Eric Benet On Halle Berry: “Hell Yeah We Used To Call That Crazy B*tch ‘Halle Scary'”

- By Bossip Staff

LMAO! The look on his face says it all…

According to TMZ reports:

Back when Eric Benet dated Halle Berry — there were rumblings that his friends had a “scary” nickname for the actress based on a side of her personality most people don’t get to see … and yesterday in Burbank, he didn’t exactly deny it.

We get it homie, it’s all good, you’re a lil shook at just the mention of your ex-wife. We’re sure your not the only one with a nickname for this silly broad, so many men have kicked her to the curb she GOT to know she a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.

We’d love to hear your best caption for this picture!

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  • V

    Get a life – it’s been over for years

    • gsdg

      😛 😛 😛 I love this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

      i met him via —– Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M—-

      The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • purple love

    Lmao I’m sure she crazy as hell but where he come from? Worry bout dat cd luv

    • Amber "im liberated"

      LMAO ♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤

    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      Halle Who ? Have you seen my new boo? She’s half Italian & loves my meatballs. Let me play some of this Mp3 man holla!!!!!!

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    STFU! We all have our time when we spazzed out, that doesn’t mean ur crazy.

    • chaka1

      Leave Halle alone!!! The black girl comes out in her every now then. So what?

    • mad mike

      After you have been single for x amount of years it does.

  • Pearls n Polos

    Whatever….I used to like Eric Benet, but he played himself. He cheated on her numerous times, and she kicked his no good behind to the curb, and refused to acknowledged his daughter.

    Hello you clearly hurt her, now you wanna share your thoughts. Eric pls leave her alone, worry about the fact Prince snub you and Manuela from the essence party….Bet you wont say Jack about Prince, LMAO

    • Bey-nonsense

      LOL EXACTLY Pearls n Polos

  • lele

    I love Halle, but just because you are an attractive woman does not mean you don’t have a f**ked up personality or anger problem. People are quick to judge by what someone looks like on the outside. Most of this model type women are so hung up on them selves that they think their shyt don’t stink. They know how to be all smiley and humble in front of a camera though. I always wonder how a woman that is so attractive has relationship problems and men cheat on them. Something ain’t right.

    • sasha

      i see the point you are making, but a lot people do not know that Halle says her father was an abusive man. i know that you didnt necessarily say that halle has a messed up attitude, but that is what you are getting at, and i want to remind you that unless you have spent time in a person’s presence, you know nothing about their character. I myself am told frequently that i am an attractive woman and i get approached a lot, but i also had what i and many would call a turbulent childhood. i long for a right relationship but PEOPLE are warped. not just one pretty girl.

      men these days can’t keep their piece in their pants and i dont know about you, but i dont want that in my relationship. eric benet was cheating, and with the number of men i hear that cheat and have cheated on me, or approached me cheating on whomever they were “with”, i dont doubt that this may have happened to halle.

      people that make statements like what you made, are the problem. you are not trying to see from both sides. you dont know what someone went through and you just gonna call them crazy … eff anyone who says that. dueces

    • jiminey cricket

      your right lele. something is just not right. @ sasha YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ANYONE GOES THROUGH PERIOD. ALL OF HOLLYWOOD AND THE WHOLE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY PUTS AT LEAST A LITTLE OF THEMSELVES OUT THERE TO BE JUDGED. there comes a time in your life where you reflect back and address the big issues in your life. she is around 40 years old. why do you so readily believe her father abused her? she needs to take note from Denzel and Will Smith and keep her business to herself. I dont recall lele calling halle crazy???? its obvious you are going through man problems but dont put words in peoples mouths. lele simply said something aint right. if u dont believe that then u have cloudy judgment. to be the woman she states who she is and then going through men like there is no tomorrow, IN THE PUBLIC EYE. all the horror stories we here. i do believe there is bits of truth in these stories. she obviously has trouble looking for the right man. she wanted to be settled down with children right now. you notice how quick she had a kid with this dude??? she barely got to know him! hollywierd has really gotten to her like most who make it there. Get real. anyone with wisdom can see what hollywood does to most people, (or bring out).

  • star

    He cheated on her numerous times and tried to get spousal and child support. Although, the child is not Halle’s. He is a loser.

    • Lynnett

      Apparently u see a problem w/ men asking for spousal support, but u had no problem w/ Halle asking for the same from David Justice. He stated in Ebony Man Magazine (find it online in Jet) that Halle was looking for a $1mil plus in a settlement. What this means is she is looking to punish him for leaving her & being the petitioner on the divorce. All that glitters isn’t gold.

  • Christie_love

    I hope that Eric Benet truly left the past in the past, he needs to concentrate on making sure that his up coming marriage to Manuela Testiolini is successful.It wasn’t meant to be for he and Halle.

