White Girls With Black Voices

- By Bossip Staff

While there is no such thing is “talking white” it would be hard to deny the fact that there is such a thing as “singing black.” Sure the logic is a little backward and potentially racially elitist but truth be told, historically, there is a soulful tone associated with music performed by black artists. Do we agree? Good. But as with every law of the universe, there are exceptions. Here are some women, past and present, who may lack melanin but certainly not soul.

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  • IKnowRite

    ….this caption / topic is a joke. they’z all still sound white

  • such and such

    She’there the top pic is a younger pic of her but when you click the list it shows a pic of her in her latter years. Yes she was a great, one of my favorites loved to hear her sing Portuegese Love.

  • blackking7

    Christina A. Is the absolute worse! She screams and runs all through her songs! No white singer can top the great black singers!

    • Divine

      I agree.
      Powerful and strong, YES.
      Soulful and rich…NO.

      I dont like her style of hollering. But she has pipes. Lacks soul.

    • Arageinharlem1983

      I agree – I have always thought she sounds like Kermit the Frog. Loud and powerful voice does not equate to a soulful voice.

    • mypov

      You need to look a little more, especially in the gospel genre. Think of Martha Munizzi, Crystal Lewis and Vicki Yohe. Take a Listen to Vicky Yohe’s Because of who You ARe.

  • tommykimon

    Ok I didn’t realize that was her. Thanks 🙂

  • AfricanPrincess

    Oh puhlese CHRISTINA has a powerful voice. Just listen to the ”Stripped” Album. You cant deny that she’s got soul. Pink will murder a song too.

  • Nana

    Joss stone
    Christina Aguilera
    Beyonce…(YES she’s a white gal)


      lmao @ Bey she is a white gal…shes a wannabe…..that sux hard

  • jackie devilish

    So you lot are saying there are black people who sing better than C. Dion? Oh.. Wonder why the world dont think so. That bubble you living in must be very thick and blinding you.

    • Arageinharlem1983

      Celine Dion sounds like she is always squeezing out her “husbands” head from her uterus – she just shouts and shouts!! The nasal drawl does not help!!

  • ms.brilly

    I’m glad Lisa Stansfield was on the list. Her music definitely had soul. Good list in general, not really familiar with the last woman on the list though.

    • Divine

      I was about to say lisa Stansfield.

      All those British singers seem more soulful than the white americans.

  • http://bossip Smilezz

    I know this person is not a woman but I luv some Jon B, very soulful & underrated, & I like Christina A. “walk away” from “stripped” @

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    typo… talk!!only!!! speak!!

  • http://bossip Smilezz

    I know this person is not a woman but I luv some Jon B, very soulful & underrated, & I like Christina A. “walk away” from “stripped” great song @ africanprincess…

  • nickelcitygirl

    The list forgot to include Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics

  • Divine

    Adele is one who I think is soulful. Doesnt holler and scream, but can sing and has soul.

    White British singers for some reason have a great appreciation for old R&B and Soul music and it reflected in their singing style.

    • ms.brilly

      I agree. Adele is super talented. I just happened to turn to the 2009 grammys when she (and sugarland) were performing and I’ve been a fan of Adele ever since.

  • simone

    Adele is my favorite artist. She’s so young and her voice is so strong, youtube “rolling in the deep” or “chasing pavements”.

  • Brother John


    Try listening to Christina’s complete body of work she’s amazingly talented…and as for the screaming and riffs that she does that apparently you have issue with..look no further that one of her mentors…Ms Patty and tell me if you don’t see the similarity…thats Patti’s trade mark style but I guess its not annoying if a sista does it….So with Patti saying Christina’s voice is the truth it only backs up my thoughts on it …some of ya’ll on here see, hear, like and dislike solely on the basis of race…..GROW THE FUGG UP….

    • Divine

      Again, I said EYE dont think she has soul.
      Powerful and strong voice yes.

      And for the record, I never cared for Patti’s hollering,and voice acrobatics but her voice itself is SOUL STIRRING.

      Just dont feel the same about Christina. I listened to her music, just not moved by it.

    • 504_MsGV

      I agree. Christina is not soul. At all!

  • RUSerious

    Having soul and sounding blacque is completely 2 different things…..

  • Nana

    Yep Adele is the truth! Peeped her performance on letterman yesterday.. She can SANG…

    And Amy Winehouse is good also without the crackish behaviour!

    There’s another British chic I forgot her name…

    • Arageinharlem1983

      I agree that Adele can sing but I just do not hear the soulful thing with her. They are going nuts for her in Britain – good for her – I’d rather Adele over racist Cheryl Cole. But I have to be honest – I am not hearing the black soulful voice with Adele!!

  • RUSerious

    U forgot Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics

    • Boondock Saint

      No they didn’t. She did a duet with Aretha Franklin and trust me, she sounded very white European.

  • brooklyn finest

    White folks been STEALIN AND THIEVIN forEVER. stole us from our land. stole our roots music women TRY TO STEAL OUR COLOR BY TANNIN but ya get cancer. Cant steal our swag or music. THANKS FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS OVER THE YEARS (IMITATION BEING THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY) from hip hop to FIGHT THE POWA MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK PEOPLE. SHALOM

    • Boondock Saint

      You could almost put it on a t-shirt:

      BLACK: Our haters are our emulators!

  • ReallyNow

    Adele, is Adele on the list? She’s English and sing like a saint.

  • Boondock Saint

    That’s true. It’s funny how the Brits are keying into soul singing while we’re bombarded with auto-tuned sex-robots. The true soul singer pretty much disappreared with D’Angelo.


    all whose curreer are in the drain….’cept for Pink and Adele

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    I like everyone on that list, especailly the one’s from the UK. I just wish Amy can stay sober enough to put out another great album.

  • d.

    What about black people with dorkie white voices??

  • http://www.apartemendijual.com Apartemen Dijual

    I like to hear her voice

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