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Here is Kobe Bryant with his wife Vanessa and daughters Natalia and Gianna at his Hand And Footprint Ceremony in Hollyweird over the weekend.

Aww, the girls are getting so big. Peep more pics below:

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  • purple love


    • Amber "im liberated"

      love those girls. the look like really smart kids. especially the older one.♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤

  • MsNebraska

    sorry but the kids arent cute…the helga (hey arnold) unibrow has to go…

    • bellarose84

      thank YOU for saying what I have always thought..and his wife remind me of the count

    • tommykimon

      I agree these two weren’t a cute mix. He should have gotten with Kimora Lee all of here kids turn out beautiful.

  • ugly dude

    It really helps for big ugly black guys to mate with females from other races.

  • Chile Please

    I luv Kobe and those kiddies r so beautiful! Tha oldest looks like her mami and tha little looks like Kobe. Very beautiful fam!

  • w


  • smhhonceagain

    dont understand how ppl can come on this site and cuss the appearance of little children? Would u want anonymous GROWN people judging the looks of YOUR own children?? puhleaseee

  • Desi

    I agree wit tha person above talkin about these kids is just wrong! Its a shame all these black women hatin because they dont like tha fact Kobe married a latina! Im a black lady and im not hatin and i think the kids r cute and i think Vanessa looks nice. STOP HATIN LADIES!!!!

    • Boomboomroom

      Bytch STFU ain’t nobody hating. And I doubt that you are BLACK!! Hence you name: Desi!! Meaning Indian. I always find it funny when non-Blacks come on here pretending to be Blacks just so they can get some shyt started.

      @DaHonest No that nucca ain’t doing right by his fam. He is still screwing White girls in the azz in hotel rooms. And getting “paternity suits” by White groupies.

  • Desi

    1st of all boomboomroom Desi is short for Desiree! And i think that i would know if im a black woman or not seeing that ive been black all 26 years of my damn life! U and some of these woman r hatin because she aint black! It doesnt matter what color u r love is love and just because u dont like what race his wife is u dont have hate on tha kidz!

    • Boomboomroom

      Bytch this is a “freethinking” blog site and just because Black women are not all up some Black mans azz doesn’t make there opinions any less valid. Kobe is a colorstruck, loathsome worm of a man. His wife is a goldigger and his kids are OK!! I’ve seen prettier mixed kids. That is my opinion and “I am sticking to it.” And Black women are “calling it as they see it.” So STFU!!!

  • Brother John


    Please don’t be black, pretty please….be white or something because you are hands down the most ignorant poster on this blog without question. Be white please because the ignorant shyt you post is below black women who in my opinion are articulate, bright and full of self confidence….not bitter, rude, argumentative and misinformed like you….”Please be white”

    • Boomboomroom

      You know what is funny? I’ve said that same prayer about many of the Black male posters in here. From Daywalker, Marques, No name, Keep it Real etc. However, I slowly have had to come to the realization that these are angry, self-loathing Black males. I like you would LOVE to believe that Black men have better self-esteem, self-worth and pride. However, I have come to the realization that many of them DON’T. Now I have accepted that fact. Why can’t you?

  • Desi

    Thank u Brother John! I couldnt have said it better myself! I dont understand y some ignorant people make my all people look so bad! Were not all like that!

  • thesaneone

    @Boomboomroom…just stop already. u sound ridiculously ignorant.

  • 2dimplzs

    What the HELL does the oldest girl have on???? That sweater DOES NOT match her skirt!!!! Is it just me who thinks this??? And why is Vanessa ALWAYS putting big ugly bows in those girls’ hair???

    • MacMoon

      Why does your puzzay stank?

  • loc

    i am so tired of the people that post on here. Yall turn everything into a color issue. anytime someone makes a comment you disagree with they have to be a self hater or a non black or whatever yall think…when i go on perez…hilton or t/m/z i dont see white folks calling each other self loathers and such…get it together ppl

  • Brother John


    Could you please stop acting as if you’re the voice for the majority of black women by using “WE”, “Us Black Black Women” please keep your lunacy to ya gat-dam-self cause with a family of strong, confident and successful Black Woman as my reference point when I look at black women you clearly don’t represent any of them…..

  • Brother John


    Could you please stop acting as if you’re the voice for the majority of black women by using “WE”, “Us Black Black Women” please keep your lunacy to ya da$%self cause with a family of strong, confident and successful Black Woman as my reference point when I look at black women you clearly don’t represent any of them.

  • Boomboomroom

    Yeah but the ABM crew love to bash Black women based on THEIR choices. And desperately want us to believe that there choice in non Black women is based solely on Black womens supposed “flaws.” Ain’t that some shyt. I continue to say the same thing. A Black man with a White woman SHOULDN’T reflect Black women. However, Black men of today SAY DIFFERENTLY!!! For whatever reason they can’t “love up” on de White womenz without putting Black womens name in there mouths. Hmmm?

  • Barry Dow

    The kids are ugly!!!

  • Brother John


    I agree completely with those names being listed as ignorant and disrespectful, some you can honestly do it for a rise is the sistas while others seem to believe what their saying…I have called them out in the past behind that ignorant shyt because I’m offended when they attempt to paint all black women with a brush because MY mother, daughter, sisters, cousins and nieces are all black and to slight them behind their lack of respect for black women and basically themselves don’t stand with me at all…The most ignorant of them all Marquis De Sade…He clearly has issues.

  • Brother John

    Boomboom & Marquis need to have a room just for the two of them to do what they do so well just between the two of them and let others have a more insightful and mature convo…

  • Brother John


    Care to try again?? That only goes to show if its of substance your comprehension and attention span are inferior and short at best however I think you skip over anything with intelligence and look only for your counterparts ( The brothas you mentioned ) so that you can do ya thang…you know the whole ignorant sista vs the ignorant brotha thing…Ya’ll are truly perfect for each other..

  • ugly dude

    Kobe and them want black folks to envy their light blub kids and wives. Really! I dont trip you gotta hear white men talk about them f**king monkeys beast gorillas lol. Those women get black men because they came from bs! And white men wont give them $5 for it! Lol Those girls hate thoes niccas and try to get all they can before they get old YOU SHOULD HEAR THEM TALK! ANYWAY THOSE NICCAS ALWAYS END UP BROKE WITH BECKY AT THE BLACK FAMILY REUNION!

  • KJ

    Yep Kobe so into himself he can’t even show up at the statue ceremony for Jerry West. The man who made it possible for him to become the black MAAMBA.

  • Brother John

    @ugly dude

    You should have gone with “Ignorant Dude” because no matter what you change your name to it still sounds like you, ignorant, misinformed, jealous and bitter….LMAO, what a joke..

    • Boomboomroom

      Uhmm This Ugly Dude person isn’t me!! But obviously there is more than one person in here that agrees with what I am saying. Not everybody spends there day licking the trifling Black mans azz like some of the desperate sistas up in here.

  • sheka

    the kids are cute but she over dress them at the games they looked like they are in a easter program at the lakers game!

  • Fab1

    dressed for a costume party as usual…ri-di-cu-lous…pretty clowns!!!

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