Hes still the man!!!!!!!

  • dayg715

    where did they dig him up from?

  • Doagae

    I thought that was Jennifer Holiday…..

  • santy

    so fine with his puerto rican and black self!!!!

  • tiredofitall

    Maxwell still can get it….Call me…

  • suitelady

    Oh no no no sweetie! He’s been mine since the day he was crawling around on the floor in Till the Cops Come Knockin (I still get hot and bothered just thinking about that video) and I have been a crazy stan ever since! Beyonce stans ain’t got NOTHING on me and my Maxwell.

    THANK YOU JESUS for bringing the love of my life back!


    Umm excuse me, I think you and Kesha can step aside because Maxwell’s ultimate STAN is right here…lol. Til this day Maxwell still gets my juices flowing and his albums stay in HEAVY rotation. Can’t wait til see him and his luxury;cococure self in concert lol

  • Carla

    Now if Maxwell can put the crack pipe down for one week, lol…..

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    Yes! I love a positive Maxwell post.

    && Jasmine is a blessed and talented…21 yrs. old and she gets to tour with the Great Maxwell. [♥]

  • Black.Woman

    Jazmine. Love her voice. yes, she will be blessed.

    Maxwell. 🙂

    The return of good music. Yay.


    Maxwell has always been a breed apart in the music game. His shyt stay tight and he’s one of the most musical diverse singers ever. He could afford to do it in his time. He was never about tripe and throwin’ shyt out just to keep up. No. His varied flows and kaldescope of musical spirits won’t allow it. Welcome back son. Welcome back.

  • DrmKpr

    Yall are making me so damn excited!!!!!!!!!!! I will be seeing him next Sunday and I am already losing my mind…. Maxstan…. all day everyday… my Maxwell loving ass has slept outside on more than one occassion to get front row seats… and that time outside was so worth it! Front row seats at a Maxwell concert…. the ultimate orgasmic high!!!! This will be my tenth concert and I can honestly say he has never disappointed me and I know come this Sunday I will be losing my mind from the moment he steps foot on stage!!!!!!!

  • hjsh


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  • Oshie / who lives in a muthaphukkin pineapple under tha muthaphukkin sea?

    Jazmine Sullivan is overrated.


  • Ms. Yaya

    omgg i love Maxwell

    i miss his hair though 😦

    but he is still sexier than ever

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  • ggi

    What is up with the ring? I love him sooooo much, but I heard he was married to a women who is not of color. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but can someone please confirm whether this is true.

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