  • Christie_love

    Eric Benet is a handsome man,but he looks so devilish in this pic. I hope that he does not cheat on Manuela like he cheated on Halle throughout their entire marriage.

    • WhateverWorks

      …too late

  • stfu eric n friends

    Every abusive man or woman says that about a female or child that objects to bulling betrayal or abuse! Yes fu*k you no excuse or explanation required. HALLE MS ROSS AND BEY WILL NEVER LET HATERS CONTROL THEM!

    • ..

      Yup Yup. I may not be a fan of Bey but i love the way she manage her personal life and keep the media out for the most part! Halle too! Halle a good a$$ mother too, you can tell by the pics and the way she’ll cuss a photographer out if they get too close. I love it.

  • ..

    All these women here who are saying how “crazy” Halle is just know that your ex-man is saying the same thing about you. when you drop a sorry man they always say you crazy!!!

    • The Beautiful One


  • !!!!FYI

    .. 2/22/11, 10:03:AM

    All these women here who are saying how “crazy” Halle is just know that your ex-man is saying the same thing about you. when you drop a sorry man they always say you crazy!!!


    • JustAshley

      THANK YOU!!!!

      That’s what every dude says about his ex! She’s crazy. It was her fault I cheated….etc

      I’m still trying to figure out what it is about her behavior that makes people- who don’t even know her cosign on the crazy accusations.

  • Fasho

    a lady that looks like that and cant keep a man…it got to be her…white and black dudes dont want to mess with her.

  • w

    LEAAAAAAAAVE HALLE ALONE!!! Halle Berry, Halle Berry…luv you baby!

  • IKnowRite

    …….of course this is what this “has been” “supa fReak” would say.

    don’t get me wrong, he’s still hott………..but, he’s just as crazy as she is.

    Next story please!

  • JustAshley

    I could see her being crazy IF she was sleeping with married men….or talking about how she keeps a vial of her husbands blood around her neck….or if she made out with her brother…..or adopting a kid from every continent….but she hasn’t done any of that.

    So why do people claim she’s crazy?

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    Thank you!!

    and LOL @ everyone saying she can’t keep a man. If I recall right Erics had quite a few relationships of his own. Why can’t a man be seen as not being able to keep a woman? Why does it all have to be on her??

  • Jay

    We all knew Halle was a scary B1tch who likes to yell alot. Most of them high yellow and redbones smell like fish sticks and yell and cry like spoiled milk when they angry. Halle hasn’t met the man who would left hook her like her father use to do to her mother. Of course the Negro women are all in favor of Halle Berry yet none are in favor of the black man telling the truth. A black man cant tell the truth about a loud mouth black female without getting some flak. This is why Wesley snipes slapped her up. B1tch tried to get real loud with a black G and got her behind put on her azz. She aint been with a real black man since.

  • Just chillin

    When was the last time Eric Benet came out with a hit record? He has more to worry about today than Halle.
    It’s over so move on..why are his thoughts and comments even relevant or news.

  • Stiletto21

    @Dahonesttruth….you are definitely telling the truth. That’s such an annoying double standard!

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      OKAY – you see my point?

      Halle could very well have relationship issues. Alot of girls who are abandoned by their fathers, namely black girls who like Halle are abandoned by their black fathers so often, do tend to have bonding and trust issues when it comes to relationships. But what I’m saying is if a woman who has a few relationships that end badly it must be herand her relationship issues but a man can have double the failed relationships and its still the womans fault. That is so pitiful and is the reason women are leaving men left and right today.. Men, namely black men, can be horrible partners and not even have theability to work on it because they don’t even see it due to the pressures put on a woman, namely black women, to make a relationship work today…

  • daahlingnikki

    Whats sad is that it’s been like 10 years since their divorce and he is still Mr. Halle Berry…

    • ColorPurple

      It’s been 6 yrs since their divorce 01/05/05. U must be referring to David Justice. He divorced her 04/1997. Note, she was seeing Eric off/on while still married to David. During that off time she was seeing Shemare Moore.

  • cain

    I’d take Ms. Berry EVERYDAY of the week & twice on Sundays… gotta know how to handle her, Man-style!!!!


    balle herry lol

  • CK

    Halle missed some hugs from her father, so probably not balanced when it came to a man’s love. I’d take her on as a fixable project though.

    • 100milesperhour

      You’re wrong. He was on Oprah post-split & he talked about his marriage to Halle. His daughter was not on the show with him at that time.

  • 100milesperhour


    You’re wrong. He was on Oprah post-split & he talked about his marriage to Halle. His daughter was not on the show with him at that time. That’s what made me change my opinion of him.

  • Gypsy

    Why is it when a woman drops some “men” they always want to talk crap about her?

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