This Old Lady Is An O.G. For Real!!

- By Bossip Staff

Don’t let Betty Neumar’s mugshot fool you: she’s a stone cold killer.

All five of Betty’s husbands died under suspicious circumstances, but she’s managed to avoid prosecution until now.

This 79-year-old grandmother has left a trail of five dead husbands in five different states over the last 56 years.

Now the ‘black widow’ is due to go on trial for hiring a hitman to kill her fourth partner.

Betty Neumar, of Georgia, tried three times to find someone to kill Harold Gentry in the six weeks before his bullet-riddled body was found in 1986, authorities say.

The Augusta widow’s trial for three counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder has been delayed to give a new prosecutor more time to prepare a case.

Mr Gentry’s brother Al said his health is failing and he is running out of time to see the trial happen over the July 1986 death.

‘I can’t do it much longer,’ the 65-year-old, of Rockwell, said. ‘But I know I have to stay strong and speak for my brother. He doesn’t have a voice.’

He has been trying to get investigators to re-open the case into his brother’s death for two decades, before Neumar was arrested in 2008 and then released in 2009.

Neumar, whose trial was expected to have started on February 7, has been married five times since the 1950s and each union ended with her husband’s death, authorities discovered.

Investigators in three states reopened several of the cases but have since closed them, and she has only been charged in the death of retired soldier Harold Gentry, of Norwood, North Carolina.

Michael Sills, whose father Richard was Neumar’s third husband, wants police to reopen his father’s death in 1967, which was ruled a suicide.

‘I know what Al is going through,’ he said.

Neumar met Richard Sills in the 1960s in Jacksonville, Florida, but his body was later found in the bedroom of their Big Coppitt Key mobile home in April 1967.

Neumar said he pulled out a gun and shot himself after they had an argument, but after she was charged in North Carolina, Florida authorities took another look at his death.

They found that he may have been shot twice, not once as Neumar had told police, but no autopsy was performed at the time so there is no way to know if the death was suicide or homicide.

Georgia authorities closed their re-examination of the death of her fifth husband, John Neumar, after saying they have no evidence she was involved.

Ohio investigators also closed their investigation of the 1970 shooting death of her first husband, Clarence Malone.

But details about her second husband, James Flynn, are sketchier after she told investigators he ‘died on a New York pier’ in the mid-1950s.



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  • mr.make.ya.feelgood


  • Yeah I said it

    O.G. she surely is….an OLD GOAT….

  • Amber "im liberated"

    she looks like an albino version of James Brown.

    • Divine

      BWHAHAHAHAHA! You made me spit out my coffee! LOL!!

  • Chocolate Nightmare

    Seriously!!! What was wrong with getting divorces? They r an option……. just saying.

  • ms.brilly

    Okay, I’m a little under the weather so maybe I’m not reading this right. Based on the last two paragraphs, her first husband was killed in 1970 and her second husband was killed in the 50s. So did she come back like 20 years later and murk the first husband? She killed the second husband first, then husbands 3-5 and came back for the 1st? That’s kind of gully.

    • hotta than a lotta


  • Sarcastic diva

    wth im sooooo surprised the death of a white man was not investigated!!! What is america coming to???

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    somebody tell me how white folks kill and get aWAY WITH IT FOR YEARS .. WE TALKING 20 30 YEARS WTF?? BUT LET a black person steal a toothbrush and they come looking for a snitch to tell them where they can find lil willie to put him in jail for a couple years!The black mAN IS IN JAIL FOR YEARS WHILE THE WHITE MAN KILLS FOR YEARS.. YOU KNOW THIS CRAP HAS GOT TO END SOMEHOW! Now they finding out all the crimes the white folsk gave been doing and still doing even the Judges that put folks in jail!!SMDH!!

    • just me_sunflower

      Wow Rose, once for a change I actually agree with you. Well now days it’s more about how much money you have. More money = better lawyers. I still think it’s not ok that you are racist. Like my people (I’m european) were attacked by Nazis in II. WW and I don’t hate Germans now cuz of it. Hate only breeds hate. Peace.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      @just me sunflower.. you can give your opinion , thats fine, thats you….. i dont care what you think about me as you say ‘racist” .. first of all i am not racist.. you have to have power over another race to be racist.. i dont like white people for what they have done for no reason to blacks and thats my priveledge and my right to like or not like who the heck i want to,, as long as im not doing harmful things to white folks and as long as they dont bother me.. i dont have to like them if i choose not… i get tired of folks coming on her saying im racist.. do you see me putting up signs that say .. burn all white folks,, down with white folks,, white and black water fountains… glaD YOU AGREED WITH ME ON PART OF MY STATEMENT.. but i have the right to like and dis-like who i please, last time i checked it is my business.. now you have run along and have a blessed day!!

    • Troi Dustin

      @ROSE Please STFU with that “you have to have power over another race to be racist” nonsense. I’m black and I hate when black people say that to give themselves an excuse to be racist towards whites. If you hate another race and exercise that hatred through your words and actions, then you are RACIST. Point blank. Power or no power.

  • Divine

    She looks mean and onery as heck LOL!

  • G.M.

    if their not takin our money, their taking our lives smh

  • Honut Sinti

    Miss Eldona? Is that you?

  • Hmm

    Five dead husbands and she’s only being charged in one case ok Im aware of the law but how much circumstantial evidence to convict someone with five dead husband, ok the dead of the first I can comprehend that we can most certainly not rule out a natural cause but after the third death, that should raise some eyebrows.

  • Hmm

    Five dead husbands and she’s only being charged in one case ok Im aware of the law but how much circumstantial evidence must you obtain to convict someone with five dead husband, ok after the death of the first one I can comprehend that we can most certainly not rule out a natural causes but after the third death, that should raise some eyebrows.

  • RMEs

    She kinda reminds me of Grandma Dynamite from The Flintstones.

    • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

      lmao…you’re crazy for that one…bringing it WAAAAAY back.

      *scrolling up to take a second look*

      But you’re right though…lol.

  • MelaninAndEther9Hair

    LOL&SMH @ some of these comments. guys are on one today!!!

  • hotta than a lotta


  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    …and ignore the statements referring to you as “racist”. I’ve been called the same but I OVERstand the lost mentality of people that don’t get the fact that loving your own and wanting to expose TRUTHS about a society built around white supremacy for the sake of your own is not racist…its survival.

  • 504_MsGV

    Cold Case, Forensic Files in the making.

  • kimm


  • Troi Dustin

    I hope they put this on an episode of Snapped.

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